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How to Stay Young: Why Biological Age is More Important than Chronological Age

Supplements. We all know they're good for us and we should take them. They help fill the gaps in our diets and give us nutrients we're lacking.

But how do you know what to take? And when is it too much? Are you just making really expensive urine? Or worse, did Dr. Google suggest something that's actually NOT helpful to your unique body?!

That's what I cover in this video. I take you through a case from my clinic, share my top recommended supplements and who they're good for, Whether you're just beginning to explore supplements or you have a whole cabinet full- this chat is for YOU.

As always, this will be recorded so don't stress if you can't make it at noon.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor. I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 17 years and I will be speaking from my clinical experience helping thousands of women conceive. The office of Aimee E. Raupp, M.S., L.Ac and Aimee Raupp Wellness & Fertility Centers and all personnel associated with the practice do not use social media to convey medical advice. This video will be posted to Aimee’s channels to educate and inspire others on the fertility journey.


Hello everyone. How are you guys? It's so good to be with you. Sorry, let me adjust this camera a little. Hi. It's so good to be with you. How is everyone? So you're here because you want to hear me talk about supplements and fertility and what good ones are and how taking too many of them isn't always a good thing for your fertility. So for those of you that are new to me, I'm Aimee Raupp with aimeeraupp.com. I am a best selling author of a handful of books. Two in the fertility space. One's called, Yes, You Can Pregnant. The other one is called The Egg Quality Diet. It is my latest book. I've been in the space of helping women conceive for almost two decades and have helped thousands of women all over the world. My team and I work with women all over the world with our online coaching programs.

And then, we also have clinics in the New York Metropolitan area. We have clinics in Nyack, New York, New York City, Westport, Connecticut, and serve women and their partners there as well using acupuncture, Chinese medicine, diet, lifestyle recommendations. And I also get to come to you guys live every single week as my service to you to provide what I consider valuable information to all of you on your path to motherhood. And I consider it very valuable because of my extensive clinical experience and my extensive levels of education, and just when you see so many cases, you really learn a lot. So I felt called to do a video on supplements and basically, are you taking too many?

Because recently one of my coaches on my team got a new client, a coaching client and she sent over her supplement list and it had over 60 different supplements, 60 different supplements that she was taking every single day. And she was extremely anxious about time running out and not being able to conceive and that she was willing to do anything to get pregnant, anything. So anything she read about anything she saw online, anything she heard someone talk about, she ordered it and she started taking it, and she wasn't having anyone manage her case, which can be honestly, very dangerous. She came to us and she was dealing with high levels of anxiety, palpitations, shortness of breath, loose bowel movements.

And when we looked at her supplement list, I would say easily 50% of her symptoms were from her supplements, not from her actual state of health. And so, the first recommendation was to cut back on supplements, and she was very defensive about that. She did not want to change her supplement routine. She felt like she had to do everything she should do to improve her egg quality, because her time was running out and she didn't like that recommendation to cut back on supplements. And I still stood on my word because when I went through and calculated up how much methyl folate, for example, she was taking, she was getting an over 4,000 micrograms of methyl folate a day. That is highly detrimental to your body, especially if you don't have MTHFR.

If you have two copies of the MTHFR genetics, snip, potentially, if you guys want to know more about MTHFR, I have tons of stuff on it. I have an MTHFR guide. I have videos that I've done on this, so you can go and watch that at another time. But even if you have two copies or more of the MTHFR genetic snip, I rarely ever see a case where I need to go higher than 2,000 micrograms a day, going higher than that typically causes what is called hypermethylation symptoms. And that can cause you to feel the way she was feeling very anxious, very race, sweaty, digestive symptoms. She was also taking way too much magnesium because it was in several different supplements. She was also taking way too much of the hot new anti-aging supplement, which I'm totally a fan of, of NMN or NAD+, it depends on the brands, but they're pretty much interchangeable.

She was taking over for 500 milligrams a day of that, which has also been shown at too high of a dose, does more harm than good. So I share this with you because there are some supplements like fish oil. If I see a girl that's highly inflamed, and I'm going to go through my supplements and my general framework and then the add-on's and I have all my lists of recommended supplements. I'm not going to go through brands here, so if anybody asks in the chat, what's your favorite brands? I'm not answering that question. Everything is on my site. If you go to aimeeraupp.com and you see under, what's it called? Recommendations, you go to aimeeraupp.com and you navigate get over to recommended products and then scroll down to Aimee's Recommended Supplements And Products.

