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Improve Fertility Naturally: Finding Peace On Your Path To Motherhood

By Aimee Raupp, MS LAc

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Join me today to find out about finding peace on your path to motherhood.

Here Is The Full Transcription Of The Video

Hey! I’ve seen a lot of you guys over the past week. I am Aimee Raupp of aimeeraupp.com if you don’t know that already. We’ve also had a lot of newcomers join us on both Instagram and on Facebook, so welcome, welcome, welcome. We’ve been busy this week. And when I say we, I mean me and my kick-ass team who’s been busy this week with bringing you guys a lot of content.

Hi, Jamie. Hi, Beth. Hello to our instagrammers. Give a shout-out if you guys watched some of our stories of hope this week and got inspired. I’m hoping stories of hope, I hope, inspired you. Yeah, I’m getting some shout-outs over here on a Facebook. But yeah, we put together quite a week for you guys. Lots and lots of content. I want to just start off with saying how incredibly honored I am that my students who paid to join my course, who pay … My glasses are crooked. Who pay to coach with me, who pay to see me in the clinic volunteer their time to come live and share their stories with all of you in an effort to help you get and stay pregnant.

These women, we asked, we surveyed our crew and said, “Would you tell me feedback about the course? Blah, blah, blah.” I have the survey right here. Then, one of the questions was, would you be willing to go live with Aimee on Facebook, on Instagram to tens of thousands of people, share your face, share your story, hold your baby on your lap? And these women say yeah. I mean, it floors … I could get emotional. It floors me that that they’re that committed to their process and that they remember being you. They remember being on that side of the fence when they so desperately wanted this child and that I played a role in helping them achieve their dream of motherhood, of reawakened health. I mean, right?

Maria came on, and she’s not yet pregnant. In fact, she’s had a chemical under my belt, and she … But she’s healed her Hashimoto’s. Her Hashimoto’s is in remission. She’s like, “And listen, yeah, I’m not pregnant yet, but, Aimee, you’ve changed my freaking life. And I can’t wait to come on and tell the world about that.” It’s a little surreal to me if I’m really honest because I’m just doing my job. All I’m doing is doing the research, looking at the data, telling you guys eat this, not that, take this supplement, don’t take that. And then I do a lot of my own spiritual work and a lot of my own growth and expansion work, and I bring that to my girls, right? So it’s not just like an authority teaching them, it’s a conversation. It’s us opening up the possibilities of change and us allowing our lives to shift in the direction of which we want, right? That’s so much of what I do, and these girls become my friends.

Maybe some people in the medical world would think that’s a little unprofessional. It’s not like we’re going out to tea. I’m not saying that. But I know the ins and outs of their lives, and they know mine. I’m happy to share that. Then they say to me, “Yeah, I want to come live and talk to the tens of thousands people you’re going to reach.”

I think Kathy’s posts the last time I looked at over 3,000 views. So those stories of hope combined, I think we’ve had over 10,000 views. That’s amazing to me. It’s amazing to me that we have the capacity to reach women all over the world and let them know that they are still allowed to hope, they are still allowed to dream, that there are things that they can do to optimize their health, their vitality, their peace, their joy, and ultimately their fertility.

I would love if any of you had some big takeaway ways from this week from the stories of hope … I know so many of you have messaged us and commented on those videos. But if there’s anything that you want to share, I would love to hear about it. And of course, I’m here to remind you that you can still join the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant e-course. Legit today is the last day you can join. I know we said yesterday was the last day, but we decided … We had a team call, and we had been getting a lot of emails about pricing. Yeah, about people really wanting to join but it just wasn’t in their budget. We had a team call, and … You know, we’ve all been around the fertility world for a long time. We understand the cost. We understand life. Life is expensive.

Aw. Judy, you’re sweet. We need more unprofessional doctors then. I’m so happy. You’re sweet. Because when I said they become my friends I said unprofessional. If you ever see me in the clinic, and my clinic clients will attest to this, is I hug people. We say I love you when we say goodbye. I think some of the other practitioners that are in my clinic are like, “Aimee, did you … Are you hugging your clients and saying I love you?” And I’m like, “Well, I do. I love them, and I’m going to hug them because I’m not going to see her for a couple weeks.” We cry. We dance. We sing. I love it. Yeah, my job is awesome. It really is.

