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How to Manage Endo Mentally & Physically {EXPERT TIPS}

1 in every 10 women are dealing with endometriosis right now.

You may be struggling with it and not even know it yet.

If you're unfamiliar with the term (or have heard it before but don't really understand it) the gist is- cells similar to those found in the womb are found elsewhere in the body. This can result in painful periods (that's an understatement), pain during intercourse, painful urination during menstruation, and the pain of constantly explaining to doctors what you're feeling… 

In this video, I’m breaking down endometriosis- what it is, how to manage it, and how to advocate for yourself.


Let's see. We're live. All right, everyone. Hi. How are you? It's another Thursday. Another time that I get to come to you live and talk about really important stuff. I'm Aimee of aimeeraupp.com and I am a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, best-selling author. I've been practicing traditional Chinese medicine for 17 years. I study nutrition. I study functional medicine. I do all the things so I can best support all of you. And I hope you know that. And yeah, it's a great job. I love it. Proud of it. And this month is National Endometriosis Awareness Month. It's also Autoimmune Awareness Month, which I think there's no coincidence. Although endometriosis is not technically an autoimmune condition, it has quite a lot of similarities to autoimmunity. And what I find clinically is the best treatment for endometriosis is following an autoimmune protocol.

And so this is my most recent book which came out in 2018. So this baby is three years old this month actually. It's crazy to say, is it 2018? Yeah, 2018. And I wrote Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, which is my main fertility book. And I talk about endometriosis in here as well. Back in 2014, this book came out and a lot of the recommendations in here will definitely help treat endometriosis. But I found that endo patients, a lot of them can be super-duper stubborn, not emotionally, but meaning their symptoms can be stubborn. And when I started writing Body Belief and I started doing research, I mean, it started here because I was doing research for Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. And I had this big aha moment that I thought was profound. And I talked to several doctors about it, a reproductive endocrinologist, gynecologists, autoimmune docs. And they were all like, “Mm-hmm (affirmative) girl, you're onto something.”

The profound realization was that majority of women dealing with unexplained infertility, which is a word I hate. And you can read all about it in here, actually have an undiagnosed or mismanaged autoimmune condition. And I throw into that category, maybe I put slash inflammatory condition, which endometriosis is technically not autoimmune, but inflammatory and acts a lot like an autoimmune issue. And so I brought this up to like I said to several doctors and friends, colleagues, peers, and they all were like, “Yeah.” And PCOS, same thing. I think that's more technically an autoimmune condition, but same thing. And the two most common reasons for fertility challenges are either structural blockages, which could be resulted from endometriosis or ovulation dysfunction, which is typically due to PCOS. And then most women that I find in my clinic have a thyroid condition that's untreated. And then when you dig deeper, the thyroid condition is actually Hashimoto's. They might also have celiac or gluten issues, or another autoimmune condition.

And so I started to uncover this and it was this big aha. And of course I touch upon it quite a bit in Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, especially in the back of the book where maybe some of you stopped reading. But chapter 10, overcoming common fertility challenges, I get into the most common things that are impacting fertility like PCOS, premature ovarian aging. That's another one that could have an autoimmune link. And then of course, endometriosis. Yeah.

Appears to be a link. What is POI, premature ovarian insufficiency? Is that a new term? I've never heard that term. I've heard POF, POA. What's POI? But so next to PCOS, ASRM states that endometriosis is the second most common cause of fertility issues in women, affecting approximately 20 to 30% of women. And I would actually say it's much higher than that. Premature ovarian insufficiency, so many ways to tell you you're broken. So many acronyms, acupuncture 100% for endometriosis, so I'll get into it. So what can you do? And I'll talk more about them, but acupuncture 100%, dietary changes. And this book, this is what you got to do, which is basically autoimmune paleo mixed with some Chinese medicine mixed with some of my long-term clinical experience. Oh, premature ovarian insufficiency is a new term mostly being accepted.