On that page, there's a video where I talk about the supplements I go through all of them and then, there are my lists of my favorite supplements and the brands. So, keep that in mind. There some supplements and I'm going to talk about them today that I intentionally leave off of there because I've seen this challenge before where, and I get it guys. I get it. Some of that's on us. Some of that is our responsibility, our service to you guys as these “experts” out there and I put that in quotation and I'm not demeaning myself on any level. I really do think this is my area of expertise, and I'm very skilled at what I do and I have a lot of clinical experience and I feel very confident at it.

And I'm constantly educating myself and constantly taking new courses and reading the latest books and learning as much as I can, so I can be of service to you. But I think there is a fault that we can casually talk about supplements and this and that and I could see how, if there was a sense of a urgency to create this baby, to improve egg quality, to balance your hormones, you just start throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. But not understanding that, especially when supplements contain herbs, herbs are powerful medicines. I'm an herbalist and I take herbs extremely seriously. And I do not think you should ever take herbs even I saw a question in on Instagram when we posted about this, someone asking about adaptogens.

I'm super cautious with adaptogens too, because if you have an autoimmune condition, which what I've seen clinically is probably 70% of women with unexplained infertility actually have an autoimmune condition, it's a ballpark and I may be exaggerating. I don't think I'm exaggerating, but a lot of women have undiagnosed mismanaged, autoimmune conditions. And if you go and throw adaptogens at them, you could actually trigger an immune response. So you got to be so careful. So anyway, I intentionally leave the off of this site, like DHEA and adaptogens for a reason, because I don't want someone to come to my site and be like, “Oh, Amiee says I should be taking ashwaganda or vitex, and then everyone's taking it, right? Or Amiee says DHEA is okay, and then all of a sudden they're taking 75 milligrams of DHEA a day and I do not think that is a good dose for anyone. It's way too high and it can really tax the ovaries and you have to be super careful.

And again, I know there's data out there and I respect the research scientists that put out the data. I respect certain books that talk about that dose, for example, of DHEA because the data does show it can improve numbers. It can help improve quality and quantity or the eggs. However, what I see clinically is not the case. And then also, no one's giving you an endpoint. You should never be on 75 milligrams of DHEA for six months, 12 months. I see girls, they come to me, they're on all sorts, no, you want a little bit to motivate folliculogenesis, to encourage the body to create those follicles, a little DHEA if your DHEA is low. So you first should get it tested. And honestly, there's one book out there that talks about DHEA and she does recommend in her book that you should all get it tested first.

I don't know that many women are getting it tested. They're just taking the supplement. They're scanning through the book, where are the supplements? I'm going to take all of them. I'm just going to take all of them. Because I don't know what I have. Do I have POS? Do I have POI? Do I have PCOS? Do I have endometriosis? I don't know. I'm just not getting pregnant. I'm going to take all these things. Supplements are medicine and I see them too, primarily as the cherry on top. One thing I always say, and I heard it first from my good friend, Nicole Jarden, who wrote a beautiful book, Fix Your Period, Nicole, I'm forgetting the name of your book. I see it over there. I think it's Fix Your Period. I love Nicole. She's a good friend. And anyway, she said it once and I said to her, “I'm going to take that from you,” you cannot supplement a shitty diet.

I go one step further. You cannot out supplement a shitty diet, a shitty lifestyle or a mindset, and what we saw with this woman who was taking those 60 supplements and really attached to her supplements was she was not committed to the diet. She was not committed to the lifestyle. She was not committed to the mindset piece. She only just wanted to take all these supplements to get pregnant, and that's all she wanted to do. And she was mad that I was trying to tell her, “You're overwhelming your system. Your gut isn't digesting things properly, so these are basically a waste of your money, because you're just peeing them out or pooping them out and your loose bowel movements that you're having every third day, you're not absorbing them, so it's a waste of money,” and that is the truth.

So there's all this talk about there of all these different supplements. You can easily quick Google search, right? Supplements to improve fertility. Here we go. Let's see. It starts with the egg. DHEA first thing that pops up. Fertility supplements when trying to conceive. Calcium, CoQ10, iron. Iron could be a really bad thing for certain girls. Some girls have high levels of iron and that's actually impacting their fertility. I wouldn't just go and take iron unless I got my blood test checked CoQ10, vitamin D, vitamin E, folic acid, disagree with that. Iron, questionable. Omega-3's, absolutely, selenium zinc. But again, if you're eating a nutrient dense diet, you don't need vitamin E, you don't need selenium, you don't need zinc, just saying.