Anyway, getting back to what I was saying, so many people were asking us about pricing. I mean, I really did consciously price the program and because my time is factored in there. I mean, I have a live conversation with you and your group of women, your tribe. Every single week I come to you. I mean, I was just in the group. I answered 29 questions. I was in there for 50 minutes, and we also set some intentions at the end and introduce all the newcomers. I have to factor that in. I factor in my time for my research, my time for my clinical research.

So anyway, the price that came up with, I feel good about with the course. But what we did was we opened up two more payment plans. So yesterday we introduced the seven payment plan because that was the feedback we got, and we … Is vitiligo an autoimmune disorder? It is Ninu. And we got amazing feedback.

I also had Beth, when she sent out the email, I said, “Add in there a sentence that if the seven payment plan still doesn’t work for your budget, meaning if it’s still not a low enough monthly payment plan, hit the reply button and tell us what could work.” Beth got inundated with emails last night. She was on her computer from 6:00 AM until 9:30 PM. I was about the same, too, which is why I’m wearing my blue light glasses right now because I feel like I need to not see screens for like a week to recover from what I just did.

People replied and they said, “What about with 12 … ” And when I first opened the e-course, I had a 12 pay payment option. We took it away last year. I don’t know why. It’s $111 a month, and it makes the course really the only doable, really affordable for so many people. So when people started responding and saying, “The seven pay is good, but is there anything better you can do?” Beth said, “Can I offer them the 12 pay?” because we still had the checkout page and everything for. I said “Sure, let’s do it.” So I’m here to remind you guys I did that.

If you are still on the fence, or if you’re regretting that you didn’t join, or if you just learned about the course yesterday because some of our affiliates promoted yesterday and you still want to join, we welcome you. Instagram, the links are in my bio. If the 12 payment option plan sounds like something you want to take advantage of, email us. You can email beth@aimeeraupp.com, and she will get you hooked up, and let’s do this.

We’re going to keep the car open until 11:59 PM tonight because … So I wanted to talk to you today too about … Because I feel like some of it gets lost in the … I mean, I hope it doesn’t get lost, God, with all the stories of hope and all the info I was sharing with you guys. But, it also can like a sales, like we are selling something. So this is a business, and I am selling things. And there is a bottom line, right? There is a price you have to pay, and people get eliminated because they can’t afford that price.

So what I tried to do with my team … Where is it? Before we got into the launch, we created this list, and because my focus is, yes, I’m running a business. Yes, I’m investing time, money, and energy into people to help me run my business, so I have to pay them. I have to pay for things. And it’s my time, and my energy, and my family, and so there’s a price, and we have to put that on there. I understand that people start to feel like, “Okay, this just feels like she’s selling something,” but I am. But I’m selling something really valuable and something I really believe in because I have … I’ve written a bestselling book on improving fertility. I got pregnant in my 40s on my own naturally after following my own advice. I’ve helped thousands of women. And if you have ever worked with me, or you see my work, or you just see me through this lens, I’m so fucking passionate about this subject matter. I am so fucking passionate about helping you achieve your dream.

When we’re in a launch for a course, I try not to get too fixed on the business side of things. I created this list, and my team went through it and they had it in some of theirs, and I wanted to share it with you. Why? So I said in the top, getting behind the why of this e-course. I’d love for our team to truly embrace these whys, add in any that inspire us, and we have to own these whys with everything we do that as launch or course related. So to not forget that, yes, there’s a bottom line, yes, this is a business, but why? Why did I create this course? Why am I on this mission? Why are we doing this? Why?

The Yes, You Can Get Pregnant plan works. The student who joins this course, the woman you are out there, she deserves to feel empowered. She deserves to be uplifted. She deserves radical health shifts. She deserves the amazing community we have built. She deserves all she desires. She deserves my support and guidance. She deserves to figure this out. She is fixable. She is worthy of expansion. We are all worthy of expansion.

