Age and Infertility

We have been told over and over that as we age, we have a harder time getting pregnant; as we age, our biological clock ticks louder and louder; as we age our egg quality diminishes and the chances of having an embryo with chromosomal abnormalities increases.

I'm here to tell you that this isn't always the case.

As more and more research comes out about age and diminishing egg quality, scientists are finding that certain nutrients and lifestyle changes can actually improve the quality of a women's eggs–independent of her age.

The one thing we cannot change with age is an ever decreasing ovarian reserve–meaning that as we age, the eggs we have will decrease in number. So, it is true that with age we have less eggs to work with, but it is not true that with age the quality of the eggs that we have left are poor.

Dr. Oz's website published an article last week, Playing Your Biological Clock's Rules, in which the author, Dr. Evelyn Minaya, states that “It is does not matter how healthy we are, age determines the increase in the chromosomal abnormalities, as well as the increase in miscarriages as a consequence of these abnormalities.”

Based on the science of epigenetics and the tenets of Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) I disagree with that statement.

You see, both epigenetics and TOM theory state that one can influence their genetic predisposition and their overall health based on the quality of the life they lead. This means that living a life where your stress is well-managed, your overall state of being is more optimistic than pessimistic and your diet is full of nutrient-dense and antioxidant rich foods–you can alter the way your genes express themselves.

What does this mean for our ever aging ovaries and eggs?

It means a lot of this is in your control. It means that you can influence the quality of your overall health, your reproductive system and most importantly (as per the topic of this blog) the quality of your eggs.

Although we cannot increase the amount of eggs we have in our ovarian reserve, we can improve the quality of the eggs we have left and therefore get pregnant, successfully (and usually without medical intervention) later in life. And,by later in life I mean in your 40's.

As I am working on my next book, which covers the topic of fertility in great depth, I will be blogging about this subject matter quite a bit. Next week, I will discuss with you the top three supplements you should be taking to improve your egg quality!

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  1. I am interested in this topic………I have three beautiful children but I have a friend who has been trying for over nine years to get pregnant. She just had an implantation that failed last week and also had a miscarriage a few years ago. I wish I could help her………she is turning 40 this year and is trying to do what she can before she is past the age where it is too risky.

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