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Story of Hope: 32 and TTC for 2 years!

Are you ready for a new Story of Hope?!

In this video we go through a case, share their struggles, and talk about what we did together to overcome them and rejuvenate their fertility.

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Okay. Hi, everyone. I'm a few late because TikTok was giving me a little bit of a time. Anyway, my hair was done now. It's all humid hair, but how is everyone?

It is time for another Story of Hope. I am now going live every week to Instagram, as always, and to TikTok. TikTok, you guys, aren't newer to me, so let me introduce myself. I am Aimee of aimeeraupp.com, and I am the best-selling author of the books up there behind me, namely in the space of fertility. I have written the book called Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and I most recently wrote the book called The Egg Quality Diet.

Both of them are in the top 10 usually on Amazon in the books of fertility and women's health. If you have read them and loved them, please leave a review. The reviews really help me reach more people. I've been in the space of helping women get and stay pregnant for almost 20 years. I am a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine.

I have degrees in biology, chemistry, a partial degree in neuroscience. I didn't quite finish that master's degree, and I've studied functional medicine, I'm a neurologist, I have a mentor, I work at a fertility clinic under reproductive endocrinologist. I've done a lot. I've helped a lot of women. I have online coaching programs where I get to serve women literally in every corner of the world. I also have clinics on the East Coast, in New York City, in Nyack, New York, and in Westport, Connecticut.

Myself and my associates are there to serve you from an acupuncture perspective. Then, we also have a team of fertility coaches, and I most recently took on a psychotherapist to my team as well, and we're doing fertility trauma coaching for any of you interested in that, because this shit is real. The wanting and the desire to have a child and it not working, the loss and the trauma that you endure during the process is real, and it's significant and it's hard, and whatever I can do to support you. Part of my service to you guys is coming live every single week and offering this, the Stories of Hope. We do this once a month, offering just general information on the latest and greatest news that I've heard, offering tips and advice on nutrition, and lifestyle, and supplements in any way I can better support all of you.

It is Story of Hope time, and I'm going to just get right into it. This woman worked with my team and I in February of 2021, is when she started working with my team and I, so we do group coaching. We run several rounds of group coaching a year where it's myself, one of my fertility coaches, and then our fertility trauma coach as well, and we do this really nice three-part, if you will, coaching program, and so this client joined the group coaching, and so what you get with the group coaching is you get two sessions with one of my associates, one of my fertility coaches. You get group sessions run by me, and then you also get one session with our fertility trauma coach and a group session run by her, so a lot of eyes on your case and a lot of deep diving into the case to help solve, to help you get to your dream baby, and so this program in and of itself has about a 50% success rate, like within one year of joining the program. It's pretty fascinating.

There's a wait list somewhere. I think if you go to aimeeraupp.com/groupcoaching, there's probably a wait list button for the next one that we're going to be running. Anyway, she comes to us 32. She's been having trouble getting pregnant. She has a short luteal phase.

She has her thyroid is out of balance, so when I'm looking over here, it's because I'm looking at all my notes on this screen. If you guys have questions or comments, just have it pertain to this case. If you ask me individualized questions about yourself, I cannot answer them. I do come live and do Q&As, and so that's the best time for those. I also do bimonthly, twice a month fertility hot seats on Instagram, where you can come and request to join me live and get a free consult with me, so yes, if you want to get on the wait list for the next round of group coaching, it's aimeeraupp.com/groupcoaching.

Okay. She had the trouble getting pregnant, high TSH. Sadly, to a year prior, she had a loss, a later-term loss in the 20-week range, which was really devastating, and it was due to an accident, so there was nothing wrong with the baby. It was just a traumatic accident that had happened, but she had had a hard time getting pregnant prior to that and was only at that point 30 years old, 29 years old, which in my field of business, is super young. When she came to us, she had already been trying now … It took a year to conceive the child she lost, and then she had been trying again September, October, November, December, January, so for five months.

By the time she met us, she was trying for seven months, but in the January, she did an IUI, didn't work. She did another IUI in March, didn't work. Progesterone is super low. Her vitamin D looked good. We always break down what your fear, limiting beliefs are in this group coaching program, and so for her, “My body isn't ready for pregnancy. Why is it taking so long?”

“I'm so scared that I will have another miscarriage.” I think many of you can relate to that. We came up with a mantra for her, “I'm living my life and enjoying my life, and my family is growing at the right time.” Went through her supplements. She was on the Ritual Prenatal. We said to continue that.

