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Everything You Need to Know About Treating Endometriosis: Part One {EXPERT FERTILITY ADVICE}

Did you know that March is Endometriosis Awareness Month?

Endometriosis occurs in 1 in every 10 women so the odds are- you know someone who has been impacted by it.

This video is part one of how you can manage endometriosis and we’re focusing on the physical aspect of endo.


Hello, hello, hello. How is everyone? Welcome. Let me adjust this camera. Hi. How are you guys? It’s me again, coming to you live as always on Thursdays. I am Aimee of aimeeraupp.com, and I get to do this awesome job where I serve and educate and empower women all over the world, and teach them, guide them, support them in learning how to best nourish their bodies so that their bodies can do all the things they want it to do, and one of them is to get pregnant, right? Or to heal from inflammatory autoimmune, like autoimmune conditions.

Today, we are going to talk all about endometriosis in honor of endometriosis awareness, and also because it’s just such a common condition that impacts a lot of women and impacts their ability to get and stay pregnant. Endometriosis. I’m going to get into … I went and I did a deeper dive on the most current research on endometriosis. I didn’t look at anything before the year 2020 in the National Library of Medicine, which as a researcher, that’s where you go to look at medical research and that’s where I like to spend time personally, because I like to see the data, pubmed.gov.

Yeah. Something that was taught to me many, many years ago, that that’s where we go. But so first things first. What is endometriosis? The definition of endometriosis has changed since … If I go back to Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, which I wrote in 2013, came out in 2014, I talk about, in chapter 10, overcoming common fertility challenges. I talk about endometriosis on page 160, and this is what I say. “Next to PCOS, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine states that endometriosis is the second most common cause of fertility issues in women, affecting approximately 20% to 30% of women who are having a difficult time to conceiving.”

But I want to also say that in 2022, or ’21, sorry, Dr. Hugh Taylor from Yale, who I also interviewed for this book, he’s the head of Yale reproductive medicine, he released the paper. Endometriosis is a common disease affecting 5% to 10% of women of reproductive age globally. Globally. However, despite its prevalence diagnosis is typically delayed by years, misdiagnosis is common and delivery of effective therapy is prolonged. Keeping that in mind, it’s 5% to 10% of reproductive women globally, and then affecting 20% to 30% of women who are having difficulty conceiving.

But keep in mind that it is really challenging to diagnose and that women can have major symptoms of endo, which we will get into, to no symptoms of endo. But generally speaking, endometriosis is a female health disorder that occurs when cells from the lining of the uterus, the endometrial lining, grow in other areas of the body, such as ovaries, intestines, and fallopian tubes. With each monthly menstruation, this endometrial tissue responds to the fluctuation in hormones and can cause menstrual pain, internal bleeding, heavy menstrual bleeding, scar tissue buildup, blocked fallopian tubes, and difficulty conceiving.

I would also add to that list, it can also cause implantation failure, it can also cause recurrent pregnancy loss. Because endometriosis is the most common cause of anatomical problems that could lead to fertility challenges, if you are dealing with any anatomical or structural fertility challenges, follow these recommendations. One thing that I talk about in here, which is much more prevalent in the research now, but the data I was using was from 2012. It’s a bit dated. It’s almost 10 years.

Because there’s question, is endo an autoimmune condition? It’s technically not. I actually just searched it again because I just always like to have the latest and the greatest information to go back on my page, and I can’t see my computer. Is endometriosis an autoimmune condition?Endometriosis has not yet been classified as an autoimmune condition, but it may increase risk for autoimmune conditions. The inflammatory nature of endometriosis seems to trigger an imbalance in the immune system, and that’s how it then …

But women with endo, and I’m going to remind you, I look at a lot of genetics as well and they tend to have certain inflammatory and immune-modulated genetic SNPs that leave them predisposed. But women with endo are more likely to develop autoimmune conditions. We typically see Hashimoto’s and endometriosis occurring together. We would also see something like rheumatoid arthritis. I often see Raynaud’s syndrome and endo occurring together. This again is clinical data that I see 20 years of clinical experience. But technically, it is characterized …

It is a chronic inflammatory reaction that may result in the formation of scar tissue, adhesions, fibrosis within the pelvis or other parts of the body. I’ve seen endo on women’s lungs, I’ve seen on their colon, their diaphragm. Endo gets in every crevice it possibly can. But is it technically an autoimmune condition? No. This was autoimmunity review in 2012. In some of these women with endometriosis, there are also chronic local inflammatory process and presence of autoimmune antibodies. Antibodies mean autoimmunity.