This course offers solutions. This course offers hope. This course makes the world a better place one momma at a time. This course lovingly impacts not just her children, so your future children, but your children’s children.

Millions of women are suffering fertility challenges, and that is bullshit. That’s what I wrote on there. Millions of women are suffering, and that is bullshit. That’s a why. That’s a reason I created this course because millions of women are suffering and that is bullshit because there are so many opportunities for you to change this pattern in your body and optimize your fertility.

I am ready and prepared to reach and influence the millions of women who are dealing with fertility challenges. That is my service to you. That is why I was put on this planet. That is why I didn’t meet my husband till I was 39. That is why I had my baby in my 40s because I am supposed to be of service to you in this capacity.

I am a clinician who has helped thousands of women. I have followed my own advice, and I know it works. I love this mission. I love the impact. The student, you, the women out there we are reaching, you deserve to invest in yourself and in your health. You deserve to be empowered. I already said that. You will experience change beyond fertility in this course. And all of our current students are ready and willing with open arms to invite you in, and hold your hand, and mentor you.

And the last reason why I created this course, because I want one of you guys to be my next story of hope for 2020. I want you to experience what it is these women are experiencing in the group because it’s indescribable. Their health gets better. They get the right support. They get answers. I am your detective. I help you figure things out.

I mean, just before in office hours … So we call it office hours. What that basically means is the weekly meeting that we have. I call it office hours because I’m basically putting up my little sign that says doctor is in. Then you guys come and you ask me questions. But, we call it office hours in the group. But what it means is it’s a weekly meeting with me and all of my girls. And like I said, today there was 29 questions, questions from, “I had a miscarriage and I’m going to the doctor. What tests should I get?” to, “I’m in the two week wait. I’m anxious as all hell. What should I do? What kind of meditation do you have for me?” to, “I’m having a transfer tomorrow, and I just wanted to share it with everybody because I don’t really have a question, but just send me love,” to, “What do you think of dried fruit? Is that good for fertility? What do you think of Ezekiel Bread? Is that good for fertility?”

I mean, we cover everything in the office hours, everything. It is our weekly meeting. You get to meet with me every week and ask me questions. And every week I put aside my time and energy to meet with you, to inspire you. And then at the end … Today we just this a beautiful intention setting. That’s it, a nice intention setting, reminded girls where to go for the information, how to ask the questions, right? So we’re here to navigate, support, build trust.

That’s why I created this course and why I believe it should reach … I mean, a million women would be a lot for us to handle an office hours in our business. So I’ll be careful with wishing for that. But, we could deal with a couple hundred for certain. I mean, we already have a couple hundred women in the group, but we’d invite even more.

So if you feel called, if you feel like you need that extra support, if you want to get behind the why of this mission because you deserve to be empowered, you deserve the radical health changes. You deserve to change your life more than just getting pregnant. You deserve to have my eyes on your case. It’s an uncomfortable space for me sometimes to say I’m an expert. That’s kind of an awkward thing for me to say, but I kind of am. I’ve been doing this a long time. I know a thing or two, or 100,000 things or two, about fertility, about autoimmunity, and about what I can do to help you get pregnant, and I actually …

There was a girl who posted, “We’ve been trying for X amount of times. We’d done five transfers and they haven’t worked. Do you think it’s these fibroids?” And I was like, “Well, you’re brand new to me. I don’t know your case yet. Maybe the fibroids. But if your doctor says they don’t need to be removed, I’m not convinced they need to be removed. This is what I think.” Okay, something with implantation. Something’s not happening. We’re transferring healthy embryos. It’s not implanting. Why? Okay. There’s probably inflammation in the uterus. It might have something to do with blood flow to the uterus. I automatically look at diet. Maybe she’s eating something that her body doesn’t like.