She was on CoQ10, continue that. She was on Levothyroxine for her thyroid, continue that. NAC, continue that. I put her on Dr. Ron's Liver pills, which if you haven't read any of my books or followed me for a while, you'll know that it's one of my favorite fertility-enhancing supplements. It is liver from grass-fed animals.

Had her on Cod liver oil. Again, one of my favorite versions of fish oil. She was taking calcium and magnesium before bed. We said fine. We added in Ovasitol, which is myo-inositol, helping with …

She didn't really need help with egg quality per se because of her age, but there was some blood sugar issues that we saw when we put her on Chinese herbs. Her red flags, which again, if you guys are new to me, this is really how I do my work, how I do my detective work, how my team and I do our detective work. It's not so much about your age, your FSH, your AMH. It's really about what we call your red flag symptoms, or as I call in my book, The Egg Quality Diet, the kinks in your system, because I always come from the space that health and fertility are not separate, and your fertility is an extension of your health, mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional. Young girl, super healthy, eat super clean, a ton of red flag symptoms, poor night vision, dry scalp, acne all month long, cold hands and feet, fatigue, sleep issues, hair loss, strong thirst, dry sinuses, grinds her teeth at night, gas after lunch.

She can't tolerate chocolate, which I thought was interesting, frequent urination, low libido, yeast infections, regular chronic yeast infections. You're not going to get pregnant with regular chronic yeast infections. Your microbiome down there is totally off. You need to do an elimination diet, like the one I have mapped out in The Egg Quality Diet because you need to heal your gut. Night sweats, fertility challenges, irregular periods, bleeding between periods at about eight days post-ovulation.

She would start spotting and getting mucus. It did improve once she was put on progesterone by one of her doctors. During her period, she would see dime-size, purple clots with cramping. That did improve since she had started acupuncture, and she spots three to four days before her period. We gave her Chinese medicine diagnosis, which doesn't really mean much to you guys, liver qi stagnation, heat, blood and qi stagnation.

Diet wise, we had her basically not full on go into the elimination diet just because she was still processing so much of the trauma, and it was a little triggering for her with it. She had a history of eating disorder, so I always try to meet my clients where they're at. Generally saying avoid gluten, dairy and soy, eat 80 grams of protein per day, eat within 20 to 30 minutes of waking up. She was skipping breakfast, like most of you guys. Add in bone broth, four to six ounces five to seven times a week.

Get in six to eight servings of vegetables, two to three tablespoons of fat daily. Add in the liver support juice. If you guys don't know what that is, that's in my latest book, The Egg Quality Diet. Continue with the diet changes you've been following as they're working for you, and then we also recommended some pelvic floor physical therapy because since the later-term loss, she was having some urinary issues. Big switch to non-toxic bath and beauty products.

She was completely toxic on that front, using all sorts of endocrine-disrupting agents, which were definitely impacting her cycle and her progesterone levels. I see it all the time. Someone asked me recently, I was speaking at an event, and they said to me … It was a doctor, and she said to me, “What do you think is the lowest-hanging fruit that's impacting fertility right now these days?” By lowest-hanging fruit, meaning like the easiest thing to change and the thing that most people are doing incorrectly that's impacting their hormones. I said the toxins in our environment, pesticides in our food, endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our bath and beauty products.

I think making that change for most people can be a very dramatic shift, and so we also recommended caster oil packs, which if you guys want to know about castor oil packs, just Google Aimee Raupp and the word caster oil, and you will find my blog and with a video there. Told her to continue with the acupuncture, and also to look into additional therapy for herself outside of what we were offering her. Mindset, just continue to working on things that feel safe and good for your heart. Approach life today with the question, “How will I live my life when I'm pregnant again?,” so we were really working on shifting that belief system and the fears. Trust that your body's in a better place and is working for you, not against you.

Honor any feelings that arise without guilt or judgment. She had a lot of anger or frustration, so we gave her some exercises there too, of like screaming into a pillow, throwing eggs, or ice, buying plates that you can break, things like that to really get out the frustration because there was just a lot of pent-up anger and frustration in there, and with labs and testing, continue on the progesterone, and if you can, have it checked six to seven days post-ovulation. We also had her using the Oova, which is one of my favorite at-home predictor kits that not only tests your LH, but your progesterone levels, and since she had low progesterone and we think that was part of the reason why she was spotting, and also not getting pregnant, so using the Oova to see that the progesterone that she was using, that was prescribed by her doctor was working, because a lot of girls don't necessarily absorb that, especially if they have gut issues. What happened in this case was as her gut issues resolved, her progesterone level started to improve, which to me is obvious, but you guys might be like, “What? So I have to improve my gut health so my progesterone gets better?”

