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What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You About Your Health?

Did you wake up feeling completely rested and ready to hop out of bed and face the day? Or were you groggy and NEEDING a cup of coffee to jumpstart you? Your body is trying to tell you what is going on- but are you listening? Do you know what to listen for? Today I will share tips on how to listen to your body.

Here Is The Full Transcription Of The Video

… Facebook. How are you guys? I am coming to you live from California today. Usually I come to you live from Connecticut or New York, but today, I am in California. I’m in La Jolla and it’s going to be a nice day. The fog is starting to burn off from down in the Cove in La Jolla. I have spent a lot of time here in my life, so I know the Cove very well. Today is also my mom’s birthday and I’m out here to run the La Jolla Half Marathon with my mother and my aunt, and so I’m excited about that. I have my little guy with me.

Anyway, so happy to be with you guys today. I’m sitting outside on the porch. I’m still drinking my morning coffee because it’s only 9 AM here. It’s noon on the East Coast, and anyway, hi. Welcome to all of you who are new on Instagram and on Facebook. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your life, and a part of your health, and a part of your journey, and for inspiring me to learn more, to teach more, to understand more. To all of you guys who have been with me for a while, thank you so much for sticking around, and cheering me on, and embracing my teachings, and letting me be a part of your life. I truly, truly, truly appreciate it and yeah, you guys are awesome. You’re fucking awesome. Do you see what my mug says? Cheer up fucker. Cheer up fucker, life’s not too bad. Focus on the good, things are working out, things are always working out for you, and for you, and for me. For me.

Anyway, hi. We’re just going to have a casual conversation today about … Yeah, I feel good [Maury 00:01:53], thanks. I mean, I’m on six hours of sleep. I don’t feel awesome. If you look really close, you can see my eyes are a little sleepy, but I am showered. That works. Because I had to get the airplane gunk off of me. I always feel so gross after a long flight, and especially a long flight with a with this three-and-a-half year old. So we were, like, covered in almond butter, and he pooped in the diaper on the plane, and you know. He hasn’t pooped in a diaper in a long time. Changing him standing up in the airplane bathroom, getting a bunch of poop off of him was a lot of fun last night. A lot, a lot, a lot of fun. And he’s such a trooper about it. He’s like, “Mommy, did you get it all? Mommy, ooh, I haven’t pooped in a diaper in a long time mommy.” I was like, oh my god. That was my, yeah, six hours yesterday on the plane.

Anyway, we did it, we made it. Then when we were getting out of the plane, he was fast asleep, and I stand up, I got him in my arms and I bang his head on the overhead. Oh my god, I had the whole plane laughing because he was such a trooper on the plane. He was making friends with people, he’s such a sweetheart. Oh my god, it’s so funny. He’s like, “Mommy, that hurt. Mommy, what’d you do?” It’s like, I don’t know, half asleep and, I don’t know, anyway.

Hi, we’re here. Today, we’re going to have a casual conversation about you and your body, and what it is telling you. Today, my body is telling me I’m a little tired. Right? And I listen to that. I know at some point, I’ll get a little nap in today. I got up and pushed myself in a way that I maybe normally wouldn’t. Well, normally, I’m pretty rested, but because I wanted to come live to you guys, it’s my mom’s birthday, it’s our first day of vacation, and I have the rest of the day off. So I know that I basically get to rest, right? Yeah, I might have a larger mug of coffee today because it feels good. Didn’t have my exact same breakfast that I always have, but I still made the best choices I could. Anyway, I listen to my body, right? Today, it’s telling me I’m a little sleepy, I need more rest, so I’ll try to sneak in a nap if I can. Obviously, I know that’s a luxury. We can’t always nap during our days. Days are pretty busy. But I also know it’s a one off for me. This isn’t my normal feeling. If I felt like this every day, life would be pretty miserable. Because I have a dull headache, I feel a little bloated from the plane, I’m definitely tired.

