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Is Fear Keeping You From Your Baby?

Is your fear keeping you from your baby? (And how do you feel just reading that?)

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my stories from my morning walk the other day. I shared some thoughts on fear and worry and OWNING that fear and feeling all the things.

In this video I dive deeper into that subject and helping you unpack your fears around this journey.

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See the full transcript below:

Hello, how is every one? Let me make sure I’m all set up here and ready to rock and roll, I think so. Hi, everyone. Hello, hello, hello. It’s so good to be with you as always. I come to you live every single Thursday, for the most part, and share with you inspiration and insight from my clinic, from my life. And I help women step into their power, I help them become the best version of themselves, the healthiest version of themselves. And for a lot of that women, that also translate to the most fertile version of themselves. So, those of you that are new to me, welcome. Hello, I’m Aimee Raupp of aimeeraupp.com. I’m the author of those books behind me, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, Body Belief and Chill Out And Get Healthy. And I’ve been in the business of helping people reawaken their health for almost two decades.

And I get to come to you live every week and I love it. And so, yesterday, was it? No, Tuesday morning, I was out for a walk. And if you guys don’t follow me, Facebook. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should. In Instagram, if you don’t watch my stories, you should. I had an epiphany on my walk like I normally do, and I was out and I was thinking about my own shit, my own life, and not about trying to get pregnant stuff, more just about life and general stuff. And I went on this rant on stories about fear, and is it blocking us or letting it move or flow through us and how to manage it? Because I think, there’s such misinformation out there about how to manifest and what affirmations really do for us. And basically, you can’t force yourself into positive feelings, and you can’t force yourself to ignore your fears and hope that they just go away.

How about that? You got to own your fears. You got to unpack this shit, so you can move through it. If you try to ignore it or push it away, you repel it. And as my spiritual teacher would say, the universe here is how you feel, not what you say, and the universe responds to how you feel. So, if you’re talking about manifestation, or even if you’re talking about religion, and I think somewhere in the Bible, it says that worry is a sin. Same kind of thing, you know what I mean? I think because you’re not trusting in the worry… Or you’re not allowing it to guide you or support you. Instead, you’re letting it create fear in you. And fear means you’re not in love, right? It’s one of the other, that’s all it is. It’s fear, it’s love. It’s light or it’s dark.

And when you’re in fear and you’re not in love, then you’re not trusting the guidance, the support, whether that’s religious based or universal based or spirit based, I don’t care. But when you live in fear, you are in effect… When you’re live in fear, and you’re not acknowledging the fear, and you’re not owning the fear, and you’re not saying, “I’m here right now and it’s scary, but I still have hope.” And instead, you’re just saying, “I can’t look at the fear anymore. This is just bullshit. This shouldn’t be happening to me. I’m over this. This is enough.” And I’ve totally, totally been there 100%, I can relate. When you’re in that space, you are actually, basically calling more drama and trauma into your life in that sense, because you are not owning it. You are not acknowledging it.

And so, anyway, I did this video two days ago, people loved it and we thought, I might as well do a live on the conversation today, because I think it’s a really important conversation to have. And I have a really great worksheet that I’m going to give all of you guys, that’s going to help you very specifically, work through fertility fears. And who’s your teacher? Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, how about all of the above? I started with Abraham, which feels like 150 years ago. No, about 12 years ago. Started studying Abraham Hicks. And Deepak Chopra, they were intertwined. Deepak, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Abraham Hicks, Getting Into the Vortex. I actually had the book on CD in my car, in my Toyota Corolla, and that’s where it all started for me.

I worked with a life coach when I first started writing Chill Out And Get Healthy. So, this is literally 12 years ago, and she was a big… She was an Abraham fan, of course. I should say, of course, but she was an Abraham fan. And she also did the work with me. What is her name? The woman who does The Work. It’s like capital T, capital W, The Work. It’s similar stuff. She introduced me to her and Abraham. And then, I had another client who introduced me to Abraham. And then, someone else maybe introduced me to Deepak Chopra. That’s where it started for me. Then, it led to Wayne Dyer. Neville Goddard is a huge, huge, huge influence on my life. There’s a spiritual guide similar to Abraham called [Elon 00:06:03], that is a big guide of mine. Gabrielle Bernstein was a huge influence on me, still continues to be. I think that’s it.