Yeah. Just another way to tell you, “Guess what, you're no good. You got no eggs left, girl.” Which you know I think is bullshit. You can figure this out. But yes, it makes sense. So I just want to answer Louise's question. Acupuncture, dietary changes, emotional shifts, 100% because as I talk a lot about in Body Belief and even more recent in a lot of my conversations and podcasts and interviews, all these things, no one talks about the impact of emotional inflammation. So managing physical inflammation. Yeah. Everybody talks about anti-inflammatory this, anti-inflammatory that, take your turmeric, do your anti-inflammatory diet, all these things. No one's talking about the emotional inflammation and the impact that we know it has on our nervous system, our stress levels, our hormones, our neurotransmitters. So we have to control that as well. So yeah. Acupuncture, nutrition, managing a physical and emotional inflammation. And then I want to touch upon too what you brought up about the POI is absolutely.

Most of you, well, you might not know, he's no longer alive, but an amazing physician that I had the luxury and honor to work with Dr. Jeffrey Braverman, he has a website called preventmiscarriage.com. It's still in effect. His clinic is still running. He just unfortunately passed away about two years ago now from pancreatic cancer, which was devastating and sad, but he would always say, it's the level of inflammation that needs to be treated and then guess what, the egg quality would improve. Or even what I see and he agreed and many other doctors now have into an agreement of this as well, if you reduce inflammation, and if you heal the endometriosis. So we know endo likes to cling to things like a cobweb, it clings to your ovaries, it clings to your tubes.

It clings to the outside of your uterus and cling to your colon, to your bladder, to your lungs. I've seen it every which way for any patient, it will compromise blood flow. And if blood flow is compromised, especially to the ovaries, guess what? They're not going to work the way they should. So you're going to show signs and symptoms of maybe a low AMH or POI or POA or POF, whatever the hell we want to call it, poor ovarian reserve. Even more, your reserve might not yet, or hasn't been impacted, but your quality is impacted. Same thing. You reduce inflammation, you manage the endometriosis. Guess what? Quality gets better. So it's really is like, I'm just going to call you Joe Ganza because that's how you're coming up. Joe Ganza, it is 100% related.

And so that was the aha for me of like, okay, so there's a certain way we treat PCOS. I think as acupuncture Chinese medicine doctors, we kind of have that down and we know what to do and how to manage it for the most part. And so does Western medicine. I think we kind of have that down, even if it means taking metformin or it means whatever it is for PCOS. Endometriosis is a super curious, curious disease. And it's hard to diagnose. So PCOS is much easier to diagnose. I mean, depending on who you ask, but pretty standard to diagnose. Endometriosis, you need to do laparoscopic surgery or pelvic MRI, neither of which are really easily available to many people. So it's hard to diagnose.

Now, there is the Receptiva test. I saw someone commented that. Let's see. “I got the Receptiva test and an ERA and have no signs of endo, but I had my first FET at nine weeks. Do I need to test for silent before my next transfer?” Oh your first FET ended at nine weeks. I'm sorry Carly. “Should I test for…” I don't know if you should retest. What I would do is follow this diet before the next transfer. That's what I would do to get a handle on the inflammation in your body. If you have the Receptiva, and you have an endometrial biopsy, I'm assuming, make sure there was no endometritis. And you said no signs of endometriosis.

Was it a tested embryo? So I have a couple of questions. Was it tested embryo and then it failed? That gives me another clue as to other things. Was it an untested embryo and it failed? Did you get it tested? Do we know the genetics? That tells me a lot of information. I would definitely do this diet and then the next time you transfer, of course, discuss this with your doctor. You take a baby aspirin and you stay on it through the whole trimester first trimester, Carly. Okay. And so how to manage insane pain and discomfort, how to function daily without constantly being reminded? Yes. I'm going to get to that one, my love Bo peep. That's what I'm going to call you.

Okay. So the best way that I have found. So again, this diet worked great for so many of my girls. I had a lot of stubborn endo patients or, and/coupled with recurrent pregnancy loss, which is pretty common with endometriosis or constantly getting poor, no good quality eggs, embryos, sorry, pretty common with endometriosis, low ovarian reserve. And women were responding well doing this diet, which is basically like gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, low sugar. But you're still having grains. You're still having nightshades. You're still having nuts and beans.

