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What Is The Divine Feminine?

If you’ve been following me for some time you’ve probably hear the term, “Divine Feminine.”  Maybe you think it just refers to my favorite body oil. Maybe you’ve connected it with female empowerment. But even if you know all about it you should join my live today.  March is endometriosis awareness month AND women’s history month. There’s NO better time than now to embrace your power and connect with the Divine Feminine.

Here Is The Full Transcription Of The Video

Hi, Facebook. Hello, Instagram. How are you guys today? Hello, hello, hello. I’m a few minutes late, but I appreciate your patience. Let’s see people starting to roll on. Hi, it’s Thursday again. How did that happen, right? So for all of you who are new to me, welcome and thank you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your health journey. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. Thank you for inviting me into your home, into your phone, into your computer, into your space. I sincerely appreciate it. All right, people are rolling on. Hello, hello, hello.

So you probably know who I am because you follow me on social media. I’m Aimee Raupp. I’m a women’s health and wellness expert, I guess is the word. I’m really just a woman who’s on a mission to help you feel your best damn self, because that’s what you fricking deserve. That’s really all I’m trying to do. Some people know me as a fertility expert, because I do have a reputation for helping women get pregnant, women even in their 40s. I myself got pregnant in my 40s naturally and easily, and I wrote a book called Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, so I understand the reputation. But what I always say is really I’m just a woman who helps other people get into their best version of themselves, mentally, emotionally, physically, and nutritionally.

And from there, guess what? Fertility thrives. So does health across the board. So I’ve written quite a few books. My latest one is called Body Belief, and it’s all about how to heal your body from the inside out, radically shift your health, learn to love your body more. And it’s all about healing autoimmune conditions, which it stemmed from my work in the demographic of women trying to conceive, because guess what, Endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, guess what? They’re autoimmune conditions.

So I deal with a lot of autoimmunity in my practice. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition. Most women who have a hypothyroid disorder, guess what? They actually have Hashimoto’s, so they have an autoimmune condition. So this book, this work that I do, will help any of you, wherever you are on your path, whether you’re trying to conceive or not. Okay. Keep that in mind. And everybody’s rolling on. Thank you for the hearts. Thank you for the loves. I love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Facebook, you guys are a little quiet, but that’s all right. I forgive you. Yeah, we’re almost at 10,000 fans on Facebook, which is huge. So help us get there, spread the word, share this with anyone you think could benefit. And yeah, thank you for your continued support. And today’s conversation is a fun one.

I always have fun with this conversation. I’m going to fix Instagram real fast, sorry guys. I always have fun with this conversation. It’s a little sexy, hence my off the shoulder shirt. We’re going to talk about the divine feminine. What the hell is that? What does that mean? In honor of national, what is it, endometriosis month, and then it’s also National Women’s Month. I mean, it’s a big deal. We are women. We are rocking it. And this is all about Women’s History Month. Sorry, National Women’s History Month. Let’s honor the women in our past, like our ancestors too, right? So the divine feminine is that woman who is connected to herself. So if you’re following me on Facebook, that’s what I wrote. How connected are you to you? The divine feminine conversation. Tell me, how connected are you to you? Do you even know what I mean by that?

Are you living in your body? Do you feel your body? Do you know what your bowel movements are like, or what your digestion is like, or how rested you feel or don’t feel every day, or what impacts your energy? What impacts your emotional state? Do you live more in your heart or in your head? A woman in touch with her divine feminine, a man too, it can be for men as well, is connected, is aware, is living in the present moment. It’s not super easy. My nose this is running a little bit. Not super easy but it’s worth it, because when you are not connected to you, now listen to this. This is a really, really important message, and I should also add before I get into that important message is that I got two awesome gifts for you today, two, two awesome gifts for you today, two awesome gifts for you today. So hang on until I give them away. Okay?

For a person who is not connected to themselves, if you are disconnected from yourself, there is a loss of communication in your body on the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, nutritional level. What that means is your body isn’t thriving the way it deserves to. You’re not supporting your body the way it deserves to be supported. You’re not hearing your body so you don’t know how the hell to support it because you’re not living in it. You’re up here all the time. You’re on social media, you’re reacting to your world all day long. You’re just reacting, reacting, reacting, checking things off your to do lists, reacting, reacting, reacting. When you are connected, and I’m not perfect at this by any means whatsoever, so don’t ever take it like that. But when you are connected, you’re slow, you’re present, you breathe, you take a moment to respond. You listen to know, and you speak to be known.