You know, maybe a little short fused, right, because I’m under-slept. But I’m listening to my body. It’s talking to me and I’m listening. What I see in the clinic is that a lot of people don’t listen. A lot of people don’t even know how they feel. They’re not connected enough to even know what their body is saying to themselves, or they just generally feel like shit all of the time that they don’t even know that that’s a problem, or that’s not right. Basically, what good health looks like is you feel rested 90% of the time, call it 95% of the time. You wake up in the morning, you feel rested, you feel ready for your day. You don’t need a mug and a half of coffee to get through the day. You say hi? Come here. Or you just want to be outside? Okay, okay. He’s got no pants on, but he’s got his new Transformer. Do you want to say hi to my friends?

Bye poopie.

His favorite word is poopie right now. It’s okay, come on over.

I want to.

Yeah, okay. So anyway, you wake up feeling rested in the morning. You don’t need a cup of coffee to even feel your eyes open, which is how I kind of feel today. You feel refreshed, you feel satiated after eating, you don’t feel bloated, you have a healthy bowel movement every day. Your skin shines and glows. Right now, I have some bags under my eyes because of how tired I am, right? That’s not normal for me, and it shouldn’t be. You shouldn’t have bags under your eyes. It’s either a food issue, you’re eating something that your body can’t digest, or it’s a sleep depravation issue. Or you’re stressed.

Hi poopie.

Or you have a kid that says poopie all the time. His heinie, his little heinie. So your skin, right? My skin talks to me. When my eczema starts to flare up, that is my skin talking to me. That is my body saying, hey, you’re off track, you’re off kilter, something’s not right. You’re eating something we don’t agree with or you’re compartmentalizing too much, you’re holding your stress in. You’re not dealing with your shit and we are flaring up. We are getting red and inflamed and itchy. My eczema is my body speak. My eczema talks to me in a way like nothing else. My digestive system talks to me. I had a smoothie the other day. I don’t normally drink smoothies. It was good, it was a warm day in New York, I was hot walking around, I had this smoothie. I got so bloated my stomach was, no joke, like overflowing over my jeans. It was not like that in the morning when I got dressed. Overflowing, like I was so incredibly bloated. But I don’t normally eat smoothies, I don’t normally feel that bloated from food. I knew exactly what caused it, right? So it’s just this thing of I’m paying attention to my body speak. Are you paying attention to yours?

Again, I want you feeling refreshed, I want you feeling balanced, hormonally. Right? I want you to know when your body is out of whack. I want you to not feel achy or in pain every single day. I don’t want you to have headaches every single day, I don’t want you to feel gassy or bloated every single day.



[inaudible 00:08:08].

You don’t want to get gassy. Right? Gassy. Toots, what are toots like? They go.

Hi poopie.

Poopie. Not be short fused with your children, right, or your partners. Feel like you can appreciate your life and be happy for what you have. So what is going on and how are you functioning in the world? Because I just want to-

Jaymes, come on, we’re going to go downstairs. We’re going to go outside. We’re going to the beach.

You’re going to go use your new beach basket.

I don’t want to.

Okay, I’m going to come and be there in a few minutes, okay? All right.

I’ll stay at home.

Anyway, what is your body saying to you? I have an awesome red flag symptom list for you that I want you guys to download and check off, and see how many symptoms you have on a daily basis that you don’t even realize. Because this red flag symptom list, you shouldn’t have more than three or four of them, and they shouldn’t be frequent. They shouldn’t be every day. If you do, then your body is speaking to you very loudly, saying I am not happy, you are not properly supporting me, you are not properly nourishing me. Then I’ll give you tools on what you can do to shift that. If you go over to aimeeraupp.com/redflags, the link Instagram is also in my link tree in my bio. Facebook, aimeeraupp.com/redflags. If you head over there, you’ll get my red flag symptom list. It’s from my book, Body Belief, and it’s all about you tuning in to how you feel.

Okay, honey, you have to go. Mommy can’t focus and I need to focus right now, [inaudible 00:09:55]. Okay, so if you sit there, then just you go because you’re talking and it’s throwing me off.