What I noticed when I put my endometriosis girls on the diet in this book, which is basically an elimination diet, it is also going to be the basis of my new book that's coming out called The Egg Quality Diet. It's an elimination diet. I noticed when I put women on a very strict elimination diet and I don't care what kind of food testing you've had done. I don't care what your functional docs have told you or naturopaths. And they've done these ALCATs or other food tests, allergy tests. They are not reliable. The most reliable way to figure out what your body responds to is to do an elimination diet.

So when I've done elimination diets, and we go all the way down, bare bones, we are taking out everything nightshades, nuts, seeds, beans, obviously the obvious culprits like gluten and dairy and soy and artificial sweeteners and pesticides, bare bones. We're eating just protein, vegetables, and fat, good quality fish protein, good quality animal protein in moderation, mainly vegetables that are cooked and a lot of bone broth and good quality fats like ghee or coconut oil or avocado. I've seen dramatic shifts in my endometriosis clients. And I know some of my girls are on here right now and they can totally attest to it. Dramatic shifts. So dramatic that Dr. Jeffrey Braverman found me, reached out to me, said to me, “I don't know what you're doing with the girls that we're co-treating, but I've never seen inflammation drop as quickly as I see it when they're working with you. Never seen this.”

And he would do like a paleo/Mediterranean diet. So there still was grains in there. There still was nightshades. There still was nuts seeds, et cetera, et cetera. “I've eaten like that for 10 years.” That's great. Well-intended I love it. Yeah, me too. I pretty much live in what I call the early reawaken or reawakened phase and figured out a lot about my body. I think I had endometriosis signs and symptoms when I was much younger, but I definitely have those tendencies towards inflammation with like eczema, digestive issues, asthma, skin issues, menstrual issues back in the day. And so to me too, I figured out this is like… But the best thing about the elimination diet is, and I know it sounds scary and overwhelming, or it can, is then you add back in and you see. I can have almond milk in moderation. Perfectly fine.

Don't really do well on raw nuts. Some butter I'm perfectly fine. Seeds I'm okay with. Nuts, not so great. Beans, terrible for me. Some nightshade vegetables, I'm okay. I can do some tomatoes. Peppers, Mm-mm (negative) they're out for me. So everybody's different. That's the best thing about an elimination diet and to figure out what is the exact protocol for you. So that is tip number one for managing endometriosis is following the dietary protocol that I have laid out in here. So you go and get this book, follow it, do the elimination diet. We also are going to be doing our fertility reboot, which regardless if you're trying to get pregnant. If you have endometriosis, you should join it. It'll kick off early April. So we'll start talking about it in a couple of weeks. So keep your eyes out for that. And then we do it together, a 30-day protocol together where you get daily emails from me and homework and food and menus and shopping lists. We've got it all covered for 30 days. It's awesome. And it's all based on this book.

And then I've made some tweaks for women trying to conceive. There's more fertility focused foods and things like that. But the other piece that is severely important in managing endometriosis, I actually want to touch upon, so there's two big pieces, emotional and physical inflammation that I'm going to talk about today. But in addition to the diet, like I said to Louise, because she asked and I am an acupuncturist. I think acupuncture is severely, severely impactful for endometriosis. It helps improve blood flow and circulation, it'll help break up masses. It'll help regulate the hormones. It'll help your body detox from potentially the excess estrogen that is usually linked with endometriosis. Also I'm an herbalist and I love to use Chinese herbs. I always recommend castor oil packs. If you guys don't know how to do those, just literally Google search my name with the words, castor oil. And you will see a video from me on how to do casserole packs.

There's a digestive enzyme blend called Wobnzym, W-O-B-N-Z-Y-M. I have links to it on my website under my recommended supplements and products. Powerful as well for breaking up adhesions and masses and things like that, which is commonly associated with endometriosis. So not to overlook those other really important lifestyle additives. So acupuncture, herbs, certain supplements, also a high dose fish oil seems to be really powerful for endometriosis clients. And it should be fish oil, not a plant seed oil. A lot of people have a genetic predisposition where they can't actually take plant seeds and the oils from those plants and make them into Omega-3s, which is what you want. Most endometriosis people have a very high Omega-6:3 ratio, and you really want the Omega-3:6 to almost be like a 1:1 or a 2:1.