It is not known whether this process is part of the etiology or secondary response to the endometrial tissue basically being in the wrong area. Is it the body responding and saying, “Oh wait, this lining shouldn’t be here. Should just be in the uterus,” and so then the body creates these antibodies, right? Then that can trigger other inflammatory/autoimmune reactions in the body. But endometriosis share similarities with several autoimmune diseases.

There’s substantial evidence indicating that endometriosis at least shares many similarities of autoimmune diseases. Symptoms, let’s get into that first. Some women have very severe symptoms and some women have no symptoms at all, which makes it a very curious disease. Common symptoms include painful menstrual cramps, pain may get worse over time, chronic pain in the low back and pelvis pain during or after sex, intestinal pain, painful bowel movements, painful urination, especially during menstrual periods, spotting or bleeding between menstrual periods, difficulty getting pregnant, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, nausea, especially during menstrual periods.

Another thing that I commonly see if a woman has had an HSG, which is where they go and check the patency of your fallopian tubes to make sure they’re open, if it’s extremely painful, I often think that that could be … It’s often correlated with endometriosis, and mainly because endo basically [inaudible 00:08:29] grows like a cobweb. It just attaches itself and then it responds to the fluctuating hormones, and so you get this cramping and pulling throughout your body.

I’ve had women experience spontaneous lung collapse, and they’re called pneumothoraces from endometriosis, diaphragmatic pain, bowel pain, digestive disorders. Do you see a lot of patients with endo that have a positive ANA despite other autoimmune testing? Yeah, and that’s also really common that you see a rheumatoid or just a high ANA, you can also see antiphospholipid syndrome. These growths tend to have a lot of other things going on that are just lurking. I always say that …

When I wrote, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and when I started treating fertility challenges, I remember the statistic was 40% of women that are trying to get pregnant and having a hard time actually are dealing with endometriosis. I remember thinking to myself, “Okay. Well, then I’m just going to treat everyone as if they have it.” Because 40% is pretty significant. Then mind you, women come to me and they’re like, “Oh, well, menstrual pain is normal, right? Clots in my period, normal, right? Diarrhea with my period, normal, right? Vomiting with my period, normal. The doctor said that that’s normal.”

No, it’s not. No, it’s not. You should feel minor cramps, a little discomfort. You should not have heavy, heavy bleeding where you’re staining through things. You should not have golf ball quarter-size clots, dark purple periods, color of the blood, pain that you can’t go to work. Chinese medicine, we don’t have endometriosis, right? A person would present, and we would look at the signs and symptoms. But a lot of women do present with painful periods, painful ovulation, pain with sex.

It gets me thinking about stagnation, and then maybe if I were to go to a Western diagnosis, potentially endometriosis. But how I generally approach it is endo is challenging to diagnose. Well, it’s not challenging to diagnose, but not every doctor … The best way to diagnose … I want to pull up my research again too. Identification and prompt treatment of endo are essential and facilitated by accurate clinical diagnosis. It is classically defined as a chronic gynecological disease characterized by endometrial-like tissue present outside of the uterus.

However, this description is outdated, no longer reflects the true scope and manifestations of the disease. The clinical presentation is varied. The presence of pelvic lesions and the manifestations of disease outside the female reproductive tract remain poorly understood. Endometriosis is now considered a systemic disease rather than a disease predominantly affecting the pelvis. It affects metabolism in the liver and adipose tissue. It leads to systemic inflammation, alters gene expression in the brain that causes pain sensation and mood disorders.

The full effect of the disease is not fully recognized and goes far beyond the pelvis. Recognition and the full scope of disease will facilitate clinical diagnosis. But right now the most accurate way to diagnose endo is either through laparoscopic surgery or through a pelvic MRI. Surgical exploration is gold standard for diagnosis, but imaging modalities, especially specialized ultrasonography and magnetic MRI, can highlight disease burden and aid in the planning for surgical excision.