You have healthy boundaries. That’s when you’re connected. You say, “Oh, this situation is going to cause me to react in a certain way, so I’m going to think about my game plan before I enter into it.” When you go through your life in a constant reactionary state. Slow is good, Elizabeth says, I agree, Elizabeth. I am not a slow person. People who see me in the clinic, people who coach with me, people who see me here. You guys get a little more of like the sassy Aimee, but I am not slow. My dad would always say to me, haste makes waste, because I had to do 18 things at once, and I got away with doing most of them right most of the time too. It’s just how I was and how I learned, but I hear him in my head all the time.

Haste makes waste. So I slow down. I do things in two trips instead of one or three trips instead of one. I slow down, I take my time. Slow is good, Elizabeth, you’re right, right? So slow just means present. I heard Joe Dispenza say, recently I listened to one of his replays, which he’s just so powerful and so smart, and I love him. A big neuroscience nerd, just like me, lots of talk about beliefs, just like me and my book. All about your beliefs impact your behavior, your behavior impacts your health, so you’ve got to start with the beliefs people. And the way you know what your beliefs are is you’ve got to stay in touch with you. You have to stay connected, and that is the divine feminine energy. But he said, if you just go through your day and you’re just reacting to everything, and you’re reacting this same way in kind of like this unknown, not unknown, this immediate reaction, you’re just going to keep getting the same results, and your life becomes defined by those reactions.

Your life becomes just this kind of monotonous thing, where it’s just constantly in the state of chaos, reaction, chaos, reaction, chaos, reaction. And every time you react from this place of like fear, anger or hostility or just even like angst and disconnectedness, every time you react from there, you limit the possibility for change. You limit the good things coming into your life. No one’s to blame. I’m just saying the more conscious you are, the more you slow down. Yeah. I had to learn to slow down as I’ve gotten older, Sue, me too. Hallelujah. I mean I’m the slowest I’ve ever been. But slow is also creative. Slow is calm. Slow is at peace. Slow is allowing. There’s this thing that I’m working on right now, and it’s allowing, and some would translate that as, oh, I’m allowing things to come into my life.

I’m allowing my life to be whatever the fuck it is. I dropped an f-bomb, I did, because it’s kind of important. That is divine feminine. I’m allowing my life to be whatever it is. That means I’m accepting. That means I am … Amen. That’s right, Elizabeth. That means I am witnessing. That means I am sitting back and saying, “All right, here we are. This too shall pass, or this is awesome,” or a little bit of both. I’m allowing my life to be what it is. I’m not in this space of constantly reacting, constantly think I’ve got to fix, I’ve got to change, I’ve got to save, I’ve got to impress everybody, I’ve got to please everybody. No. My life is exactly where it’s supposed to be. And my job is, is to be in the present moment awareness of that and accept it and love it.

Be of service to you guys. And trust, right? A divine feminine. So to me, the characteristics, I wrote these down, divine feminine energy is fluid. It’s staying in a state of wonder and appreciation for life. It’s creativity. It’s knowing. It’s the intuition that we have, right? A lot of us stay up here, because we want to block the intuition. We’re scared of the knowing. It scares us. We’re scared of knowing what we don’t want to be true. Scared of knowing what we do know to be true.

Divine femininity, though, is you being in that state of knowing, in that state of intuition, and allowing, accepting, witnessing, as my friend Gabby says, witnessing your life. The first step, I talk about it in body belief, you have to acknowledge or witness where you are and you sit with that. The whole world of self health these days is like affirmations, positive affirmations. You can think your life differently. Yeah, you can. I believe in all of that. However, if you ignore the shit that’s in your brain, if you ignore the stuff that’s in your life staring at you, you’re actually pushing against it, which is actually creating a lot of resistance and guess what? More chaos, more disconnection. You need to first go in, connect, witness, acknowledge, allow your life to be what it is right now, and then you can do your positive affirmations, and then you can say to yourself, “I am where I’m supposed to be.”