But the belief stuff, the stuff that I get into in Body Belief, and I feel like where I’ve been and what this conversation is about, really comes from the Abraham work, and the Elon work, and Neville Goddard. Neville is really the father of all of this. Wayne Dyer says that, Deepak Chopra says that, Abraham Hicks will talk about Neville. And he was in the 50s, I think. And so anyway, that’s where it all started for me. Going back to the fear, the worry, the anxiety, the stress, and I think the current state of self-help, where a lot of people think like, “I’m just going to say this affirmation every single day and it’s going to fix everything. And I don’t have to look at that fear anymore, because I’m just going to say this affirmation, and it’s all going to go away.”

The universe knows how you feel, not what you say. You can say the affirmation until you’re blue in the face, but if you still feel fucking scared or angry or pissed off or left out or resentful or traumatized, and you haven’t looked at it, and you’re not taking ownership of it, and you’re not forgiving it or releasing it or processing it, it’s hard to shift. And so, we entitled this live on Facebook, Instagram, you guys don’t really get a title, you’ll get it at the end, but is fear blocking your baby? I think that’s what we called it. Like somebody said, I can’t read the title now once I’m live. But I think it was something like that, is fear blocking your baby from coming through?

I don’t think it should. And I also think you can have fear and still get your baby. I just think it’s how much attention you want to give to that fear? How much you want to let that fear rule your life? And I think this goes beyond getting the baby. This is about life and getting everything you are worthy of, everything you deserve, everything you desire.

It’s more about, “Yes, I have the fear, because this hasn’t been easy, because this and this and this happened to me.” You don’t stay that long in the explanation of the why you have the fear, but you take ownership of it. It’s just like what I say to a woman who’s had a miscarriage. I say to every single woman who’s ever worked with me, who’s had a miscarriage. I tell them, “Listen, the next time you get pregnant, you’re going to be really fucking scared. So, I want you to start owning that now. I just want you to own it. The first trimester is going to suck. I’m going to be scared. Every doctor’s appointment is going to feel like pins and needles until I get through it.” Right?

This is okay. Owning it actually starts to dissolve it. Ignoring it, shoving it down, suppressing it with all these positive affirmations that you may or may not really believe, actually amplifies it. Call it what it is, “I am scared, because I’ve been on this journey for X amount of years. I am scared because my doctor said this, this, and this is wrong with me. I’m just scared. I’m just scared, because I didn’t think it should be this hard. I’m scared.” The second you say it, it actually starts to leave and transform. So, fear will block if you don’t face it.

Pull off the covers as you know, the… Oh my god. A Course in Miracles. Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein, they’re big students, A Course in Miracles. I think so is Deepak Chopra. They will say that you’re either in love or in fear. And the way to get through the fears, the fear is darkness, you just pull the sheet off and let the light shine in. And so, you pull the sheet off, there I am, in my fear, in my scaredness, in all of the rawness of it. And now. I’m going to let love shine in. I think, from a biblical standpoint, and I’m not a super religious person by any means, I’m a very spiritual person, but I would think, and I could be wrong. And I’m sure there’s many of you out there who are experts at this than I am, but I would guess that worry is a sin, because you’re keeping it in the dark. The darkness is the sin. You’re hiding it. You’re afraid of it. That’s the sin right?

So, take the sheet off and let the love shine in. And that’s when you’re free of it, you become free of it the second you acknowledge it. I have been out of love in many ways. And I mean, I think, that’s for many of you. I’m sure so many of you can relate to this, or it’s making sense on some level. So, it’s just that thing. And thank you, Louis, for sharing that, because it’s so true. Me too, me too, me too, I can remember the challenges that, there’s been a couple significant challenges in my life and I, for sure, go to that space of, I just want to feel sorry for myself. And then, I just want to actually ignore this and get on with my life.

And I’m really good at being busy. I am busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, so I can ignore it and move through it in a way that ignores it and not feel it. And just keep going, going, going, going, going. Sitting in it is the most uncomfortable thing you can possibly do, but it’s what’s going to help you move through it. In this fertility worksheet that I have for you guys, it is reworking your beliefs. And in the work that I talk about in Body Belief, in my most recent book, I have this tool, it’s called The Art of Shifting Your Beliefs, ART, it’s an acronym for acknowledge, reform, transform or renew. I always confuse if it’s reform or renew, it’s one of those two, acknowledge renew, I think it’s renew. Acknowledge, renew, transform.