Overall, medical therapy is ineffective for endometriosis related infertility. However, surgery may be fertility enhancing in women with minimal stage disease and women with large endometriums. Now, I have clinical opinions about that. I have seen surgery be amazing for women, and I’m totally all for it. I’m a huge proponent of Dr. Andrea Vidali and the Braverman Reproductive Immunology group and the work they do. You can look them up at preventmiscarriage.com. But they’re specialized in that.

But I also want to see that … When I started deciding I’m going to treat most of my clients as if they have endometriosis, when I dug deep, I saw that treating it as if it was an autoimmune condition actually is what rectifies the situation. Body Belief, what is it? My third book is really all … I wrote this honestly for endometriosis patients or anybody with unexplained infertility that just can’t figure out what the F is going on with their system. It is an anti-inflammatory approach to living your life from a nutritional, hormonal, mental, emotional state.

I see that my clients, when they follow … Then I change the diet a bit and now it’s the Egg Quality Diet, when they follow that protocol, their signs and symptoms radically shift, and their immune system responses go down, the level of inflammation shifts dramatically. Some of these women still require or go for surgery. Some women don’t want to do surgery. I always leave it up to the patient. I don’t think you have to do the surgery, but in some cases, I think it might get us to our goal faster because of how endo grows, and it really just …

Like I said, it’s like cobwebs throughout the body. It’s really challenging to manage, and especially in a short timeframe. What I tend to is if there’s significant endo, it can take a year to a year and a half following my protocols to treat it naturally, which is a long time, especially for women who have been trying to conceive already for a period of time. But the other thing that I find is that … I’m trying to pull up this one article that was up and now it’s not. I have an article on certain supplements for endometriosis. Here it is.

What I find is it’s a consistency and frequency of following a protocol that’s … The Egg Quality Diet along with lifestyle modifications, that you will then see the body starts to shift because all of my endo patients, I’ll tell you my first [clue-ins 00:15:30], right? They come to me and, A, they’re having trouble getting pregnant, B, they usually have GI issues, either bloating, bowel issues. They may or may not have really bad periods with heavy cramping, but they will say, “Oh, but I get diarrhea with my period or my HSG was super painful or around ovulation, and my period sex is painful or I get this sharp pain with my bowel movement when I have my period.”

Right away. I’m like, “Okay, there’s endo.” Things are attached. Things are pulling the way they’re not supposed to be pulling. Because I think about that cobweb, it’s in there and it’s just pulling on all sorts of areas, right? From a Chinese medicine perspective, I’m going after stagnation, blood stagnation, cold. I’m working on invigorating, warming. Then from the more Western perspective, I’m thinking about inflammation in the body. I’m thinking about healing the gut.

I’m thinking about to immunity and pulling that all together to give these patients a multifaceted approach. Then of course, if there have been multiple losses without a live birth in between, or multiple failed transfers, right? Implantation failure. I hate the word failure, but that’s the term they use. We’re just going to use it here because I don’t think anybody’s a failure and I don’t think any uterus is a failure either, by the way. Let’s all give our uteruses a chance to shine.

But I think endo and I think an immune system dysregulation, and I will recommend you guys know. I talk about it. I will recommend doing a consult with Dr. Vidali. I will recommend his new protocol program called Pregmune, P-R-E-G-M-U-N-E, because it is the most definitive testing out there that we can then see what else is going on in the body, what kind of systemic inflammatory response are we having? Is that why we’re not getting pregnant? Is that why we’re having multiple miscarriages?

It gives us … There’s this Western and Eastern approach. But Dr. Vidali has said to me multiple times when he sees some of my girls, he’ll say, and Dr. Braverman, before he passed, would say the same thing, “I have just never seen the level of inflammation decrease as much as I do in the girls who follow your diet and your protocol.” It’s fascinating to me. He says based on her labs or her genetic predisposition, she should covered in endo or she should have X, Y, and Z levels of inflammation and she doesn’t, and it’s because of the protocol.

But I also know that the two combined are so important. If you are one of those cases, especially that had multiple losses, it’s really worthwhile to dig deeper because I think a combined approach from a Western medicine perspective and an Eastern is where it’s at for you, and also meaning that there probably are several medications you need to be on when you do fall pregnant. As a more wholistic clinician, I am totally supportive of it because to me, the most important thing is taking home that baby and making sure baby and mum are healthy and preventing any more losses.