And every patient is different. I got to figure that out with you. It’s why we do the elimination plan. That’s why we’re doing the Fertility Reboot, which kicks off in October, which we are also going to open up to all of you. So if you didn’t join the e-course but the reboot sounds really attractive, check your inbox in the next couple days. We’re going to be sending you information on that, okay? But we’re going to do the Fertility Reboot, and I’m going to walk my girls through an elimination diet. Then we’re going to slowly add things back in. And when we’re slowly adding back in, the reboot will be over, but all the girls in the course are going to be with me, and they’re going to be able to tell me, “Aimee, I added back in red peppers, and I was on the toilet for 45 minutes,” or, “I broke out in hives.” Voila. There’s an answer for us, right?

If you watched my story of hope with Ashley, I was joking, but I’m 100% serious. When I pulled the lentils from her diet, she got pregnant. Eight years of trying to conceive, eight years of eating lentils. She worked with functional medicine doctors, seven different acupuncturists, nutritionists, the best of the best. Nobody looked that closely at her diet. I did. Am I bragging? I mean, maybe a little I am because there’s a baby now. There’s a woman who tried for eight years. The where was a woman was so broken, 26-some-odd fertility treatments, and then she gets pregnant naturally at 42.

Did we work on her mindset? Yeah. Did I change her supplements? Totally. Did I really detective work her diet? Absolutely. Did we fall in love in the way that I do with my people? Yeah, totally. I mean, she’s one of my girls, and that’s why she was willing to come. She’s a private person. I couldn’t believe she said she wanted to come live and share that story. She said to me, “Aimee, eight years. I tried for eight years, and you were the only person who still believed in me when I walked through that door. And you helped me get here. I would do anything. I want to tell these women to not give up hope, to try on the months even when the doctors say not to try.” Because we tried on a month that they were like, “Well, I guess you could try naturally.” Right?

It’s like when my girls do that, it makes me so emotional because it’s like they want to share the story with the world. They want to tell you to not give up hope. Regardless if you joined the course or not, I send you lots of love. Watch those videos again, and again, and again. Try to piecemeal it together. Read my books. Follow them. If you’ve been following this book for a while and you’re still not pregnant, then you got to step up the diet and follow this book, okay? You got to work on the mindset. You got to find peace on your path to motherhood.

You should brag. You go, girl. You’re so sweet. Some would say I’m good at it, but I don’t feel … My brother would say I’m really good at bragging, but that’s our childhood drama. I just want to see if there’s questions here.

I’m wearing mine, too, Aimee. Ladies, it’s worth 10 times that. You’re so sweet. What do you suggest if you’re just at the point in the journey that you’re emotionally exhausted and just trying not to do as much about everyday in which more info is just too much to handle? Does that make sense? Totally, Jamie. It does. And you take a break, you know?

I mean, that’s the other thing, too. I had a handful of girls ask like, “Can I join the course but not look at the course for a while and I’m just going to be part of the community?” I was like, “Totally. Do whatever you want.” That material is there? And when you feel inspired, you could go dig into it. But you also just probably need some support, Jamie. But maybe you just all … you also already know it all, and you just need to work on that surrender piece, which is so easy to say. You know what I mean. I send you love when I say it.

Are the office hours at this time every week? They’re going to start alternating Thursdays to Fridays, but they’re recorded, so you can come back in live. We ask you to submit your questions a couple of days in advance. So we put up the post on like a Tuesday so you have all day Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and Thursday in the morning to post your question. You don’t have to be live for office hours. They are recorded, and your question will get answered.

Beth here. “Just responded to your email.” Oh, okay. Enroll now. So yeah, the website, right? So Instagram, you guys have the links in the bio. Again, it’s in aimeeraupp.com/yes. Head over to that page. See what the course has to offer. Again, the court’s going to be open for about 10, 11 more hours and that’s it. Then legit you can’t get in again until next year. Like I said, we now have the seven payment option plan and then we’re giving you the option of a 12 pay option plan. You just have to email us. Email beth@aimeeraupp.com.

I have celiac. I never would have guessed it affects fertility, but I’m learning unfortunately it does. I also started acupuncture because of you to regulate. You’ve given me such insight on this fertility process. You’ve been such a godsend. Love, Maria. Thank you. And I wish you the best.