The first step in, and this really comes from Elon and his teachings or their teachings, I suppose, is what you call them. It’s a man who channels Elon. Anyway, he says that the number one way to transform a belief is you got to basically, get into the dirt with it. You got to see what it is. So, the belief might be for fertility girls, let’s say. I’m broken, I’m having a hard time getting pregnant. My body isn’t working. It’s not doing what it’s supposed to do. And if you sit with that long enough, you might actually realize, “Oh, I’ve had similar feelings around other situations in my life.” And you might sit with it even longer to see, “Oh, this is actually rooted in me thinking I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy to have what everybody else has.”

Okay. Now, when the fear comes up, you can actually call it what it is, “Oh, I’m in that place again and not feeling good enough. I don’t feel good enough. I don’t feel worthy of this thing that I desire. I feel like I’ve mistreated my body. I feel like I’m being punished. I feel like it’s bad karma. I’m going to be left out, because I’m a bad person. I’ve done bad things in my life and I’m not good enough. And I was always told I wasn’t good enough, or I was always compared to others and how I was different.” And all of a sudden, you start to see, “Oh, this is actually been around a lot longer than this fertility challenge or whatever challenge. My dad dying has crushed me.”

And I mean, it’s not a small thing that happened, right? But just this thing of like… And my husband going through his stuff that he had to deal with, which was majorly transformative for our lives on every level. But it sucked in the meantime, it sucked going through it, I hated it, but I wouldn’t wish it away at this point. Maybe I would have handled things a little differently, but to get to the root of how I reacted, how I responded is what I got to see is it’s the same Aimee. It’s the same Aimee Raupp that I’ve been being for as long as I can remember.

I just do a lot, I put a lot on my plate. I move, move, move. I try not to feel it. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to sit with it, because it’s so uncomfortable. I don’t want to talk about it. I have shame. I don’t want to share with certain people. And it’s like this thing, and it becomes bigger and bigger and bigger, and it begins to rule your life. Because you are not doing the thing that you should do, which is to sit in the mud for a little bit. Yeah. This sucks. This is scary.

But other people have been through this and they’ve gotten to the other side. So, I could too. And is it really as bad as I thought it was? No. And am I stronger? That was always my thing, that I needed certain people to get through my life. And what the realization is like, I got the goods all on my own, I am good. I don’t want to do it alone. And so, that’s a choice, but I’m good and solid just as I am as a human. And I’m going to show up for me in the way that I know, and I’m going to love myself and support myself, and it’s going to work out.

And so, I had to get to that place, and release, and also this thing of like… And what’s happening that I’m stressed about isn’t entirely on me. And I know fertility might feel entirely on you, but it’s not. I think there’s divine timing, I think there’s spiritual interactions that are happening. If you’re in a partnership, there’s a partnership energetic shift. There’s many, many layers. So, you do what you can do to show up for you in your preparedness. And the rest is you surrender. And so, that’s where the darkness comes in is where you’re not being honest with yourself. You’re not cutting yourself enough slack. You’re not letting the love in. You’re not receiving, because you’re so fucking pissed that you haven’t received yet, right?

Oh, Fausta. I love you, girl. I miss you. Fausta’s saying yes, yes, yes. It is that thing of like, when you block the feeling, all of the feelings, I think you don’t receive. And so, that’s where the fear can block the baby. And so, what can we do? Okay. First of all, DM us on Instagram and Facebook, we’re going to post, it’s a PDF to how to shift your fertility bleeds. It’s a worksheet that I created, and it’s a little hint.

It’s part of a course that I am running right now. Well, it launches on what is it? October 18th. It’s my fertility reboot. It’s a 30-day mind, body reset. We’re doing a whole dietary shift, but we’re doing an entire mindset shift. And this worksheet is part of that. So, just to give you a little teaser of the stuff we’re going to dive into the reboot program, I can talk about that at another time. But just so you know, this is around a program that I run, and it’s really transformative on the physical and emotional level. But the thing you need to do to shift those beliefs is first you have to acknowledge them. What are my beliefs? I’m not good enough. I’m broken. I’m unworthy. I’m always left out. I’m not healthy enough. I’m too old. My eggs are all bad. Whatever it is, I’m being punished. I’m a bad person.

And then, you get into the renewal part of that, which is not an affirmation, because it’s not going to work just yet. You can’t go from believing I am broken. I am a failure. I am a fuck up. Nothing works for me, to sunshine and roses. Everything’s amazing. It’s totally going to work out. Uh-uh (negative), you don’t believe it. You can’t go from that to that. You got to believe it. So, the renewal is, yeah, I’m still scared. Yeah. This sucks. This has been highly traumatic. This has been tough, but there are women who have gotten through it. Who’ve gotten to the other side. Who have figured out worse fertility challenges than I have, or who have figured out the same fertility challenges, or who older than me. Who are younger than me. Who had higher FSH who had lower AMH, they figured it out. I can too. There’s a reason support groups work. There’s a reason support groups work, because there’s social proof. I’m not alone in this. There’s other people going through it. I can do this too.