When it comes to implantation failure, there’s some newer treatment modalities that they’re doing that can really help with implantation in these cases as well. I do also see that the diet, because I think it reduces inflammation so much, it heals the gut, it changes the uterine microbiome, it makes it more hospitable. We see implantation failure shift. Right? Thank you so much for talking about endo. I’m in current pregnancy. That’s so cool. Well, I’m so sorry that you’ve been through it and are going through it. It fucking sucks.

There’s a cool study that came out, this was 2013, so it’s a little older, but I use it a lot, showing the efficacy of N-acetyl cysteine in the treatment of endometriosis. Now, it was a small study, but what it showed was that NAC actually represents a simple, effective treatment for endometriosis without side effects. It seemed to … I just want to get to the highlight statistical method. Sorry. Of course, I had this set up, but I don’t know what I did. I didn’t know what I did. I know what I did. I closed the screen, unfortunately.

Our results clearly show that by targeting various molecular and biochemical pathways involved in the initiation of maintenance of the disease, N-acetyl cysteine effectively treats ovarian endometriosis. In terms of reduction in cyst size, our data are even more favorable than those granted by the currently adopted hormonal treatments. The dosing, it was about 1,200 … Where is it? Sorry. Oh, I had it all here. The dosing was a little different. But I do think no matter what, N-acetyl cysteine is a very helpful treatment for women with suspected endometriosis.

I believe the dosing in this was something like 1,200 milligrams of N-acetyl cysteine four days a week, and then you don’t take it the other three. Sometimes what I’ll just do is do six to 900 a day on my patients. I think that’s a super promising approach. Other supplements that are highly effective for these cases, fish oil. Fish oil really helps lower the inflammation, inflammatory process in the body. You want to think about three to four grams of fish oil a day. I have another list here. Other things we want to think about is managing our thyroid properly, regulating the immune system.

Polyphenols seem to be super helpful in reducing inflammation in endo patients. There is a formula I like. Cysteine. I can’t believe I’m blank. I had this. Oh, sorry. It’s a polyphenol. Basically, you want to think about the polyphenols that are in green tea extract. Those can be powerful anti-inflammatories and can be helpful in treating endometriosis. My go-tos are these three following, N-acetyl cysteine, I will do high dose of fish oil, and then I will put them on something called Wobenzym, W-O-B-E-N-Z-Y-M. All of this should be cleared with your practitioner that you’re working with though, by the way.

Wobenzym, they’re proteolytic enzymes. They help break up masses, and I find it very effective in endo patients, especially of patients that have GI symptoms. Now, if you don’t know, how do I know if I have endo? Right? Okay. Well, if you’re not getting pregnant and then you have other inflammatory conditions, that’s where I would think. I’m going to answer that question in a second, but I want to … Do you feel foggy headed? Do you wake up feeling exhausted, even after a good night’s sleep? Do your hormones feel out of whack?

Does your body ache? Do you regularly experience gas, bloating, or indigestion? Do you have eczema, psoriasis or any other skin condition then will not go away? To me, that is another big red flag, because it’s a sign of systemic inflammation, and then I think, “Okay, this is systemic inflammation. Chances are there’s an inflammatory condition that’s causing the fertility challenges and hormonal imbalance. What’s the number one inflammatory condition that causes that? Oh, endometriosis. Okay. I’m going to treat for endo.”

When I see the habitual miscarriages, when I see recurrent pregnancy loss, and to me, more than one loss without a live birth in between, I go there right away. That to me is recurrent pregnancy loss. I will send out for further testing and typically I will send them to get the pregnant testing or send them to do a consult with Dr. Andrea Vidali. Do you have a hard time losing weight? Do you go in and out abouts of anxiety and depression? Do you have, this is another really big one, random environmental allergic responses? For example, hives, people breaking out in …

They get bug bites, but then they become these massive welts, these random rashes all over their body, that petechiae here. I think, okay, there’s some kind of environmental reaction going on, some kind of immune system response, and then couple that with they’re not getting pregnant or couple that with I can’t get the quality embryos or I never implant or I’ve had all these losses, boom, there is an inflammatory and immune-activated situation going on and I immediately think endometriosis. For those of you that are …

But also to me, it can’t hurt to treat inflammation. We know reducing inflammation is going to improve egg quality, it’s going to balance your hormones, it’s going to activate your fertility in a way that hasn’t before. Why not come back to that? Right? Anyway, I went on a tangent. That’s why I do the Wobenzym. The fish oil, same reason. Powerful in reducing inflammation in the body. The N-acetyl cysteine, there’s some cool studies on that. Of course, vitamin D.

