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Aimee Raupp’s Nontoxic Beauty Routine

What's in your skincare routine?  DYK that your skin is your largest organ and everything you apply to your skin gets into your bloodstream in only a few minutes.  Learn from one of the nations leading women's health, wellness & fertility expert what is in her bath and beauty routine and why avoiding toxic ingredients is imperative to optimal health.  Watch this video and discover all the nontoxic products Aimee uses to maintain her inner and outer beauty!


  1. Hello Aimee! Thank you so much for this video. It was very helpful and informative. I recently learned about your work and purchased your book, Yes You Can Get Pregnant. I’m really enjoying it and have started to make changes to my diet and lifestyle. Regarding your beauty regimen, do you routinely use sunscreen? For some time, I have been in the habit of applying a facial moisturizer with sunblock and was curious about your thoughts on using a sunscreen daily. Do you feel this is necessary?

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