I mean, WeightWatchers, AA, those are great examples of… The reason those things work is because it’s this sense of, “Oh, social proof. I’m not alone.” So, you start to shift your beliefs based on people around you who are going through something similar and who have had success. Maybe not the ultimate success. Maybe they haven’t lost 100 pounds. Maybe they haven’t been sober for 20 years. Maybe they haven’t gotten to the baby yet. But guess what, life is transforming. So, you start to renew. I’m still scared. But some days I’m more hopeful than I’m scared, 50-50. Abraham says, “In order for your life to begin to shift and manifestations begin to happen, you just need to be in that hopeful, excited space, 55, 60% of the time.” This isn’t about perfection. This isn’t about getting rid of all the negative thoughts. It’s impossible, it’s impossible. Contrast must exist in order for us to get clear on what it is we want, what it is we don’t want.

It is impossible to get rid of the fear, so just own it. Stop hiding and stop living in the shame of it, shame. I lived in shame for a couple of years when we were going through what we were going through in our household. I was in such deep shame. I felt like a fraud to all of you guys, because I was out here talking about these things and inside, I was dying and I was ashamed of what was going on in my home, because I thought I should be better than that. I thought I should be more perfect. I thought I should have had it all figured out.

And it wasn’t until I started talking about it and I called in the right support. And I found the people I felt safe with. And I realized I wasn’t alone in what I was going through. And it was radical transformation for me. And now I can talk about how I’ve transformed. And I have my days, I still have my days where… It’s not all sunshine and roses. We’re not perfect, guys. And we’re never going to be. So, accept that, own that, it’s okay.

But if you can live in the hope and the excitement a little more than you live in the fear, that’s when things begin to shift. And then, the transformation happens when… It’s not that you live in the hope and the faith all the time, that’s not the transformation. The transformation happens when you’re like, “Oh, there’s that fearful thought again. There it is again. All right. So, what do I do?” Right. I just work through it. I live with it. I learn, I learn. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s part of me. It’s okay. It’s okay.

And love the contrast. Contrast breeds new desires. I love that. Let’s see, when you imagine a positive pregnancy test or a baby in your arms, but there’s a part of me that is never around at all. Yeah. Shamali, I think that’s such a good point too. It’s like baby steps there, no pun intended. But what about. All right. Something inside of me tells me to stay on this journey. Something inside of me is still driving me to look for the answers. Something, somewhere, still has hope. I’m just going to think about that. It’s hard for me to imagine a positive pregnancy test, hard for me to imagine my belly being so big, but I did, at one point, see myself with a family, and that vision is still there for me. And maybe you just go there for a little bit. And then, maybe, there’s like, “Yeah. I think at some point I could see a positive pregnancy test or a baby in my arms.” It’s just slowly encouraging yourself.

I am scared. There you go, Ms. Ashley. I’m proud of you owning it. Me too. You guys. I love it. I love you guys. I joined the reboot, I’m so excited you guys. Aimee, I’m always touched by your vulnerability. Thank you. Oh, you are so welcome. Yeah. Let me see, just got your book, also been listening to your meditations, I feel so good. Oh, thank you, my love. Yeah, you guys are just taking this in. I quit my job with a toxic environment, and then I had to face my grief, because I wasn’t focusing on workplace. Drama had to sit in the grief. That’s it, that’s such a good point, Kenzie. That’s exactly it. We just keep ourselves busy, and then we’re like, “Oh my god, I need to slow down. And I have to actually feel this thing.” Or we numb out. People numb out with TV. They numb out with alcohol. They numb out with food. They numb out with sex, they numb out. They know I’m out with work. They numb out with business, they numb out. They know not with blame. They numb out with therapy.

I don’t mean therapy in a bad way. I have a therapist. I love her, she’s amazing. But we can numb out in the story too. We can numb out and… I always say, what’s your 60-second elevator pitch for fertility? What is the story you are telling? Because you are telling it all day long, they say we have, I don’t know, 50,000 thoughts, 90% of them are the same. What is it you are telling? Because we numb out in that story. We’re so in that story, and it owns us that we don’t even give ourselves the opportunity to feel it anymore.