Typically endo girls … Again, I run genetics on all my endo girls. I feel like 90% of them have one thing called the interleukin-6, which is a predisposition to inflammatory and immune-activated conditions. I’m doing fish oil with that. I’m thinking of other immune modulators, like vitamin D. I might do a mushroom complex, and most of them have MTHFR. I’m always making sure they’re avoiding folic acid, getting enough methylfolate. But then also, with MTHFR, you also have to think about choline. You got to think about eating nutrient-dense foods, lots of cruciferous vegetables.

You want to think about supporting the estrogen detox pathways. I’m always thinking about broccoli sprouts, cruciferous vegetables, spirulina, chlorella. Then I want to go back here though. What do you think about Lupron to thin the lining for two months due to implantation failure with euploid embryos? Doctor also recommended low GI diet, no caffeine, low sugar. I don’t know what low GI diet means. Don’t know if I have endo. I have seen Depot Lupron be used for two months to help with implantation failure, and the research is compelling.

It does seem to of work, and I have a handful of girls doing it right now. I’ve also seen uterine PRP really help with implantation failure. I’ve seen the getting tested for endometritis. I always confuse them. I’m sorry. I know they’re different, but I always say them differently. Endometritis which is a uterine lining infection, which can often … You can also find that correlated with systemic inflammation, which is often endometriosis because the gut lining is compromised.

Treating the uterine infection, first thing I look for, if there’s recurrent implantation, especially with normal embryos, I do think about endometriosis, adenomyosis, and I think about endometritis and uterine infection, and I try to rule those three things out. There is a great supplement by Thorne called SF722, which really helps with … It’s an essential fatty acid, but it really helps with the uterine microbiome. I’ll do feminine probiotics. Not vaginally, you take them orally, but they’re really for the feminine microbiome.

Of course, I’m working on the diet to heal the gut, which will then reduce the inflammation, will make the body more receptive, will regulate the immune system. But I have seen the Lupron be effective. But remember, the girls who are doing it and it’d be effective in my practice are also doing all these other things. Okay. There was another question. Is there a connection between endo recurrent loss and histamine intolerance? Absolutely. I had one girl with a mast cell activation syndrome and it presented like a histamine tolerance.

You could look it up. MCAS is the acronym, but 100%. Again, when we work on reducing inflammation and healing the gut … I have a whole section in the Egg Quality Diet just on histamines because it’s so common, and I also have a whole section on [SIBO 00:29:02] because it’s so common. Those things all together, 100%. You have to adjust the diet, go a little more low histamine or even take … Seeking Health has some great histamine supplements I like. Ortho Molecular has one too. Something like HistaminX. But absolutely. It’s hard to …

You can avoid histamines and you don’t want to, and just like you don’t want to get rid of all the inflammation in your body. You need inflammation. It’s a normal process, helps us survive. We need it. It’s when it’s too much. It’s about finding the right balance for you. That’s why the Egg Quality Diet to me is the where it’s at. It started in Body Belief, and then I made it more specific to fertility and wrote the Egg Quality Diet. It’s an elimination diet that is helping to heal your gut, reduce inflammation, increase your nutrition, absorption, regulate your immune system and you figure out the right diet for your body.

That’s where a lot of my girls will find out, “Oh, histamines. I can’t touch kombucha. I can’t have too much avocado. Who knew?” Right? There’s a whole histamine section in the Egg Quality Diet book, specifically because of this. But yeah, you see it. Low glucose index diet. Okay. With block tubes from a previous pregnancy age 43, now almost 70, Egg Quality Diet, any other recommendations? Castor oil packs, Arvigo abdominal massage, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, the supplements I talked about here, and yeah, Wobenzym for certain.

To think about too, I love Chinese herbs in endo cases. But again, the thing about endometriosis is it’s not a one size fits all, right? Then the surgeons will say that too. They can go in and some girls are covered and they have no symptoms. They can go in, some girls have a couple spots of endo and they have these massive symptoms, right? Knowing that, it’s a systemic inflammatory disease state in the body. For me, I love my eyes on the case, and in the Egg Quality Diet, I have the red flag symptom list, the kinks in your system and you go through and then you can see how your body’s shifting as you’re doing the diet.

