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4 Tips to make 2014 Magnificent

Happy New Year! I know we are just about two weeks into 2014…but I figure it’s never too late to remind you of ways to make this year a magnificently magical one!

On New Years eve, I was in London on holiday and I made this quick video for you with my 4 tips for 2014.  To sum them up:

1. Be still. Take time each and every day to chill out and check in.  As one of my favorite teachers says, “In stillness I find my true self.” Be still and find your true self!
2. Be happy.  Know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Trust the process, enjoy the process and be happy!
3. Be kind. Be kind, like really kind, to YOU. You deserve it!
4. Believe. Believe in  yourself. Believe that you can have all that you want. Believe in miracles, they happen all the time!

Better things are on their way to you! Believe it!

Happy New Year! May your 2014 be filled with magic and love and tremendous joy!


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