I told you, too. When I interviewed Dr. Hugh Taylor for this book, and this was five … This was six years ago I was writing this book, right? So it’s been out for five years. I said to him, “The research is interesting. Do you notice that all these girls have … All these unexplained infertility cases are actually … There’s a lot of autoimmunity,” and he said, “Young lady,” he was so proud of me, “You are on to something.” He’s like, “We screen every single girl in our clinic.” He’s the head of Yale reproductive medicine, so pretty smart guy. “Every single girl gets screened for Hashimoto’s and celiac because it is uncanny how many of these women have either Hashi’s or celiac and are having a hard time getting pregnant.”

Gluten is the freaking devil. Gluten in this country, gluten loaded with pesticides is the freaking devil. Let me just be clear. Okay.

May I ask? Let’s say we really can’t afford the e-course. Do you recommend the membership, The Ultimate Fertility Membership? And what’s the difference? Natasha, yeah, absolutely. The Ultimate Fertility Membership gives you access to a lot of the programs I have that are online. So you just join the monthly membership, it’s a $22-a-month membership. You get access to a lot of the bonuses that we were giving away basically in the e-course, so like the cookbook, and the Yes program, and my webinars, and the acupressure guide, things like that.

Then, I also do do .. So we’re starting that brand new, like this month, where I’m going in and I’m answering questions in a monthly Q&A. So just once a month I’ll come and answer questions in that group. You also get a monthly meditation from me, a brand new meditation, and you get …. We highlight material based on the theme of the month.

The group is building in there. I think there’s less than a hundred women in there right now. And because there’s not as much interaction from me, it just … It doesn’t have all it’s feels yet, but it’s getting there. Absolutely. And I do think that’s a good place, especially if you do want to pick my brain. So I think that once a month is good.

Is vitiligo an autoimmune disorder? It is, my love. I’m taking Ayurvedic supplements. Is it okay to go on taking them while I’m on the fertility diet or not? I don’t know a ton about Ayurvedic supplements, but I would think so. I think a lot of our herbs overlap. I’ve become very friendly with an Ayurvedic doctor, and I’m learning more about it. But I would think so. I think it’s going to be fine. You could ask whoever prescribed them to you or ask an Ayurvedic doctor. Make sure you’re not taking anything that’s contraindicated for pregnancy.

Ninu: “Should I be reading Body Belief then?” You should be, yeah. I mean, I think all fertility girls should read both, especially if you’ve been on this path a while. But this book is great because it’s really geared specifically on fertility, and I talk a lot about hormones, and health, and the child’s palace, and all the mental emotional stuff. And this book has a lot of mental emotional stuff, but it’s geared more towards general health and autoimmunity. But the diet in here is really important for the autoimmune people.

All right, guys. So again, seven payment plan, 12 payment plan. Cart closes tonight at 11:59 PM. If you’re not going to take the leap and join the e-course, that’s okay. If it feels really aligned and you’re holding yourself back, take the leap. We’ll figure it out. The Fertility Reboot, we’re going to start promoting that so you guys will see information about that starting next week. Get on my email list so you don’t miss any of this information. Just head over to my website. Take my fertility quiz. Go to aimeeraupp.com. Take the fertility quiz at the top.

Yes, I’ve had patients with vitiligo. It stops progressing, but it doesn’t necessarily go away, but the autoimmunity definitely calms down, which is great.

So get on my list and take the fertility quiz. That’s the best way to get into the list. Then you actually get into the fertility funnel, we call it, and you’ll an email from me every week with free stuff on improving your fertility. So you can get into that. You could join the UFM, like Natasha was saying. It’s $22 a month. It is a monthly membership fee, but you will get me every month answering questions in there, and I think that’s great. The community is still building in there. It’s not as in depth as the e-course by any means, but you do get a lot of good material. That is a good starting point for you.

And again, yeah, the e-course is going to go away for a whole year, so I encourage you to take the leap if that feels right to you. I send you guys lots, and lots, and lots of love. And I will see you next week. Goodbye. You sure you want to end your live video? Yes. Okay. Bye, guys.

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About Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women’s health & wellness expert and the best- selling author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice in New York, she holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. Aimee is also the founder of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products. This article was reviewed AimeeRaupp.com's editorial team and is in compliance with our editorial policy.

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