But for me, and the way my team works, we’re all Chinese medicine doctors, acupuncturists, herbalists, we don’t have endometriosis in Chinese medicine. We’re looking at the whole body, and there are a lot of signs and symptoms that will lead us to believe that it is endometriosis, or at the very least, an inflammatory condition that’s going on in the body that’s causing immune system dysregulation, and we have a lot of tools to help and diet is 100% one of them. Then we’re going to do part two next week where I’m going to talk more about the mental emotional piece because physical inflammation really also impacts endometriosis. Go figure.

Yeah. If you guys want to go deeper, I recommend starting … You want a real how can I treat my endometriosis? I would start with the Egg Quality Diet. There’s a ton of resources that come with that book. I would head over there. Body Belief is also really geared at it. If you already know you have an existing autoimmune condition and you suspect you have endometriosis, or you have both, Body Belief is another great place to start. The diets are very similar in Body Belief and Egg Quality.

Egg Quality is a bit more specific for fertility. The macros are adjusted a bit and a bit more specific for fertility, and the resources that come with the Egg Quality Diet, it’s thousands of dollars of my information that I put together for all of you guys. Just go buy the $15 book and get all the resources. Let’s see. Taking Wobenzym, good. Do you do herbs during embryo transfer or leading up to transfer cycles? You have to be a direct patient of mine and I have to know everything you’re on, and then sometimes I do herbs. Yeah.

When should you do the castor oil pack? I have a whole blog. It’s my most watched YouTube video. Just Google Aimee Raupp castor oil, and you will see a blog and a video with all the steps and directions as to when to do it, how to do it, all the things. Let’s see. You already answered that. Thank you, team Aimee. Endo MTHFR from both parents. Three failed IVF. Besides Body Believe diet, any more recommendations, please? Last IVF lining was breaking and fluid was in cavity. I would definitely make sure you don’t have endometritis.

I would get the ALICE and EMMA test and rule that out and treat it if you need to. I would look … The diet is where it’s at, because you really need to heal that gut, reduce the inflammation, improve nutrient absorption. I would think about acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Arvigo, anything to really improve circulation and blood flow down there. Then the high dose fish oil, and then also if you haven’t had a workup from Dr. Vidali or done a Pregmune to see if there’s any autoimmune stuff or any other medicines that could be helpful for you with getting pregnant, that’s where I would go next.

It’s not inexpensive, but neither is failed IVFs. Right? I think Pregmune, they’re usually always running a special or something like that. If you work with certain doctors, you get discounts, but it’s about $2,000, but it’s a wealth of information that could also, for a lot of women, can figure out that they can try natural and they actually don’t even need the IVF. It’s a money saver her. But to me, I just had a case yesterday where she just went through another loss.

I just said to her, I’m like, “Until we try … I do not recommend trying again until you get further testing because this is just insane. We’re just doing the same thing over and over again.” To me it’s always worth a consult. It doesn’t mean you have to leave your doctor or breakup or cheat on your doctor. Get another consult, look deeper. There’s other things going on. The book Is Your Body Baby Friendly? is actually a really helpful book for a lot of these things to figure out recurrent pregnancy loss, implantation failure.

I had a lap and I had low level endo. I had a womb Maya massage, but it was so painful. Do you think a massage can help with the endo? I do because it improves circulation, but maybe you start just more simple with just castor oil packs and acupuncture. Does endo cause poor egg quality? Yes, it can. Because it grows like cobwebs like that, it can grow over their ovaries. Not can. It definitely will compromise blood flow to both the uterus and the ovaries.

If they’re compromised, if the ovaries are compromised in blood flow, your eggs in those follicles are not getting all the blood flow and nutrition that they need. Then also couple that with it being a systemic inflammatory disease. That’s why you can’t just do the surgery. You have to treat it as a holistic approach. You got to change your diet. You’ve got to go non-toxin with your bath and beauty products. You’ve got to take certain supplements. You’ve got to take these extra measures because you have a systemic inflammatory disease and systemic inflammation, 100%, makes eggs bad.