Most people are at a 10:1 of six, which is the inflammatory. So taking more Omega-3s like three grams a day can really regulate that ratio. But the diet really is the foundation. And if you've been suffering and you've been dabbling with a diet, or I sometimes cut out gluten, I sometimes cut out dairy, or I still kind of have soy because it's hard because I like the gluten-free processed packaged foods. You're not doing yourself any favors, love you to pieces. If you want to make a change, you got to go into the elimination diet and stick to it. You got to get into it and stick to it. Frequency and consistency is what I always, always, always say to my clients. So then the other layer of this is the emotional inflammation. And again, I did all the research out there and I was one of the first ones to talk about emotional inflammation and how it relates to autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.

And I talk about it in Body Belief. And one thing I say is, I can tell you the diet. I can tell you how much to meditate and how much to sleep and what supplements to take. But unless you actually believe in your body, unless you reconnect to your body and listen to the conversation that you're having in the privacy of your own mind. Are you kind and supportive or are you a bully and a jerk to yourself? What are you saying in the privacy of your own mind? Until you reconnect to that and actually get on board with you and stop being a sabotager of yourself, it's not going to stick. And so what I start this book with is the three pillars, which is reconnect to yourself, reconnect to the conversation you have in the privacy of your own mind. Are you nice to yourself?

I had a moment the other day where I realized, oh my God, I didn't take my vitamins for like two days or something. And then I was taking my vitamins and I heard the conversation and it went something like, “Amy, I can't believe, what the fuck Amy, why didn't you take your vitamins? Really? What?” And I was like, “Oh my God, that was so assaulting to say to myself.” And I actually, I was alone in the kitchen. No one else was home. I said to myself, I was like, “Hey, I am doing the best I can. And I take my vitamins 90% of the time. I think it's okay if I missed a day or two.” And it was really interesting and funny, had I not been doing this work for as long as I've been doing it, I don't know that I would have heard that conversation.

So I want you to start to tune into that conversation and also, how identified are you with your disease, with the state of your health? Is it what you lead with? Is it what you talk about all the time? Do you constantly say things like, “I have POI, I have premature ovarian failure. I have low ovarian reserve. My AMH is really high. I have endometriosis. I've stage four endometriosis and it's terrible. I can't leave the house and I'm miserable. And I shit my brains out every time I get my period and I vomit and I mean, it's horrible, a horrible way to live. That's how I live every day. It's terrible. Sucks. How are you?” Okay, so love you. Yes. But you're attached to it in a way that it's your identity now. And so I want us to start to separate a little bit, just the way those cobwebs they've gotten everywhere inside of you.

That's what endometriosis does. It is gloomy and it is murky and you can't decipher good from not so good. And so get into those thoughts too. Like how identified and wrapped up am I in this? And it's not to belittle, or I'm not talking about the fact that you're not suffering. I honor your suffering and it sucks. And I am here to help you, but I want you to notice how much you're living in the suffering versus how much you're living in the possibility that things can change and shift. Really important concept to think about. It's not something you can change overnight.

Like I said, I've been in this work for a decade. The spiritual, emotional work, meaning maybe even more. And I still have days where I belittle myself and I bully myself and I'm a flat-out jerk to myself, but I can talk back to myself now and I can catch myself before I go down the rabbit hole because next thing you know if I didn't catch myself in that vitamin conversation, next thing you know I would have gone down the rabbit hole, “And you haven't exercised and you're eating like crap and oh my God, your skin looks terrible. And oh my God, like this and that, and look at, you're such a bad mom and you do all these things.”

And I put it down this really bad rabbit hole of all the terrible things that Amy is. Instead I caught myself and I was like, “Hey, whoa, girl, I'm human. Cut me some Slack.” I'm doing the best I can do and I think I do a pretty good job.” None of us are perfect. And I'm never asking that of anybody. We are not robots, life hands us things. And sometimes it's hard to manage it all. So what I'm asking of you is to not judge yourself, but to learn to lead with compassion for yourself. There's research that shows too the inflammatory thoughts leaves us living in a state of fight or flight, which will impact our stress hormones, which will impact, guess what? Testosterone, estrogen, all the things, DHEA. I mean, all of it.