And you probably don't need the iron either, right? So Acetylcarnitine, B vitamins, calcium, CoQ10, what else? Yeah. So try these 12 vitamins to boost your fertility. So I have a little formula here that I'm going to go through today, so let me just get back to that, and I know that there's probably questions coming through. I'm going to come to questions maybe in about 10 minutes when I go through what my general is. I sent myself an email this morning. Oh, I know where it is. Okay, again, rule number one. The reason I wrote a book called the Egg Quality Diet is because everybody cares about their egg quality, but the truth is you can't improve your egg equality without improving every single cell in your body and the function of every single cell in your body.

And you can't improve your equality without improving the function of your gut health and your gut health also manifests in healthier hormones, balanced hormones, balanced immune system, increase uterine receptivity. Did you know that the uterus has its own microbiome and by improving your gut health, you're improving the uterine microbiome. We're seeing so much research now showing that if the gut health is compromised, the uterine biome gut health is compromised and implantation or miscarriages are more likely. There's a thing called endometritis that we're finding more and more in women, which is inflammation in the uterus, in the endometrial lining in the uterus and that's typically, a microbiome issue in the uterus.

So the egg quality diet is about a gut health reset, an immune system reset, an anti-inflammatory approach. So you start there and then you layer in supplements. You don't take a hundred elements and just expect that to do the work because first of all, you might not be absorbing them, second of all, you might just have a really expensive pee or poop and thirdly, you could actually be doing more harm than good to your body by over supplementing. So you should work with someone who has at least, in my opinion, 10 years of clinical experience seeing patients who can actually guide you and support you and has seen patients in a clinic. So many of the books that are out there right now are written by people who don't have clinics. They're not clinicians. They're actually not actively seeing patients, and understanding how does the thyroid function come in here?

How does the gut health function come in here? How does the immune system come in here? Is this going to trigger their immune system? Is this going to quell their immune system? Is this going to support implantation? And this girl maybe impact implantation negatively, right? You have to think about all of that when you are dealing with clients, in my very humble, personal experienced opinion. So my general basics and things I have been recommending for two decades now for everyone, no matter if you're trying to get pregnant or not, are that you should be on some kind of fish oil. I prefer cod liver oil because it has vitamin A and D, which are two of the most powerful antioxidants, fat soluble vitamins that are critical for healthy hormones, actively occurring in the cod liver oil. If you're not going to take cod liver oil, there are other fish oils I recommend on my site.

The other thing though is at a minimum 2,000 milligrams a day of fish oil. Most of the fish oil out there tell you to take two capsules. Now, there are 500 milligram capsules, you're getting 1,000 milligrams. Not harmful, but not as helpful as it could be. Most of us have a high level of inflammation or some level of inflammation, and some girls I'll go all the way up to 4,000 milligrams of fish oil, depending on their presentation. But a good safe starting point is 2,000 at the minimum. Vitamin D. So even if you're taking cod liver oil, most of our population is vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, it's a hormone. It's one of the masters. If you have low vitamin D, your AMH is going to be low, your ovarian reserve will look compromised, it may not be, your [inaudible 00:15:37] count will look low.

You are not absorbing your nutrition, so your egg health will be compromised. Vitamin D needs to be on U.S. ranges between I want it at a 70, basically at a 70. I'm going to forget. The vitamin D levels. I think it's nanograms per milliliter. Yeah, nanograms per milliliter. Oh, sorry, nanomoles per liter. And that's what I want to see in my clients, and if I don't see that, then I am giving them upwards of 5,000 IUs of vitamin D a day to get their vitamin D status. But what I am doing, because you can take too much vitamin D is I am getting their blood work checked maybe every other month to see what their vitamin D status is doing. If their vitamin D status is not improving, that tells me something. That tells me their gut health is compromised, tells me they're not absorbing their nutrition, tells me they can't break down fat, so I have to think about other things.