Mm-hmm. “I have to improve my gut health, so I actually absorb the medicine my doctor gives me?,” Mm-hmm, and so we were monitoring her on the Oova, because as her clinicians, we can see her cycles and her Oova this month and April of 2021 looked phenomenal. At this point, she'd been working with us now for three months when we gave her this kind of breakdown. She had a great LH surge and followed by a super healthy luteal phase, so she had a beautiful ovulation and a super beautiful progesterone. Her progesterone stayed above 18 for 11 days, which you can track that on the Oova, which is fascinating.

You can also track it using the Mira. We wanted her to keep monitoring her thyroid. You guys all really need to stay on top of your thyroid. If you're having challenges conceiving, that's the first thing you should be looking at, is your thyroid and your vitamin D levels. Her TSH when she came to us, and mind you, she had been trying for a year, got pregnant, had a loss around 20 weeks, then was now trying again for eight months, and guess who found out that her thyroid was out of balance?

My team. No one had looked at her thyroid. No one. Maybe because of her age. She was pretty young, 32 when she came to us, but no one had looked at her thyroid.

Her TSH was a 3.5, which is too high to conceive. You want it below a 2.5, ideally between a 1 and a 2.5. It's okay for it to be a little bit below a 1, but this is classic of what I see in my clinic, classic of what myself and my coaches see. Women come to us, they've been trying for multiple years, and no one's checking their thyroid. No one's checking their vitamin D levels.

No one's discussing options with them and how this is impacting. Vitamin D is not a vitamin. It is a hormone. We also wanted her to get checked for the MTHFR mutation. We wanted to look at her homocysteine level, her CRP, her hemoglobin and hematocrit, because there was a lot of inflammatory symptoms in her body.

Then, a reminder to her, this is when she finished the group coaching program. I give these breakdowns. Your body knows how to do this. It's been taking the time it needed to heal. You now have great support on your path to motherhood and are working through any remaining kinks in your system to allow for this child to come through.

Continue to nourish your body and soul, and allow life to unfold. That was our kind of case review on this case, and so a couple other things. 10 months later, she started the IUIs, again after losing the baby, and after the second IUI didn't work, she started working with us, and so we'd given her all these recommendations, like I said, with supplements. We added in the Dr. Ron's Beef Liver pills, the Green Pasture's Fermented Cod Liver Oil, and we added in Chinese herbs because we are all herbalists, and so another checkup with her. Her AMH before she started working with us was at two, and then it came back at a four, so we were like, “Maybe she has PCOS.” Her FSH was an 8.3. She was spotting the entire cycle, but she still went through with an IUI, which I didn't think was the best idea, but her doctor did, so she went through with it.

She had spotting the entire time. She did not get pregnant that cycle. She was having these hangry episodes. We added in the myo-inositol to help with the blood sugar issues, like I said. Her hair loss has stopped, so since we've made some changes, hair loss had stopped.

Her anxiety was getting better. Her skin was getting better. It was worse after her period, but in the two-week wait, it was amazing. She was doing my e-course too, so as part of joining the group coaching, you get access to my 15-hour e-course, that is basically like me teaching a college course on improving fertility, so she was slowly making all the changes that I was talking about in the e-course. She comes to us again in May.

The IUI was unsuccessful. She's unsure where to go. She knows that Letrozole and Clomid, she probably shouldn't do three IUIs in more than them in a row. She got three follicles with five milligrams of, I'm assuming Letrozole, and should she do another round with five milligrams was her question, or should she move over to injectables? She decided to do another month of the Letrozole at five milligrams, stay on the progesterone.

This cycle, though, what was interesting, now this is February, March, April, May, she's heading into five months of working with us, no spotting at all in her cycle, and skin looks great, stomach so much better. Let me just go back here. The symptoms, that started to dramatically improve. Her acne got better. Her skin was less dry, cold hands and feet got better, less fatigue, sleeping better, hair loss better, less gas, her libido was coming back.

She hadn't had a yeast infection now in three cycles, which was uncommon for her. She was getting them regularly, and her periods were coming regularly, and the spotting had completely gone away. This is five months into our program, and so … Let's see. Then, I have email exchanges here.

Also, in the group coaching, you get access to my, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant E-Course, which is also on a wait list right now, but you can find information on getting on that wait list on my website. It's the top banner across my website at aimeeraupp.com, but with the e-course, which is the 15 hours of content, you get weekly office hours where I come live. I was just there, and I answer questions every single week to my private community. She was very active in that private community and asking a lot of questions, because after the group coaching ends, she rolled into that community and we really, really supported her throughout that. In June, she did another session with one of my coaches and showing her recent luteal phase labs.