It’s almost like what you said to Shamali of like, I feel numb to it. I can’t imagine the positive pregnancy test and the whole thing just feels weird. And so, what can you imagine? Can you imagine being happier? Can you imagine having a little more faith in your body? Can you focus on like, “I had a healthy poop today and I haven’t had a healthy poop in two weeks. And so, my body’s doing something right.” Just gently begin to shift. Shift gently into that space.

Yeah. Just got off the call with my doc and diagnosed with hypothyroidism for the first time. I’m shocked and so worried now on this journey. Well, and I know that’s hard, but I would also say now you have something to fix, and that’s beautiful. You figured out something, hypothyroidism really impacts fertility. So now, we have something to fix. This is great. This is great. Medication is a great, easy fix for that. Thyroid conditions play a major role in fertility challenges. Again, a lot of this too it’s perception is reality. So like, “I’m shocked. I’m scared. I don’t want to have anything wrong with me. What the fuck? I’m sick of this.” Get it out, process it, own it.

And then next, what’s next? Okay. I’m resistant to take your medication. I’m resistant to my doctors. I I just want to be perfect, and have nothing wrong and just get pregnant and not have to do anything. There’s a lot of women like that. It’s not as easy for everybody else. It’s just like, these are things you’re being led down a certain path, we have to trust it. We have to receive the guidance. I think again, that’s where it goes back to that biblical thing. The sin is in there in the hiding, in the shame, and the ignorance, in the blame versus the owning, that’s the sin, that’s the darkness. Shine the light on it. There’s 90% of women with fertility challenges that have a thyroid condition. Maybe, I’m exaggerating. At least, 70% of women with fertility challenges have a thyroid condition. You’re not alone, that’s a beautiful thing to know. And it’s fixable, this is also fixable. For a lot of women, it’s a hard road to figure out what is the wrong piece to fix. And oftentimes, there’s multitudes of things, but we can do it. We figure it out, okay?

My God blessed him. My husband says he feels excited because we’re definitely parents to be, we just don’t know exactly when, it really kept me up. And I think that’s it too. Maybe, sometimes, we depend on others then for that faith. I said that to my husband the other day, we had a thing, and I said, things are so good. This was an interesting thing that came up. Things were so good that it scares me, because I don’t want them to ever not be good again, because they weren’t good for awhile. And he was like, “That’s what you’re upset about? And it is, it’s insane, but I was in touch enough to know it. And I said, “I have this fear, this is my fear because things are so good, I’m scared.”

I’m scared that they’re good, because it’s like, does another shoe drop somewhere or like what? I’m still a little dealing with my trauma, it’s the truth. And so, it still can be like a deer in headlight at times. And he so smartly and wisely said, “You can’t be afraid of things being good, and you can’t be afraid of things that’s fallen apart. Life is just life. And we just have to take it one day at a time and focus on the things we do have, and let it unfold.” And so, just this thing of like, don’t let the… And that is where that conversation that I did on the Instagram live, that then stimulated this, that was all part of that same conversation that I was processing between my husband and I, because it was like, things are really good. You would think that I would be happy as can be, but instead that put me in fear. Fascinating.

But I’m in touch enough, thanks to therapy, and Abraham, and good friends, and support, and all the things to say, I’m scared of losing the goodness again. Because I just want it to be good, but also Abraham would say, “Well, you’d get pretty bored after a while. You need a little contrast from time to time.” Because you got to just get clearer, and that’s exactly what happened for me and him is we got clearer on our commitment, our loyalty, our focus, our life, how we’re growing it, the expansion, it was a really good conversation that came out of my fear. And so, that’s it too. But it was transformed. Instead of me keeping it in, bottling it up, carrying on for months and not talking about it, just came right up to the surface and we worked it through. And that’s what I want for all of you guys.

What about the idea that your thoughts manifest your reality when you’re so scared and anxious and go to the negative thoughts? Yes. Great point. And so, it is true, your thoughts create things, but if you don’t look at the negative stuff, if you don’t go into your beliefs, those thoughts still exist, you’re just suppressing them, and they are there on the cellular level. And they’re there on the thought level too. And so, they are manifesting things for you. If you don’t look at them, and you think you just affirm positively, you’re actually not. You still have to release and accept what is, that’s what Abraham says. Accept what is right here, right now, these are my challenges, these are the changes.