The only thing inevitable is change. Life is unfolding perfectly. Things are working out the way they should. The divine feminine is that peace in that. We’re not going to be this way all the time. That is not our goal. Perfection should never exist. I think it’s a disease when it does. What you resist persists. That’s right, Elizabeth. It’s a disease, perfectionism, so that is not our goal. 60/40, 70/30, rocking it. You’re rocking at 60/40, 70/30. It’s where I try to be. I’m not always perfect at that, at the 60/40, 70/30, I’m not always in the groove of that. I am, however, trying to witness, take some deep breaths before I react, and ask myself too before I react, how does this serve me? How does my reaction to my life serve me? How does my reaction to my life move the ball in the direction I want it to go?

How do I want to see my life? How do I envision my life unfolding? What do I want over the next couple months? And how am I living in congruence with that? Nida. Hi, sweetie. So good to see you. We need to catch up. And Beth, we should reach out to Nida too about the ecourse. Anyway, sorry, side note. I know my team is listening. But just how much am I living in congruence with the way I want my life to be? If you’re saying you want peace, and you want surrender, and you want ease, and you want gratitude and appreciation, or you want others to appreciate you more, how much are you appreciating that?

How much are you appreciating your life and what you have? Are you showing up as the person you want others to be? In your relationships, are you showing up as the person you want to be married to? That’s a big freaking question. Are you showing up as the friend you want to have? Or are you so pissed off at everybody else for not doing their side of it, not showing up the way they’re supposed to, and you’re ungrateful pieces of shits. You know, like whatever, sound like my grandmother now. Ungrateful. How are you showing up? I’m making myself laugh. How are you showing up?

You know? It’s just like this thing, and so the divine feminine energy is within all of us. There are so many ways to tap into it. I think things like dancing and laughing, spending time in nature, making lists of things that you appreciate about yourself, about your body, about your relationships, about your life, the current state of your life. That’s getting in touch with that divine feminine energy. The more you feel like you’re pushing things uphill, not in touch, not in touch. You’re creating more drama and more chaos than you need to. Slow down. Take a deep breath. How does this serve me? How is this moving the ball forward in the direction I want things to go in my life?

I’m looking at, yeah, when we’re disconnected, remember, so when we’re connected, we’re in that state of divine feminine. We just know, we trust. I say this to my fertility girls all the time. There was a gun to your head, a little extreme, but why not? If there was a gun to your head, answer me this question. Do you believe you’re going to have this child? Every single one of them? Yes. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes they sob. Sometimes they’re mad. Yes. Okay, so then let’s just let the reins go a little bit.

Let’s do all the things we can do to support our health flourishing. Let’s do all the things to connect us to who we are. Let’s do all the things to move the ball forward for certain. Do all the things that we feel good about every day. But stop questioning the knowing. When you are in your divine feminine energy, you know shit is going to work out for you. You just know it. So stay there and stop, as Abraham my teacher would say, stop getting in your own way. You’re getting in your own way every day. Stop it. Sit back, rest on your laurels that things work out for you. You’ve been here before and it has worked out. You will be here again and it will work out. Trust, be kind, be loving. Have some freaking fun. Dance, dance naked. Sing.

I was getting in the shower before, this is definitely TMI, but why not? I’d just come in from a run. I was all sweaty and gross. My husband was at his desk, his office is kind of like off of our bedroom. And so I was naked and I just went in and I was like shaking, and he was like. Like I’m talking about the divine feminine today. I’m in my feminine energy. I was just dancing naked in front of him. And I don’t care. I gave birth to his child. I don’t care. Is my body exactly how it was when we met? No, I still love it. I still rock it. I want you guys to be in that level. I’m not always there. There are days where I feel bloated and gross and I’m like, don’t touch me. Don’t look at me. Oh my God. Sure. Own it. Own your connectedness.

Own your beauty, own your wisdom, own your peace, own your knowing. That is the divine feminine energy. So to help you guys get more connected to that divine feminine energy, I got two awesome things for you today. One is an opt in to my Getting In Harmony With Your Cycle guide. So for all of you women who are still menstruating, whether you’re trying to conceive or not, just still menstruating, and maybe experiencing some tweaks, some hiccups, some kinks in your period, or you feel like it could be better, or you want to be better hormonally balanced, head over to, enter your email and you’ll get my Getting In Harmony With Your Cycle guide for free. I think it’s normally like $20 something. As well, I have created and it’s been on my site for a while, but I’ve created for you guys my Divine Feminine Body Oil, which I’m obsessed with. It smells divine.

