Acupuncture Reduces Heartburn

A recent study, published in the jounral, Acupuncture In Medicine concluded that acupuncture is effective in significantly reducing heartburn during pregnancy.

After an eight week study period, participants who underwent acupuncture once or twice weekly (in addition to taking antacids and undergoing dietary counseling) saw a 75 percent reduction in their heartburn. On the other hand, less than half of women who received only antacids and dietary counseling saw a 50 percent drop in their heartburn. That's a pretty big difference!

And, get this: women in the acupuncture group also took less antacids, had better eating habits and slept more soundly than women in the non-acupuncture group! Wooo!

Hey, even if you're not pregnant, but you do suffer from heartburn this study offers promising news– acupuncture has been scientifically shown to reduce heartburn! And, while your heartburn is being treated, you'll also have sounder sleep! Can't beat that.

Happy Tuesday!

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