Abraham has this thing, don’t stay there for longer than 17 seconds. You can talk about your problem. You can talk about your issues no more than 17 seconds. Elon doesn’t put such a timeframe on it, but what they both do say you have to accept what is, you got to accept. So, acceptance is acknowledgement. And the second you accept, Joe Dispenza says the same thing that our emotions… I’m sorry, our life is based on our emotions, our reactions are based on our emotions, and our emotions are based on our past. And if we want to change the trajectory of our life moving forward, create the life we want, we got to stop reacting based on the emotions of the past. But the only way to do that is to forgive, is to shine the light on it, is to release, is to acknowledge. Then they don’t become… They’re not so big. They don’t take up so much space anymore. There’s less fear. And then, guess what? The manifestation falls into place.

I feel scared, because I feel things have gone well most of my life, something just go wrong, and this is probably it. It’s stupid, but it’s my fear. Yeah. That’s it too of just like… You know that was me, right? I felt like my life was sunshine and roses until my dad died. And it was like, “Oh God, what’s this?This is horrible.” I remember my dad saying to me before he died, he said, “Up until this day, my life’s been a fairy tale.” And then, this happened. And it is what it is, honey, but we’ve had a really good life.

I remember one of my friends said to me on his celebration of life, she said, “I think you should be… You’re so lucky that you had such a good dad for 36 years. Some of us get shitty dads for 50 years.” That’s an interesting way to look at it, but she’s right. It was cold, raw truth, but she was right. I’m lucky, I am. But having a good life doesn’t mean there has to be something bad that happens, right? So, it’s perception is reality too of like, “Okay. This is a hiccup. I didn’t expect it, but thankfully, there’s all these resources and there’s all these things that I can do. And then, there’s all these other people that have also gone through it and we can figure this out.” And at some point too, you might see it for the greater good.

It’s hard to believe there is hope for me as I am single lady and meeting someone new now will take time. So, chances of me getting pregnant is slim as you need to trust the person you’re with. Yeah. But in there too, you are, as Abraham would say, arguing for your limitations. So, you’re focused on the limitations, more than you’re focused on the possibility. And I’m doing some tough love too. It’s like, there are other ways to make babies without a partner. IUI, sperm donors. There are other things you can do. And I’ve seen a lot of women who pull the trigger, because they really want that family. And they haven’t met the guy and they always meet the guy too. They get the baby and the guy. Sometimes, at the same time. Very interesting things have happened and I have too many stories to go into it all.

But you have to align with what you want and stop letting life or these perceived limitations hold you back from what you want, because you’re not in full alignment. What is it you want? And you go after that, and then you trust. And that’s how Abraham would say it. You do what lights you up, and you go after that every single day. And that will call in all the other things from the vortex. For some women, that’s deciding to pull the trigger, and do it on their own. And for others, it’s deciding to say, “You know what, I’ll just marry a guy who already has kids.” Or whatever it is. It’s like, you have to align with what you want, which true to you and not get hooked on the limiting beliefs. So, you need that worksheet. DM us for it.

I’m having healthy poops, new victories. There you go. I love it. Okay, guys, I’m going to wrap it up after this question, because I got 20 minutes before my next October fertility group session starts, which I’m super excited about. I’ve had two older kids, a new relationship and trying for a year and six months. Okay. I’m not going to answer that, because it’s not about what we’re talking about right now. Yes, Joe Dispenza. Do you know… I’ve been saying this, my ovaries since my first IVF cycles resulted in zero normal embryos. I don’t know what that is. No, I don’t know what that is. It’s like some kind of prayer, maybe. But that’s it too of like, how tight are we holding onto our story to the way it should be. That was a big lesson for me when Kenny was going through what he went through of just like… And one of my dearest and closest people helped me realize was mourning the life that I thought I would have.

And so, it’s that same thing of the fear and all of this, it’s… Or is something going to go wrong? It’s not exactly how I pictured it, but it’s not bad at all. And there’s actually a lot in my life that’s awesome more than I ever thought it would be. But there were things that I had to work through and mourn and forgive. And the only way to move on is you got to forgive. And the only way to forgive is you’ve got to actually look at it and be honest with yourself about it.

You guys are so great. Okay. I’m going to go. I love you guys. I am going to go eat some lunch and take care of Aimee before my 1:00 session. I love you guys. This was so much fun. Facebook, we posted the link for the PDF. Instagram, you’re going to DM us. It is a worksheet on shifting your fertility beliefs. It walks you through the whole process, the A, the R, the T, the acknowledge, renew, transform, and it gives you easy… It’s easy. It’s easy to do. And it’s going to help you figure this part out, okay? Love you guys. I love you guys. I love you guys. Have a wonderful day. I’m going to end this one first.


End of Transcript.


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