I have to think about maybe adding in some enzymes, right? But going back to my basics, fish oil. Instagram, can you hear me right now? Someone comment about volume. Can someone comment about my voice? Okay. I'm just going to keep talking. If you can't hear me, Instagram, someone say something and then I will restart this. My phone does this thing and then I might lose volume. No one's saying anything, so I'm assuming you can hear me. It's perfect. Thank you so much Ms. [inaudible 00:17:16]. Okay, good. So again, fish oil, at least 2,000 milligrams, vitamin D, get your vitamin D levels checked. If it's in a healthy range, or if it's high, 2,000 IUs is a maintenance dose. You can go to 1,000 IUs.

So you can just take the cod liver oil, if you take 2,000 milligrams and it's about a teaspoon or so of cod liver oil, a tablespoon or so of cod liver oil, you'll get 1,000 IUs of vitamin D. Then you don't need extra vitamin D, brilliant, right? But a lot of people, what I see, need extra vitamin D. And then, obviously, if we're trying to conceive, we need to be on either a prenatal or spirulina, which I consider nature's prenatal. All of this is on my website, under my recommended lists. I'm not going to go over brand names here. But the key is with enough methylfolate, not folic acid, I've gone over this a lot folate versus folic acid. I have videos on it, so you could just Google search that if you want more information on that.

And every prenatal recommended on my site meets my criteria of what it needs to have, but you need a good prenatal with at least 1.5 micrograms of methylfolate, no folic acid, zero folic acid. If you take folic acid and you have an MTHFR mutation, you actually can't absorb the methylfolate because the folic acid blocks your receptors. So no folic acid. Nothing [inaudible 00:18:50] folic acid, clean your diet up, okay? If you just take spirulina instead of a prenatal, you have to add in methylfolate at about 1.5 to 1.7 micrograms of methylfolate and then, also, if you have MTHFR, you need extra B12. I go over this in my MTHFR video, which you guys can watch, but typically you need a two to one ratio of methylfolate to B12. Keep that in mind.

Probiotics, again, we're talking about gut health. If we want to improve our health, and reduce inflammation and improve gut quality and increase the absorption of our nutrient dense diet, we need to be on probiotics. I have my recommended probiotics in there and then, liver pills. I'm a huge fan of organ meats that comes from my Chinese medicine training. It also comes from my deep nutrition training. I am very much an ancestral nutritionist and I see the most benefit in that for women, especially when they're trying to conceive because most nutrient dense foods like eggs and organ meats and meat contain a very important substance that will maximize your fertility. It's called colon. We need a lot of choline. Most of our diet can give us our choline.

If not, you can add in sunflower lecithin, which I also talk about on my site and get more choline. But a lot of prenatals actually now are having choline in there, upwards of 100 milligrams, 200 milligrams, right spot on. But your diet could give you the choline and then taking liver pills. So liver is what I call nature's B complex. It is also packed with antioxidants, it has CoQ10 in there. It has methylfolate because it's the original version of methylfolate, which is one step easier to process than folic acid. If anybody's afraid of the vitamin A content in liver or cod liver oil, please refer to an article called The Vitamin A Saga it's on the Westin A. Price Foundation site. These guys are scientists, nutritionists, medical experts, put this data together for you.

There's a huge difference, I'll sum it up real fast, there's a huge difference between synthetic vitamin A and naturally occurring vitamin A and especially vitamin a that occurs naturally with vitamin D because they work together for synthesis. They're symbiotic. So you do not need to be afraid of vitamin A. Some prenatals have a lot of vitamin A in there. I try to stay away from those in my recommendations. But vitamin A from food sources, liver is a food source. I don't really consider it a vitamin is perfectly fine. Cod liver oil is a food source, perfectly fine because it's naturally occurring has all the, what are called synergistic effects, these little micronutrients that work together to help absorption, so that's my baseline. That's where I start with everyone.

Vitamin D, fish oil, a good prenatal or spirulina. You do not need to take both. If someone is taking both, I recommend them to alternate them every other day. Enough methylfolate liver, and then a choline rich diet. That's really where I try to start. That's my baseline. Then I really try to look at, are they absorbing? How often do they poop? What's their skin like? How much menstrual blood are they secreting? Do they see good cervical mucus? Do they have gas or bloating after meals, right? That stuff then tells me is their vitamin D levels low and not going up when I'm supplementing. That's a huge sign to me of a mal-absorption issue. Are there B12 levels really high in their blood, but they seem very B12 deficient? Are they iron deficient? Are they ferritin deficient? I look at all these things and then adjust accordingly.

