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Egg Quality & Beauty – What these have in common for fertility (the answer may surprise you)

What do your beauty and your egg quality have in common? Listen in as I go live and answer exactly that!

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Today we're going to talk about a really fun topic. I don't know you guys saw the post last night that we put up a post that is a quote from my husband that he said last week. We were talking about what we're grateful for. We try to do that on a fairly regular basis, something we're grateful for in one another, in our life, in our home, in our child. He chuckled and he said, “I am grateful for my wife's 25 year old ass.” I thought it was great. I told my Yes, you can get pregnant ecourse students about it in office hours last week.

I go live every week in my ecourse and my Facebook group there and I answer their questions. That's part of the ecourse. They get that forever and so I'm very, very close with this community of women and we were talking about aging and numbers on your lab work and how we shouldn't let that define you. Yet, rather, we should let how we feel define us and how we look define us. So, for those of you that don't know, I'm 45, right? So, him saying that compliment that my ass is that of a 25 year old is awesome.

I do really practice what I preach. I really do live the life I tell you guys to live as far as diet and supplements and lifestyle and mindset work. So, it was this true compliment. So much of what we talked about in the world, especially in fertility with my clients and you guys have probably heard me discuss this before is, age is just a number. There's a big difference between your chronological age and your physiological age. We know that scientifically now as well. So, this isn't just something that I have decided is a truth and that I preach. This is based in science of epigenetics, which is basically how we live our life dictates how we age, dictates our cellular health and dictate things like our equality and things like the quality of our ass in our 40s, right?

So, anyway, Ken said this really funny thing and we posted it last night and you guys I think got a kick out of it. That was really the basis of today's conversation that we're titling this conversation, what your beauty and your egg quality have in common. Thinking about that for a second. Your beauty, and by beauty, I don't mean supermodel beauty cover of a magazine beauty, I mean your radiance, your vitality, your vibrance, your shine, your inner and outer shine. I do also mean the quality of your skin though. The quality of your skin tells me a lot about the quality of your eggs. You see, we're cellularly … it's all the same, right? What's on the outside is also going on, on the inside. As I always say your skin is an external manifestation of your internal health.

So, part of my assessment with a new client is to look at the whole picture. How are your nails growing, your hair growing? What is your skin like? Is it dry and flaky, red, itchy? Is it withered looking? Is it plump and juicy? If it's plump and juicy, then guess what? Your insides are pretty plump and juicy. We want your eggs to be plump and juicy. That's the most fertilizable form of those eggs. We want that egg, when it ruptures out of that follicle, when you ovulate, we want it plump and juicy and ripe like a ripe piece of fruit ready to be fertilized. That's why we want to see that juicy fluid. I want to see juicy cervical mucus.

I want to see a juicy sex drive. I want to see that in all aspects of my clients. So, a lot of what I work towards is getting that juiciness back. I do see in my clients, when they follow the diet and they do the supplements and they increase the amount of fat they're reading and they work on their mindset and their lifestyle and they're moving and they're enjoying their life again, you see this glow come back. It's like they reawaken from the inside out. That is what we're talking about. That is impacting our genetics.

The other day, Frank Lipman, he's a doctor that I work with at THE WELL. He's our chief medical officer and he's become a friend over the last few years and he put a post up, which we also did a podcast together talking about this example, but his post said the food you eat, the air you breathe and even the thoughts you think impact your genetics. So, I took a screenshot of that and I wrote about your egg quality, and I put that up on my Instagram feed and he actually reposted it, because he liked it so much and something we talk about on a regular basis. That if I can improve the quality of my skin, if I can improve the quality of my health and my vitality by changing the food I eat, shifting so the air we breathe is more about the environmental toxins, right?

So, are we surrounded by toxins? Are we surrounded by nature? Are we … It's almost like Chinese medicine we would say the way you take in your world. So, it's the air you breathe, but it's also the relationships you keep. The space you share with others impacts your genetics, your food. The space you share, including the air you breathe in and then, guess what? The thoughts you think, which is the basis of my third book Body Belief. It's all about the thoughts you think and how they impact your genetics. Science shows us that it's not … our genes are not set in stone. So just because I'm 45 doesn't mean that I'm in the same health as everyone else who's 45. I live a completely different life than many 45 year olds, so genetically, I should be healthier, right? Do I know that for a fact? Have I gone and tested my genes?

There's really not much out there to do that. There are some interesting tests now where you can test what your physiological age is versus your chronological age. They're a couple hundred bucks and they base it off of something called telomeres in our system. As we age, the telomeres shorten and shorten and shorten, so it's based on the length of your telomeres. That gives you an idea of your actual age versus your chronological age, but from a Chinese medicine perspective, we don't have testing like that. We just go based on how do you feel, how is your body functioning, how do you look, how is your beauty.