Okay, so anyway, my son is sitting right here, so sorry if I’m a little discombobulated. But that’s just is what it is, this is life, right, and however you roll with it. Anyway, head over to aimeeraupp.com, get your red flag symptom list, see what you got going on because your body is talking to you. Are you listening? Are you listening? I don’t want you in pain every day, I don’t want you to have headaches every day. I want you to feel refreshed, or at least know when you’re not. So chances are, these are the things that are impacting us. It’s either emotional inflammation or it’s physical inflammation. Likely, it’s both.

Emotional inflammation comes from the fact that you are not dealing with your emotions, that you are just going through your life and suppressing everything, not expressing yourself. You’re spending so much time trying to keep everyone else happy that you’re not even paying attention to yourself. Does that sound familiar? Or you’re putting on a face to the outside world that isn’t really you. That is going to lead to emotional inflammation, which as I talk about in Body Belief, I think is just as bad for us as physical inflammation. There’s all this conversation about inflammation these days, right, and what’s causing it. Take turmeric to reduce inflammation, or take fish oil to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of all diseases, and that’s true. That comes from the physical aspect, that comes from your diet, that comes from your food not being clean. It comes from the pesticides in food, it comes from hormones in food, it comes from eating the wrong types of foods. Too much sugar, too much gluten, too much soy, too much dairy, too much corn. You know, things like that.

But then there is this whole emotional inflammation. For me, when my eczema flares up, 90% of the time now in my life, it has nothing to do with my diet. It used to have everything to do with my diet. Now, it is purely emotional. When I was stopping breastfeeding him and I felt incredibly guilty about it because I’m this women’s health expert, and all these other women’s health people are going to say, “What, you’re not breastfeeding for two years? What the heck?” You know, it was 10 months and I was like, I got enough stored for two more months, he doesn’t want the boob anymore, I’m done with this. I had fun, let’s just call it a day. But I was so paranoid people were going to judge me because people were already judging me. I was getting the shaming on social media, I was getting the private messages, I was getting “peers and friends” who were having judgements about me and my decisions. I started internalizing it and my eczema came up all over my left breast, all over it. All over my left breast.

I couldn’t have been eating cleaner, I couldn’t have been … Oh dear. So sorry, I just had a phone call on Instagram. I couldn’t have been eating cleaner, I couldn’t have been managing my life better because I was breastfeeding now. All I cared about was what I was eating to give this guy. I was already ashamed that I had a C-section, which obviously … Well, I shouldn’t say obviously. For me, it was not planned. You know, things when awry when in the birthing process, and I wound up having a C-section to get him out. So I was also very committed to breastfeeding for, like, a solid year because I wanted to give him all the goods that he didn’t get from a vaginal birth. But people were already judging me, that I didn’t try hard enough in my birth and that’s why I wound up having a C-section.

No, no, no. Okay, if you touch the phone, you have to leave.

I want to.

You can’t. You can sit here and play quietly like you are, which you’re doing great.

I do loud.

Okay, you can do it loud. Just don’t touch the phone. So then, I had this incredible guilt that I wasn’t going to breastfeed for long enough, right? So all of a sudden, my eczema came up all over my left breast, and I knew. I knew what it was about. I was kind of ignoring it. I had a good friend who asked me what do I think is going on, and I broke into tears, and I said I feel incredible guilty, ashamed that I want to stop breastfeeding. I feel terrible. I feel like I’m a shitty mom. Like I’m already starting this off as … Okay, honey, that’s not totally safe. You got to be careful. You can do it, just be careful. I’m right here. [inaudible 00:14:22].