And so calming the nervous system coming back home. As I say in the book, reconnecting to yourself, finding a way that you can meet yourself in the middle and talk a little more kindly and more gently with yourself does profound things to the neurosurgeon transmitters in your brain, which then does profound things to all the hormones in your body. And you start to become more easeful, more flowy. To us in Chinese medicine, endometriosis is stagnation. It is crappy blood as my teacher would say, it's crappy blood that is not flowing properly. It is stagnant. It is dark. It is old. It is glumly. It's basically mixed with the past is almost how I see it. It's like you haven't totally refreshed in a long time.

And so our goal, is always to improve circulation of blood blow. So that's our always our goal, no matter what we're trying to treat. Any dis-ease or disharmony in the body is a result of things not flowing properly. That's how we see it in Chinese medicine. And so it's about flow. But then think about that from an emotional perspective, am i flowing in my life? Am I on my own team? Am I cheering for myself? Am I open to the possibility of things being differently, or am I stuck in my old ways? Am I stuck in my old habits? Am I stuck in my past? Am I stuck in my anger, am I stuck in my burdens? Am I stuck in this pattern of sabotaging myself and beating myself up and being unkind to me? So no one's to blame, no one's doing anything wrong, but we can be open to the fact that there's endometriosis, any disease really but endometriosis is what we're talking about today is multifaceted, it's multi-layered.

And the environment for certain is impacting it. So environmental toxins, most women with endometriosis have a couple of genetic mutations that limit their ability to process out estrogen. So the environment and all the estrogen endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which are typically estrogen mimickers, do a number on your system. My system too. I have those same genetic links. So that for certain, will jump start things, changing your diet, doing an elimination diet, removing toxins from your environment, but don't underestimate the toxins in your mind. Don't underestimate that. Don't underestimate the toxins in your relationships. What are you literally surrounding yourself with? What is gumming up your energy? I want you to look at that, where else in my life are their tentacles to things that no longer serve me? Just the way endo grows on the inside, all these tentacles and strangulations and cobwebs. And it's kind of, I don't know. I almost see it as like I guess cobwebs is the best way to look at it.

It's dark blood and it's stagnant and it's old. A lot of times there's trauma that's trapped in there too. So what am I still holding onto that no longer serves me? And some of it could be from childhood experiences that you do feel like you've healed from, but your body may be still is stuck in the pattern. And so it's a resetting. I find things like tapping emotional freedom technique EFT is really powerful. Psychotherapy, of course, especially for trauma, especially with EMDR. I think it's supremely, powerful. Support groups, learning how other women learn to manage their endometriosis, working with a practitioner that has a lot of knowledge and can also run, I think. I love using the DUTCH. I love using the 23andMe that gives me a lot of information on your genetics and your hormones and then how to best support you in that path.

But I think there's many things you can do to manage endometriosis and not everyone becomes a 100% symptom free, but their symptoms get vastly improved. Some women have no symptoms of endometriosis other than maybe fertility challenges. And I've had cases of long-term endometriosis. One of my longest fertility cases, she wasn't with me the whole time, but trying to conceive for eight years, conceived naturally at the age of 42, after 23 failed reproductive techniques. And we did a lot of emotional work over she was going to be here a year and a half, but it was this diet. No one else had put her on a diet like this.

I was her seventh acupuncturist and she had been with four other functional docs and everybody else just took those food allergy tests and just was kind of, “Oh yeah, paleo is best for you.” But no one pulled the beans. No one pulled the grains. No one looked at the nightshades. And to me it was, it was the absolute game changer for her. And she still, she now has a healthy baby boy at home and she lives and breathes this kind of diet because it changed her life.

And it's hard to make those changes, but it is so worth it in the long run. So there we have it. I don't see a lot of activity on Facebook at all, but let me see what's going on here in questions. “Nightshades don't agree with me, especially potatoes.” Same. “How many ones you have to do the elimination diet? Doing it three months now.” Yeah, it depends on the severity of the case. So you've followed my diet, you're in the purify then you're in the early reawaken and now you're not, you're reintroducing foods. I would start playing around with reintroduction, but it could be three, six, nine, 12 months. I mean, and ideally for the rest of your life. “Should the diet outline of Body Belief be followed if you don't have an autoimmune disorder?” If you suspect you have endometriosis. Yes.