But I also created it from an energetic perspective with the certain scents that I put in there, and it helps you connect to that divine feminine energy. It brings strength and courage and peace and pride to you every time you apply it. So we are doing a flash sale right now until tomorrow night at 11:59 PM on my Divine Feminine Oil. You get 25% off. So you go to, put the Divine Feminine Body Oil in your cart, use promo code DFFlash25, and get some of my Divine Feminine Body Oil. It’s gorgeous. And here’s another thing that we’ve been recommending to all of our women who are trying to conceive, or using castor oil packs for things like fibroids or cysts or just throughout their cycle, mix the Divine Feminine Body Oil with a little castor oil and do your castor oil packs, and you’re going to get even better results. Because the Divine Feminine is super warming and nourishing and nurturing, and mixed with the castor oil to help break up any cysts or adhesions, or just improve healthy blood flow and circulation to the uterus and the reproductive organs.

Use them together. You get a lot more bang for your buck. And I’m super excited. I give Beth full credit for this. She came up with the idea. Because we were thinking about making a castor oil for you guys with some essential oils in there, and then I was like, “Well the Divine Feminine mixed with castor oil.” So you guys all have your castor oil at home already, mix the Divine Feminine with it. Boom. And like I said, between today and tomorrow at 11:59 PM eastern time, you can get 25% off the Divine Feminine, so I think that’s like $8 off. And use promo code DFFlash25. Are there certain days to use the castor oil packs? Particularly, if you’re trying to conceive, never use them in the luteal phase is what I would say. If you’re not trying to conceive, you can use them all month long.

I have a YouTube video on castor oil packs, so if you want to just Google my name, Aimee Raupp and castor oil packs, and that video will come up. It’s super easy. Facebook, we can post it for you, but this question was on Instagram. So yeah, just Google my name, Aimee Raupp and castor oil packs, and you’ll see I have a video on there with all the tips of like when to do it, how to do it, why to do it. Okay, Nida, hello. Jamie, hello. Sarah, Taneda, you guys are cute. That’s so funny. Grab the guide, Let’s see. Any other questions over here? So just I want you guys to think about that, when you’re going through your day today or tomorrow or your evening, whatever, wherever you are in the world, how connected am I to me? How much am I living in congruence with where I want my life to be?

How much am I showing up in the way that I expect others to show up? If you’re married or in a partnership, am I being the partner I want to be married to? Am I being the friend I want to be in a relationship with? Am I being the kind of mother I would want my child to have? That’s a big question. How connected am I to me? And when you’re busy rushing through your day, or you’re flipping through Instagram or Facebook or email, take some deep breaths. Breathe before you react, and before you react, ask yourself, if I react in the same way that I have been reacting, I’m just going to keep getting the same exact results.

But I want something different in my life. If I want to shift and be open to the possibilities, I need to start reacting differently, or not react at all. What I’m trying to do, which is I think high level divine feminine energy and I’m by no means an expert at it, is I’m just trying to observe my life these days. And as in these days, like the last week, just try to observe, not react at all.

Allow it to be what it is, accept it for what it is, love it for what it is even in the good, bad and the ugly. Love it for what it is. Allow it to be. Trust in the unfolding. Know that things are always working out for me. Know that this too shall pass. Change is the only thing that’s inevitable. You will not be here forever. So just sit back and have some freaking fun. And take advantage if you want. The cycle guide is awesome. I think it’s like a four or five page PDF. There’s food recommendations in there, and movement recommendations on how to live in harmony with your menstrual cycle. And then the Divine Feminine Body Oil, obviously. I love it and you can use it with your castor oil packs. Pretty awesome. Okay guys, I’m going to go have a glorious day.

I’ll see you next week. Same time, same place. If you want more of me, is where you can find all of that. Everything on my books, to my blogs, to my videos. I got a video heavy YouTube page if you want to go check that out too. If you’re curious about any of the stuff I teach about, we always put these Facebook lives up there too. And if you’re not following me on Facebook, Instagram, follow me on Facebook, help me get to 10,000, I’m almost there. And if you’re not following me on Instagram, Facebook, follow me on Instagram. Help me get to 6,000, I’m almost there. Not that it’s about the numbers, but it’s fun for me. The more people I reach, the more blessed I feel. So thank you so much for being a part of my mission and my journey, and I appreciate you guys so much. All right. Have a good day. I got emotional on that one. Thank you. Bye. Ending the video.

***End Of Transcription***

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