By beauty, we don't mean, again, this cover of a magazine type of all made up and done beauty. We just mean in the raw, like what is the quality of your skin? What is the quality of your muscles? What is the quality of your hair, of your nails, of your teeth? What is the quality of your digestion? What is the quality of your sleep? What is the quality of your joy? We also say in Chinese medicine by the age of 40, the mind is visible on the face. That's basically us saying the thoughts you think impact how you age and how you present yourself to the world. So, aging happens on the inside as well as on the outside. That's when it comes to fertility, that's a big, big concern for all of my girls, because it's all not just about quantity, it's about egg quality. The biggest thing doctors say to my patients is, if someone like me, “You're 45. Yeah, your eggs are probably all bad. A donor egg is the only option for you.”

I see different in my clinic. Again, I've been in clinical practice almost 17 years. I see it differently. I see women get healthier as they age. I see egg quality improve as they age. I see hormone levels improve as they age. I see AMH go up and FSH go down and these women are three years older. That makes no sense from a Western medical perspective, but it makes a lot of sense from a genetic perspective, from what we know about epigenetics and from a Chinese medicine perspective. So, those are your goals and that's always my goal. When I work with a client, yes, of course I want to help her balance her hormones, get into her groove, feel her best, be her most awake in her body, her most aligned and help her conceive this child, help her receive this child and grow a healthy child and deliver a healthy child into this world.

But, what I'm really focused on with my clients is seeing these what I call red flag symptoms shift. Believe it or not, for a lot of people, a red flag symptom is their skin. My skin is runny now or I'm getting rosacea. I have acne, just this dry and withered. My hair's falling out, my hair's thinning, my nails are peeling. I just don't feel as vibrant as I once did. For a lot of women too, you see the skin dryness and that withered feeling always really goes hand in hand with, guess what, withered and dryness down below in the private parts where she's not seeing that cervical mucus. Sex drive has diminished. She's just not as wet as she used to be. That is a fluid deficiency. That's very clear to us in Chinese medicine, fluid deficiency.

What do I need to do? I need to help build her fluids. When I help build her fluids, also known as her Yin as we say in Chinese medicine, she fills up. She becomes more voluptuous and full. You see her skin fill out. You see color come back to her cheeks. You see hair and nails grow and they're healthy. They'll say, “Oh my gosh, my hair, do you see my hair, how different it is? It just feels so good and healthy. My skin, amazing.” That's because we've changed the food. We've changed the air you breathe, the relationships you surround yourself with. We're working on all these things. Healthier boundaries fits into that too. We've also impacted and changed the thoughts that you think and that's impacting your genetics, and guess what? On a cellular level, you're getting healthier. So, that can be translated to you're healthier on the outside, you're healthier on the inside. Guess what that means? Egg quality is improving. Egg quality is improving.

Again, there are plenty of Western doctors who would just poopoo me for saying that, but those same doctors agree with the epigenetic theory. So, it's very contradictory, because if you believe in epigenetics, which is not something … it's not like you subscribe to it or not, it just is fact. This is what we know now, that the way we live our life determines whether our genes turn on or off. It determines how we age if we age too fast, too slow and appropriately. So, it's not a school of thought you decide to belong to or not or whether or not you believe in Chinese medicine. It's a fact. It's a scientific fact that epigenetics is where it's at. It determines how we age.

So, if we can turn that around, and now we know scientifically, we can turn that around based on the food, the quality of the air we breathe and the thoughts we think and, again, go to my books. There's tons of research in there. Read the book, the Biology of Belief. I mean, fascinating. Read up, just Google search epigenetics and you'll see. Epigenetics and egg quality, Google search that, because if we can improve the cellular quality of our body on the outside and our skin can look healthier and we're more vibrant and the texture of our skin on our body shifts, guess what? You're changing your cells on the internal level, and that will trickle all the way down to those precious little eggs in your ovaries. You're going to see … You would see it if you were doing IVF with PGS.

That's where I've seen it clinically. Then I see a woman who was 38 and nothing's fertilizing, nothing's making it to blastocyst, nothing's coming back genetically normal. We make all these tweaks. We make all these tweaks. She's now 43. We go back, healthiest embryo she's ever created. How was that possible? How was that possible that she's five years older, she's off the fertile cliff according to your Western doctors and yet now she's making better quality eggs? How is that possible?

You guys, think about it. How is that possible? It's not luck. It wasn't different doctors, wasn't a different partner, same partner. We worked on his sperm quality too. We worked on his life. We worked on their joy. How was that possible? You tell me? I had three emails this week of women telling me their AMH has gone up. How is that possible? Our doctors tell us all the time there's no way. AMH set in stone, FSH set in stone. You're this old, your eggs are this bad. You need this and you're never going to get pregnant. Not true. We can improve cellular health. We can improve the health of the cells in our ovaries, the health of the cells in our follicles, the health of the cells in our uterine lining. We can improve all of this.

