Frequently Asked Questions About Increasing Fertility Naturally

The short version? Eat eggs! Eggs are so damn good for your egg health. Make sure you’re getting them from pastured chickens or even wild fish, roe is a GREAT option!

Check out this video blog post for more info on eggs for egg health.

Obviously eggs aren’t the only thing you should eat. That wouldn’t be very balanced! I love lots of leafy green veggies, lots of grass fed organic protein, fat, and my fertility super food- BONE BROTH. Check out this video blog post for my basic tips to improve your egg and sperm quality naturally.

First things first, you are NOT a robot and numbers are NOT the most important thing when it comes to fertility. With eggs, we want quality more than we worry about quantity!

Fertility is an extension of overall health, if your body isn’t thriving it can’t produce new life. Check out this blog post and video for more info.

I have laid out an entire diet dedicated to improving your health and fertility in my book Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. The basics? No gluten, dairy, or soy. Eat LOTS of leafy green veggies, protein, and have some fat too.

Supplements are a great way to achieve nutrition goals. However, no supplement is a magic bullet for fertility. The first step in your journey to optimal health, and thus, fertility, should be dietary changes. You can’t out supplement a crappy diet, and honestly, if you’re going to eat crap, you’d be wasting your money on supplements. All that being said, if you’re following the dietary recommendations in either Yes,You Can Get Pregnant or Body Belief then let’s add in some supplements!

Watch this video to find out my top 3 supplements for fertility and for my full list of recommended supplements, CLICK HERE.

You’ve come to the right place! I literally wrote the book on it. 😉

Here’s the deal, fertility is a symptom of optimal health. Your best bet to prepare for conception is to take care of YOU physically, nutritionally, emotionally. Start acting as if you already are pregnant.

Here is what I did to prepare my body and get pregnant naturally in my 40s!

And here is a FREE webinar on preparing your body for pregnancy

Mindfulness is also a major component in preparing for conception, so check out the Fertility Meditation.

Not feeling in sync with your cycle can be SO frustrating! Whether you’re living with PCOS, getting off birth control, or have just had a baby, you just want a regular cycle.

It’s important to note that cycle length can differ for everyone, and, while we want regular cycles, you are NOT a robot, and things will ebb and flow.

Following the nutritional guidelines in my book, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant or, if you have a diagnosed or suspected autoimmune condition, Body Belief, you’ll start to see changes in your overall health and hormones and your cycles will become more regular.

You can also check out my Living In Harmony With Your Cycle Guide for an in depth look at optimizing your cycle.

No matter how long you’ve been on birth control it can be difficult to come off of it. Your hormones will fluctuate and your period may not be regular for a few months.

For more info on exactly what to do to support your body through this time, check out this video blog post.

Castor Oil  Packs are a great way to alleviate symptoms of menstrual struggles. If you’re experiencing heavy or clotting periods or if have known cysts or fibroids this is a great method for you!

Take a look at this video blog post to learn exactly how to do it!

Improving sperm quality is very similar to improving egg quality. And again, it all comes down to overall health. My recommendations for better sperm are very similar to those I would make to you for your eggs.

Here are two resources you’ll find invaluable:

  1. Improving Egg and Sperm Quality Naturally
  2. Head to and enter your email to gain access to the Daddy Diet (scroll down the page to the bottom left once you enter your email).