Some women I'm putting on iron pills that are iron glycinate. Some women I'm putting on flora vitals or black strap molasses, which are great sources of iron. Liver is a great source of iron, naturally occurring, right? So we have to take all that into account, but we have to think about fertility is an extension of health, and you maximize your fertility by maximizing your health. Your fertility comes from your body saying, “All my needs are being met. I have all the resources I need. Now I can make another human.” Making a human is a big effing job, a big deal. And it's about the environment with which you're going to grow that human or grow that egg that can become a human, it's the environment in which you're going to implant that egg.

That all makes such a difference. And so, that's why to me, the baseline is the diet. The supplements are the cherry on top, and the baseline supplements I recommend are basically food. Fish oil is food. You can eat a lot of fish too, if you want. It's hard to get all that you need though. Fish oil is food, spirulina is food. Liver is food. Choline is food, right? Think about that. That's how I go. And then the next layer is the stuff that's been researched, the stuff that we all hear a ton about like CoQ10, or myo-inositol, or [inaudible 00:23:57], NMN, NAD, DHEA, amino acids, acetylcholine, alpha lipoic acid, yada, yada, yada. I do regular calls with doctors at the Dutch because I do a lot of Dutch consults with my clients and my coaches do as well.

And these are all very experienced clinicians, functional medicine doctors, whether they're MDs or NDs, most of them are MDs. And I said, “What is all these amino acids? All of a sudden acetylcholine. You need to take alpha lipoic acid.” I was like, “Correct me if I'm wrong, but if they're getting a nutrient dense diet and drinking a ton of,” do you know what this was? A big glass of bone broth with an egg, choline, choline, choline and some vegetables. “If they're eating antioxidant rich diet, which means six to eight servings of vegetables a day and they're eating a nutrient dense diet, which means good, healthy fats like eggs and bone broth and avocado, avocado oil, olive oil, good healthy fish, good healthy meats, do they really need all these amino acids? Because aren't the amino acids present in things like collagen, which are present in animal proteins?” And all the doctors always say, “Yes, yes.”

The key is are they absorbing their nutrition? Is their gut health healthy? Because sometimes you might need some amino acids to improve gut health, but that's why I have the Egg Quality Diet. It's all about improving gut health. So you can start absorbing everything, right? So these amino acids and vitamin E I usually ignore. I don't think you need them because I think the diet covers it, and not I think, I see. I see clinical evidence of the diet covering your bases. So I don't think you need those. I think it's overkill and I think it's expensive. I think we're missing the mark here. The real challenge or issue is actually improving absorption. If you are eating a healthy diet and absorbing your nutrition, you shouldn't need those amino acids. You shouldn't need vitamin E. You need vitamin D because it's hard to get from food.

You need fish oil because I think it's hard to eat as much fish, especially with fish being compromised and things of that nature. I think liver is food, right? I said that already, the prenatal gives you good things. I mean I have specific recommended prenatals. You need the extra methylfolate but not always. You can get a lot from your diet. If you eat liver, if you eat spinach, you can get a lot from your diet, but it's also hard and why not supplement with that, right? So on top of that, when I'm looking at cases, then I look at like, “Okay, do I think immune function is compromised?” Then I might go to something like en acetylcysteine or glutathione acetylcysteine is the precursor glutathione, which is the master antioxidant in the body.

So that is one of my favorite antioxidants, acetylcysteine, NAC is what it's known for short. And I, depending on the case, may add in something like ovasitol, myo-inositol, which is another powerful antioxidant. I would also think about something like CoQ10. I think CoQ10 is a really smart supplement for everyone to be on. There's a lot of data that supports, it does help improve egg quality. Melatonin is another one. If you have sleep issues, one, max two milligrams of melatonin though, I see girls taking 5 or 10 milligrams that can make you so brain dead and really make you groggy the next day. So keep low and slow with melatonin, low and slow with NMN or NAD, which I'm going to get too. Low and slow with methylfolate.

More is not better with things like this. Even NAC more is not necessarily better. 600, 900 milligrams a day, perfectly fine. MACA, more is not better. Vitex, more is not better. Those are herbs and they are highly stimulating to your system. They could cause more harm than good. So you want to think about all of these things. So to me, I'm a huge fan right now of Thorne's product, it's called ResveraCel and it contains, oh, it has the NMN in there. Let me pull it up. It has reservatol in there, which is a fabulous antioxidant, powerful, powerful supplement. I don't know what just happened here. Sorry. So to me I'm all about more bang for your buck. What can we do that's actually going to cross support us, right? What can we do that's going to get two birds with one stone? And even here it has nicotine [inaudible 00:29:02]. It has the NMN at 450 milligrams in Thorne ResveraCel.