Her estrogen was really low in the luteal phase and thinks that's the issue, but estrogen technically should be low in the luteal phase, so I was very confused by what the doctor had said. She was now cycle day 17 and hadn't ovulated, but she's now on her fourth cycle of doing Letrozole or Clomid with an IUI of trying to conceive. She said, “I haven't been spotting. My periods are much better, but I'm super confused and frustrated, and my doctor won't get me in for an ultrasound to see what's going on. Any advice on what y'all think of my labs and what I should do?”

“It would be great. I'll attach the labs in this email.” Then, she had also asked the question to me at office hours. I said, “I'm super confused by the doctor's approach,” and I told her to ask for a straight-up estrogen pills if the case is low estrogen, but I'm confused because estrogen is to be low in the luteal phase. I told her to do castor oil packs to help bring on ovulation, and also that to remind her and to remind her doctor that the Letrozole actually suppresses estrogen, so that could be what was causing it. I said, I think she needs another opinion, so then she was really frustrated.

She wound up ovulating. She wound up not doing an IUI that cycle, and guess what happened the next cycle? She gets pregnant naturally, July 15th. “I've got good news, I'm pregnant. However, I'm getting mixed advice on whether or not to stay on some of my medicines or not.”

“Could I get your advice on this? They're not checking my thyroid. What should I do?,” and so we just gave her support and feedback. “This is amazing news.” Definitely, like the Ovasitol and things like that, I felt like she should stay on through the first trimester.

We dropped some of the supplements. “Stay on your thyroid meds. Definitely stay on top of checking them,” and then yeah, and let's just see. That was July. Let me get through … In September, she had some questions about some supplements and diet during pregnancy, and at this point, she's now past the point where …

July, August, September, so she's not yet. She's three months. Sorry. I get another email from her. She's now past the point where she lost the previous baby, and then just about two months ago, an email of welcoming her beautiful baby into this world, so there you have it.

I think an interesting case that really was about regulating her menstrual cycle and helping her body actually make the hormones that needed to get through each phase of the cycle, so I think the whole reason she was having a hard time getting pregnant to begin with was irregular cycles and low progesterone. Then, the midterm loss was really obviously traumatic, and I think then set her back emotionally as well. By the time she came to us, though, we just, we made the dietary changes, we made the lifestyle changes, we got the bath and beauty product shifted, we started working on healing the gut, and we started seeing her symptoms change, so Feb, March, April, May, June, five months following the protocol. July, naturally pregnant and now has … Yeah, has a baby.

Another great Story of Hope. I tend to work with women. I work with women of all ages. 32 is on the younger side for my practice, but we don't really look at age and we don't really look at AMH or FSH. We look at your overall health and your mental state and your capacity to do this, and always hold that space of believing.

I do think the group coaching, what she did, and then into my e-course with the office hours, there's a lot of evidence that shows women in support groups get pregnant twice as fast as women who are not in support groups, and women who are active in the support groups. She was very active. She really built a sense of community. She knew where to go to ask questions, and I just had this question come up of like, “I'm overwhelmed because this person's saying to do this. Then, I have this naturopath, and then I have this acupuncturist, and all these people are saying to do different things. I don't know what to do, who to follow.”

The advice I gave was like pick a lane and stay in it. What I mean by that is like find who you trust, find your people, find your posse, and follow their protocol. Of course, you can make tweaks as you go, and if things aren't working, but pick a lane and stay in it because it's consistency and frequency. If you keep jumping around from one, “Oh, I tried gluten free for a month. It didn't work for me, so now I'm doing the bean diet, and then I'm doing this, and now I'm keto.”

Consistency and frequency is what works for you, and that's really what we had to do with her, was nail that down and slowly make these changes. I do think the younger we are, the faster these changes have impact. The older we get, we have to commit to it a bit longer. At least that's what I see clinically, but just a great story of like no one was checking your thyroid. Her vitamin D, thankfully was healthy, and no one was really getting to the root of why her cycles were irregular or why her progesterone was so low, why she was spotting, and that had a huge impact on her overall fertility, and we were able to help her with that, so there you have it.

Thank you so much for joining me and for tuning into another one of my Stories of Hope. I can't wait to share one with you guys next month, and yeah. You can go check out if you want to get on the wait list for the group coaching or the e-course, and actually, the next time we do a group coaching, we'll be with the e-course, so you can get on one of those two wait lists and we'll keep you posted, and I will talk to you all soon. Have a beautiful day. Bye.


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