Also, I think it's really helpful for women who have been trying to conceive and it hasn't happened and they have unexplained infertility. That's where I've seen the change happen. “I started acupuncture on my third session. Not sure it's working. How many more sessions should I be doing?” She only does 30 minutes. That's what I do. I would give it, I usually say, give it at least four to six sessions, but for you to at least like, we see the changes in three menstrual cycles. So you could just even do once or twice a month, but do three menstrual cycles if you're trying to achieve changes in your menstrual cycles.

Okay. I know I saw another question in here from Naomi. “I can eat some foods only a certain time of year. That's so interesting. How much will it cost in April?” I think it's always about 100, $150 for the 30-day program. And then if you've been working with me on any capacity, you get a discount code. So just keep an eye out. No evening primrose oil. Absolutely not. Too estrogenic. “What about vegan diets for Omega?” Yeah, I don't see it working. I love and respect veganism and anybody's dietary choices. If you have the FADS genetic snip, a vegan diet is the absolute worst thing for you. So I think it comes down to the genetics more than anything, and it's really hard to get good Omega-3s, spirulina but I try to get my vegans to at least take fish oil. I do.

“Do you think later in life after kids, you can manage this without any type of hormone suppression?” I do. And I saw your email, my love. I'll get back to you. I do. I do. Yeah. And we should talk. I mean, I know you know everything to do, but maybe I can help in some way. So we'll talk. I'm going to respond to you. This is a good friend of mine. This is Naomi Lewis who helped me with my nutrition in my very first book. And I know I give you a shout out in here in Chill Out and Get Healthy, but you were a client so long ago. Love you so much. I'll message you. “You're the best. Thank you for being human.” Oh, you're sweet. “Mind body medicine is the foundation to all healing.” I agree. “How long?” So it's all mapped out in the book and I see my team is in here responding. “I will do IVF in about three months, is it too late to start this diet now?” No way. Get into it, do it. Yeah, this is the perfect time.

Okay guys. So happy Endometriosis Awareness Month and Autoimmune Awareness Month. I do think both of those are significantly on the rise. And so much of it is from the environmental influences. And I also think the amount of stress and pressure on women. Autoimmune diseases affect women 75% more than men. And the incidents of autoimmunity has quadrupled in the last 30 to 40 years. And I do think that it's the environmental toxins for certain, and I'm lumping endo into this autoimmune conversation, by the way, just so you know. Because in my brain, yes, technically, maybe they're diagnostically a little different, but they respond very similarly to the same thing. So I tend to treat endometriosis through the autoimmune lens and that's where I see I get the best results. So I tend to think that the significant impact and rise and also mind you I've been treating women's hormones and fertility challenges for 17 years. Endo is a significant part of what I've been treating for a very long time.

And I think the environment plays a huge role. All the chemicals in our environment, all the crap in our food, poor dietary choices, not enough good, healthy fats, poor understanding of nutrition. But I also think it really is the emotional toxins and burdens that exist in our society. “Do you take on new clients as far as consultation and looking at their medical chart history?” Yeah. I have a whole team of coaches that work under me as well. Yeah. Go to my website under work with Amy and you can see all the things. Okay. “I gave up being vegan for right now.” All right, Nikki, I think it can serve a purpose at certain times in your life, but especially if a woman who was trying to balance her hormones and especially trying to get pregnant, I do not see veganism or vegetarianism being super supportive. Doesn't mean I need you to eat a ton of meat or animal products. I just need you to be open. Like even if it's fish, fish and some bone broth and eggs, we can do it. Even just eggs and some broth, we can do it.

And listen, the diet I recommend is still upwards of eight servings of vegetables a day. You're mainly eating vegetables on my diet, but you're also getting a couple ounces of protein, good quality protein, which is giving you the B vitamins, giving you all the vital nutrients your body needs to function. “I had a couple of things happen since going through a myomectomy.” Will do. Thank you. Okay. Yeah. All right, guys, I'm going to go, I'll see you later. And those of you who signed up for my first monthly Q&A, happening in about 20 minutes and I'll see you there on Zoom. Can't wait. Goodbye. Goodbye.



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