So this eczema was all over my breast, and then my good friend, and she is, she always holds space for me. She just talked me through it. She was like, “All right, so what does that feel like? What does that look like? Let’s release this guilt, let’s remove this guilt.” Then sure enough, I said I wanted to stop breastfeeding, so I did, and the eczema went away. Just like that. I did learn in the process that almonds were flaring up my skin more than they did in the past, which my body just changed from pregnancy. But that was my body speak, and I was kind of ignoring it because I just didn’t want … I didn’t want to believe that I was falling prey to the mother guilt, that I was falling prey to the social media pressure, but I was. I really was. So where are you emotionally inflamed and how are you compartmentalizing? Where are you storing it in your body? How is that taxing your cortisol levels? Are you storing it in extra weight around your abdomen? What are you doing to your body and how is it talking back to you, and are you listening?

So head over and check out the red flag symptom list. Again, aimeeraupp.com/redflags. See what your body is saying to you, and then if you’re so inclined, join me in my Reboot and Rewire program, which kicks off on May 1st. The cart is open today. It’s $111 for a 30 day mind body reset program, which is going to rock your world because it’s not just a diet. Not only do we have every single day mapped out for you diet wise, you get shopping list, menus, meal plans, recipes. I mean, you get this incredible 70-page PDF, with a smoothie guide, a bone broth guide. We have covered your bases, you literally don’t have to think about what you’re going to eat for 30 solid days. Just get the food that we put on the food list, the shopping list, and that’s it. Plus, plus, plus, plus you get daily emails from me, cheering you on in the mental. Every day, there’s a feeling and a food conversation in the emails. Plus you get an incredible Facebook community, led by me and my awesome team, and we have done this Reboot and Rewire program now, like, five times together as a team. We are rocking it. We have so many people that keep repeating it because they feel fucking amazing when they do it. And you also get four, well, actually five. If you count the kickoff [inaudible 00:16:54], five live trainings with me. Five.

So this is for $111, guys. That’s like free. It’s like nothing. So do it, go over to aimeeraupp.com/reboot and take back the power over your health. Learn how to manage these red flag symptoms, learn how to feel better every single day because that’s what you freakin’ deserve. Then learn how to eat in a way that supports your body preparing for … Would it help for an IVF cycle? Absolutely. Absolutely. This is amazing for any woman dealing with fertility challenges, but it’s also amazing for anyone. Male, female, I’m trying to get pregnant, I’m not trying to get pregnant, in menopause, 20-year-old, not thinking about getting pregnant, just dealing with autoimmune conditions. This diet is … It’s an elimination diet basically. We’re going to spend nine days in our prep phase where we slowly eliminate foods while you’re getting all the emotional support, and 11 days in the purify phase, which is super clean eating. Then we ease you into the reawaken phase for the rest of the program, where you learn how to live in this space, and learn how to batch cook.

I have people that said to me, one of my clients said to me, “You know, I used to keep shoes in my stove, but now I actually use it. I can’t believe how good I feel on every level. I feel good because I’m nursing myself, because I’m cooking food for myself. My husband is amazed.” She’s losing this weight, she’s also got endometriosis and she’s preparing for an IVF cycle. It’s incredible. This program has worked for any one of my girls trying to conceive. It’s like my go-to, especially if we’re dealing with endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, or just looking to improve egg quality. It is the best for that. It’s also incredible for anyone dealing with an autoimmune condition, or just anyone generally feeling like shit and they need to figure out why. Is it emotional inflammation, is it physical inflammation? Chances are, it’s both. Chances are, it’s both.

What can I do for post nasal drip? The music in my throat is horrible. So Maureen, again, it’s probably something in your diet, and you won’t know unless you do an elimination diet. That’s what I recommend and that’s what the Reboot and Rewire program is. It’s 30 days of a mind body reset. It’s, I think, one of my best programs to date. It is so cheap, it is so accessible, it is so easy to follow because we lay out every single step for you. Here’s the catch. You only have until the 27th at 11:59 PM to sign up. We are only opening the cart for two days. That’s it. Today … Well, I guess it’s three days. Today, all day tomorrow, and all day the next day, and then that is it. Look at, sales are already rolling in. I love it, I’m so excited. Head over to aimeeraupp.com/reboot. I got a notification from PayPal that I just received a payment, so thank you to the person who just signed up for that program. You are amazing and you’re going to be in such good company. The support … What’s great about it too is, like, you know, I have a lot of private communities. I do a lot of one-on-one coaching with my clients, and they all do it, and then they all want to redo it.