It has [inaudible 00:29:08], reservatol and trimethylglycine. Trimethylglycine is really helpful in the detoxification process and also, in helping you absorb your nutrition. But even here two capsules a day, this dose of NMN is too high. There is some question about taking too much NMN or NAD, they're the same thing, you can use them interchangeably. Kind of sort of the same thing, but that's for another conversation. Can also cause hypomethylation symptoms, which basically will slow down your body's detox systems and if your body isn't detoxing properly, it don't matter what your take supplement wise, you're not going to improve your egg quality. So methylfolate is so important in the detoxification system. So are green [inaudible 00:29:50] vegetables, so is your spirulina. That stuff really supports detoxification.

So here, with the ResveraCel, one a day is all you need. And this is a beautiful formulation, if you want to go after the mitochondrial function, you really want to improve egg quality, this is where it's at, in my opinion, and this formula is fairly new, so I didn't always have it around. DHEA I think is another good question. I touched upon it before, but it's about in encouraging, encouraging not blasting the ovaries. So 10, max 25 milligrams a day of micronized the DHEA and ideally, you split it up. You do 10 and then 10, if you're doing 25 or maybe 15 and then 10. You don't take it all at one shot. I want to just look at my list of supplements. Magnesium. Oh, magnesium is becoming more of a staple in my opinion. But so many of us are magnesium deficient because our soils are so compromised.

So I use a magnesium oil spray. I use my own spray at night before bed every night. Magnesium helps calm the nervous system regulate the blood sugar, helps with absorption, helps with healthy bowel movements, gives the cells everything it needs. So that's where we want to be looking at it from that perspective. Am I giving my body everything it needs to properly function? And you know the answer by how you feel. Go get my book, The Egg Quality Diet and look at the questionnaire. If you check off a lot of boxes in that questionnaire, your body's not getting everything it needs. So the first things first is diet, healing the gut, reducing inflammation, improving absorption, then baseline supplements, and then you layer in. And I have a list of antioxidant supplements on here.

What I want you to do is choose one or two. This isn't about a ton of them, right? I think a good CoQ10 and then I think one mitochondrial formula, I think glutathione or NAC, not both MACA, I think is a case by case basis. Alpha lipoic acid, same thing. I don't know that you necessarily need it. And then NAD or NMN or ResveraCel, one of those, right? Digestive enzymes to me, can be really helpful and useful because, again, if you're not absorbing, you're not giving your body all of the nutrition it needs. So adding in a digestive enzyme can be extremely helpful. I use that, again, on a case by case basis, though. I have my prenatals listed here. Male fertility. I have a whole video on healthy daddy diet, healthy daddy supplements. I do think the FH Pro for men is actually a really powerful supplement for them, and we have that listed on here, antioxidant supplements for men.

So let me make sure I hit all of my bullet points, DHEA, digestive enzymes, mitochondrial support. And there is also this notion of is ovasitol lowering AMH, so is that good for everybody? I think it's very good for the obvious PCOS patients. And just like, I think NAC is very good for the obvious endo patients, endometriosis. If you have a low AMH, maybe pick a different antioxidant than ovasitol. These videos all get post by the way, right here on my Instagram feed and then they also all go up onto YouTube, so absolutely. I'm going to look real fast and see if there are questions or comments. Okay. So let's see. Would you recommend supplementation during a period? Yeah, I think you can stop if you want for cycles day one through three, but you don't have too. I also think it's good to take breaks once in a while of your supplements. I take 25 milliliters of DHEA.

Okay, so what if you're allergic to fish oils? Is there an alternative? Yeah, it depends on then, I think, can you eat certain fishes? I would eat certain fishes. If you're allergic to fish altogether, then you're going to have to get it from a plant seed oil, like flax or chia, but you have to make sure your genetics because a lot of people have the genetic snip called FADS, which if you have that, FADS you can't take plant seeds and make them into useful omega-3's. So there are algae alternatives too, that you could try. Okay. I just got my big fucking positive. Congratulations, Erica. Yes, continue with the collagen. Is it safe to take spirulina and prenatal? As I said, alternate, alternate, okay?