That’s what it’s all about. The Egg Quality Diet, the whole reason I call it that is because it’s an anti-inflammatory diet, which will improve egg quality because you reduce inflammation regardless if you have endo or not. But yes. Dr. Braverman wouldn’t use embryos that were in their pretreatment for endometriosis. I never saw that necessarily translate to … I’ve seen girls use those embryos and they still made healthy babies, especially if they were genetically tested.

But he really felt the level of inflammation caused by endometriosis caused the mitochondria to not function properly, and it would compromise the health of that child. Took your advice a year ago, had surgery, followed your diet for endo, didn’t get pregnant naturally, but just did second IVF and we have four healthy embryos from low AMH, 0.6 to be exact. That’s amazing. [Brea 00:37:10]. I’m sorry it didn’t happen naturally, but look at those results. You’re a year older, second IVF, four healthy embryos. You go, girl. You go girl.

Okay, you should write a book just for endo patients. Well, I tried to do that with Body Belief. But Hay House said, “Oh, we don’t want an endo book. We want a book on a whole lot of autoimmune diseases.” There you have it. I still Hay House and I appreciate them and their support in writing Body Belief, but that’s what I wanted to do, and it’s just they didn’t feel like there was a strong enough market for it, which I totally disagree. Right, guys? But really honestly, the Egg Quality Diet is really for the endo …

It’s for everybody, but if you want to treat your endo, go there and read Body Belief as well, and there you have it. Yeah. Okay, guys. I’m going to go. It’s 12:40. I got another call. I love you guys. I’m going to do part two next week and we’re going to talk about emotional inflammation and how it impacts endometriosis. Today, here I thought I wasn’t going to have enough to talk about, but I didn’t even go through all my notes. What else? I want to just make sure I don’t miss anything because there was the other thing.

Yeah. Endometriosis is characterized by increased levels of cytokines and auto antibodies suggests the role of inflammation and immune cell deregulation in infertility associated with endometriosis. The strategies of immunomodulation regulate these immune deregulations are poorly studied, and well-designed studies are necessary. I think that’s it too, of this is a systemic issue that impacts your immune system. It is not just, “Oh, I have endometriosis and it’s impacting uterine blood flow.” Right?

That’s really where I want you to think bigger picture and holistic. Don’t forget to sign up for the womb healing talk. This is right. This is going to be our second womb healing talk that we are hosting to the public. And sign up is happening now and it ends tomorrow. It’s going to be all about comparison and jealousy and how … This is run by our team psychotherapist, our team psychologist. Team Aimee now has a team psychologist who is a trauma expert finishing her doctorate in psychology, her PhD.

I get to share her with all of you for a very inexpensive price. Womb Healing Circle is $43 and you get an hour of a trained psychotherapist who’s done trauma work, who’s worked in this space of fertility trauma and pregnancy-related trauma for almost a decade. She’s brilliant. She’s a brilliant practitioner and she comes to you with these womb healing talks to give you strategies and tools on how to heal your heart, how to feel better along the way. I’m just so honored that she’s a part of our team and that we get to … I do a lot of the mindset stuff, but I don’t have a PhD in psychotherapy and most fertility coaches don’t have that.

I think this is a really nice advantage that you get an actual trained trauma therapist talking to you on tips and tools and strategies on how to better manage this emotional pain. Because this is not easy for you guys. I’m doing all I can to support you in a reasonable price point. Check out the Womb Healing Circle. It’s going to happen this weekend. Yeah. Do I have a link to sign up for it? What’s the link? Beth, yeah. Deadline to registers tomorrow at 11:59 PM, and it’s aimeeraupp.com/wombhealing. W-O-M-B for womb, [Charles 00:40:58] Palace. Womb healing.

Go check it out. We do the monthly. Well, that’s our plan. We’re going to do the monthly, and if you can’t make it live, you get the recording and you have that recording for 30 days. Yes. Until we do the next one. Okay. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Love you, guys. Have a great day. I’m going to make sure I end Facebook this time. Bye, guys. Oh wait. I didn’t even look at any Facebook questions. I’m sorry. Let me look at these.

Hi Aimee, super silent endo, was only made aware after having a biopsy, which I tested, then I underwent lap. Hoping this helps. Yes, it will. The dual approach of your protocol and surgery with Vidali was instrumental for me. That’s right, Laura. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work in the field of reproductive immunology. I agree. We want an endo book. You guys are cute. Okay. Goodbye, guys. Have a great day.


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