It’s such a compliment because I’ve had people who’ve done it the first time with us, the first time we launched the Reboot and Rewire program, which was a year ago. These people keep repeating it because they feel so good. I will honestly say it’s the best I ever feel. I love the purify phase. I feel so clear, and healthy, and energetic, and alive. My skin just glows from the inside out. I feel I trim down, I feel lean and strong. Not too lean, you know, you’re not going to get too skinny. You’re healthy because you’re eating lots of good, healthy fats, you’re eating lots of good protein, and lots and lots and lots of vegetables. But you’re also talking kindly to your body, you’re learning to hear your body, you’re learning to hear what your body is saying to you, you’re learning how to talk back to it in this loving and kind way.

Purify phase is amazing, yeah. I hope you’re going to do it with us again. Let’s go through and see if there are any comments. So [Jurens 00:20:57], yeah. So Maureen, this would be awesome for you. Autoimmune conditions are just the bomb. They respond so well to this program, and it will really set you up for success with what kind of diet you need, and how to talk to your body again. Right? In Body Belief, I talk about … I could give you the diet, I could tell you when to meditate and when to sleep. But if you don’t learn how to support your body on a mental and emotional level, if you don’t learn how to talk to your body in a way that’s loving and kind, you’re not going to heal the way you deserve. You’re not going to heal the way you want to.

Are there tools, i.e. documents that we can keep for use after the program? Yes, there are. Tons of tools. You also get an autoimmune for yoga, one hour series. It’s one hour yoga for autoimmunity, which is also perfectly safe for fertility, trying to conceive, incredible. You also get, you know, that autoimmune solution that I just had running. It’s no longer available, but you guys will have it forever in your member site. Like I said, you get 70 pages of documents, from recipes, to meal plans, to shopping lists, to tools on how to rewire your brain, rewire your thinking. It is awesome. Plus, you’re going to have continued access to those Facebook Lives that I do, my group coaching with you guys. You get meditations, you get mantras. I mean, you get so much stuff. So for $111, it’s like the best bang for the buck, in my opinion.

Aw, Maureen feels like shit. Dry skin. All right, you got to do it with us Maureen. I really encourage you. Elizabeth, yes. Reboot rewire. Natalie loves it, Laura loves it. Elizabeth just signed up, yay, second round. I love it. Okay, look at this. Michelle, I’m doing a similar elimination diet, and for the first time since I started getting my period, I had no acne, no facial hair. It totally works. Amazing. I see this all the time. Look at this, all right, here we go. We’ve got lots of questions. When can we sign up? You can sign up right now. Aimeeraupp.com/reboot. Head over there, sign up. Again, cart closes, so basically, you can only sign up today, tomorrow, and … What is today? Today is Thursday. Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Cart closes Saturday at 11:59 PM. Let’s do this. I am so excited to do this with you. Kickoff is May 1st and it’s 30 days long. Again, you’re going to get five, five, five group coaching calls from me, like an hour-and-a-half. I mean, we cover so much. You’re going to get daily emails from me. Menus, shopping lists, meal plans. It is the ultimate game plan to rebooting your health, rewiring your brain. That is the program, 30 day mind body reset. I cannot wait to see you there.

So head over to aimeeraupp.com/reboot, and I will see you guys on May 1st. If we’re on the wait list, will we get an email to sign up? You sure will. You should get the email, like, today. I think the emails are going to go out right after this Facebook Live. So do it. If you guys are on the fence, go over to aimeeraupp.com/redflags, get the red flag symptom list. If you checked off more than three of those red flags, this is the program for you. It will completely shift your health. You will feel fucking awesome, so let’s do it. All right, I love you guys. I’m going to go enjoy my day in California. It’s my momma’s birthday. Woo hoo. All right guys, have a wonderful, wonderful day. Ciao for now. Bye Facebook.

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