The reason I take more supplements is because I've been a vegetarian [inaudible 00:34:47], I can't stomach meat at all. Yeah, again, there's other things you could do though. Why am I nauseous after taking liver pills? Perhaps from the iron. So maybe break them up, take less. Don't take the six that's recommended on the bottle too of Dr. Rons. I recommend two to three a day of liver pills. Let me go here and then, I'm going to wrap up in two minutes because I have a 1 o'clock call and I need to prepare for that. So let me see. So again, you guys can get all my recommended supplements in my books. You go to my website, amieerauppcom. You can see my books. Go to my recommended products on amieerauppcom, and that will be great too. Super helpful for you. But just remember, baseline, you can't out supplement a shitty diet, a shitty lifestyle or a shitty mindset, okay? That's the most important piece here.

And stress levels are super important to stay on top of, okay? CBD, cod liver oil. It's all my website. I'm not mentioning brands here cause it's all my website. My AMH went up to a 0.5 and my D levels went up to an 80. I don't think that's too high. I wanted around a 70, no higher than 100. What if you have really high vitamin D can that mean something? Mine was very high and my doctor told me to stop taking it. Yeah, I think it means you're absorbing fats well. Does that cod liver oil give you an aftertaste? I get the cinnamon flavored one and I love it. Okay, let's see. I'm afraid of overdoing vitamin A, okay, I already answered that one. Amy, yeah, I've gone over the Vitamin A Saga so many times. What's the best way to treat malnutrition? Do the Egg Quality Diet. That's what you need to do, if you're not absorbing, you got to heal your gut.

How would you know if you have a healthy gut colonoscopy? No, symptoms. Symptoms. Go to my Egg Quality Diet and take that questionnaire that, to me, is how I decipher whether or not you have a healthy gut. Please, can you tell me more about the difference between metofoline and folic acid and how many milligrams you can take? I'm not sure what Metofoline is, to be honest. I've never heard of this. Oh, it's methylfolate. Let me see. Oh, okay. It's L5 MTHF, so that's metylfolate. That's fine. I just don't go over two milligrams a day. Any advice? Okay. So I can't really give specific advice right now, but I would just get one of my books and read through it. My acupuncture's recommended wobenzym for inflammation of endometriosis. I've been taking it.

Yeah, I use it a lot for endometriosis, for fibroids, for adenomyosis. I use wobenzym a lot. Fibroid cysts. Tru Niagen, I think the dosing is too high and it's without Reservatol. I have heard that MNM, or NAD is best absorbed with Reservatol, which is why I like the Thorne ResveraCel the best. If you cannot tolerate fish oil, something else to take? I already answered that. We're posting the video. Instead of ovasitol, myo-inositol? No, I would just choose another antioxidant. There's so many out there, right? So go to my website and choose a different one. Support for underactive thyroid? I mean, if you're trying to get pregnant and your thyroid really is underactive, I really recommend medication. This would be discussed in coaching call. Specific. Is fermented oil safe?

I find it very safe. Again, with 20 years of clinical experience, I find it very safe. Yeah, I don't know enough about the ovasitol, de chiro, those questions with AMH, because there's not a ton of data, but we are seeing in high AMH that taking myo or de chiro lowers AMH. So some girls are worried if they already have a low AMH, will it further lower theirs? I don't necessarily think that. To me, in my brain, it's helping regulate blood sugar. So it's helping treat PCOS, which is then going to lower AMH naturally, in a good way. So women with non-PCOS or having no insulin or sugar issues, it shouldn't do that. But some people are scared, so this is why I bring it up. Okay. Let's see. Sarah, w [inaudible 00:39:49] enzyme are the same thing and, yes, I do often use it for blocked tubes for, like I said, endo, fibroids, adenomyosis.

Yeah. The prenatal and the spirulina every day, I think is too much. It's just overkill and it's a waste of your money. I always say to my clients, “I respect your money. I respect your hard work. So let's be efficient with this.” Okay? I was put on five milligrams of folate. It's too high. Way too high, in my opinion. I've never seen any good come from that. Okay. I'm going to go guys. This was a great conversation. Thank you so much for tuning in and staying on for so long. Love you. I will see you next week. Head over to my website, to my blog if you guys want more. My YouTube channel, I go over so many of these things in so many different ways. Check out my books, there's a ton of information in there and join me here next Thursday when I do this again. Okay, love you guys. Bye for now, ciao for now. End live video. End. Goodbye Instagram.


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