When we live our life in a way that takes the stress off, we age more slowly. Maybe we can't turn back the time, but I will speak for myself when I say I am definitely not as old as many of my 45 year old counterparts. I don't think I'm as old physiologically as my 40 year old counterparts. I've been living this lifestyle though for 10 years. Right? I'm 47. My FSH is lower, my AMH higher than 45. Yeah, that's right. That's right. I love it. I love it. See, that's it. You're the proof. You're the proof. I would love to hear what you did. Is it diet and lifestyle? Is it acupuncture? Is it Chinese herbs? Is it joy? What do you think it was? I want to call you Melody but it's not it's Mellow Lady 72.

Let's see. I don't see many comments coming through on Facebook. You guys have anything to share with this? I have a good free guide for you that I'll give you in a little bit, my eating for egg quality guide which is basically this is what you need to be eating every day for your egg quality. All of them. There, good job. It is lots of good quality fats. This morning, what did I have? I had a sausage, Niman Ranch sausage cooked in ghee with broccoli and an egg. That was my breakfast. Then I just had a pear with some nut butter. Lots of water. I drink a ton of water. My husband the other day commented because we have those SodaStream bottles. He came into my office and I had three empty ones. He said, “You drink all that?” It was only like two o'clock in the afternoon. I was like, “I drink a lot of water. I probably drink like six or eight of these a day.” Which is what is that?

Really, it's not because I force myself. I'm thirsty. I like to drink water. It really cleanses me out. I love it. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning. It's all organic, low acid. I do with protein and fat. I have lots of water, occasional organic wine and lots of good quality fat, good quality protein, six to eight servings of vegetables a day. I limit my grains. I do little to no sugar, zero processed artificial crap. No gluten, very little dairy. If I do dairy, it's full fat and it's organic. But I digest it well and I don't have an autoimmune condition. No soy ever. I had breakfast grass fed burger with half an avocado and steamed kale and dandelion. That a girl, that a girl, that a girl. I love it. I love it. Acupuncture diet, currently reading both your books. Oh, well, thank you. Thank you.

Then, it's your belief systems, right? So anyway, I'll give you that free guide. It's eating for egg quality. Instagram, you can private messages for it, and Facebook, will post it in a second. But, it's more than just your food, right? It's also your supplements. I think good quality supplements. I do think we need to supplement even if you eat a super clean diet, just the quality of our food and our environment is just not that great anymore. Then the air you breathe. So, what do you surround yourself with? The bath and beauty products you use, right? I haven't put a toxic thing on my skin 10 years, maybe I mean, I've had makeup done for shows and stuff like that. So perhaps one offs, but maybe I call it four times a year I use something toxic on my body.

The air you breathe, the relationships you keep, I have gutted a lot of my relationships that were no longer healthy for me and I've transformed myself, and I've worked out healthier boundaries, and I've transformed the relationships that were meant to stay and work through. Then the thoughts we think, the thoughts we think. Something I talk to myself about all the time is, yeah, might be 45 about to be 46, but I feel like I'm 35 or 38. Cellularly, that's how I feel. I feel like in check with that. Hormonally, that's how I feel. I'm juicy. I'm ready. I'm primed. Hormones are balanced. I feel good. I feel healthy. I feel happy. The thoughts you think, the quality of the thoughts you think impacts your genetics.

Any advice for type one diabetes in egg quality? I've been following your diet for one year and still have not been able to get pregnant. So type one diabetes, I mean, I would also say that is autoimmune so I'd make sure you're doing the Body Belief diet. I would also read Lily Nichols book. It's her pregnancy and gestational diabetes book but I think a lot of it would apply to you even in the preconception. Her and I did an Instagram Live not that long ago. You could watch that too, because we talked about that. I was like, “How different are your recommendations for pregnancy versus conception?” She's like not different at all.

Same as me of like I had to write a book just strictly on autoimmunity, but it applies to all my fertility girls. So, check out that book. Make sure you're taking something like Ovasitol which really help balance the blood sugar, and make sure you're doing acupuncture. I think castor oil packs, Chinese herbs if you can. Add in all of that and then also another thing to really check yourself with is if you're doing the diet and the supplements and it's still not working, which I would also challenge you on that. Because if you're seeing changes in your health, like you're seeing your skin change, you're seeing your digestion change, you're seeing your energy levels change, you are improving cellularly and it might just be taking a little bit longer, because type one you've probably had for quite some time.

So, it takes a while, especially those chronic conditions to fix them or get them smoothly working, but you also have to look at the quality of your thoughts. So, that's the part that I would then shift your focus to, because you could be living a very antiinflammatory life from a diet and a supplement perspective, but you could have a very inflammatory mindset. So, causing a lot of stress and oxidative damage on the inside from all of the stressful fight or flight constant thoughts. The worry is consuming you. The worry, the anxiety, the fear, the anger, that is going to do as much damage as that tofu burger. It just is. So, you got to weigh that all out.

Then also, check me out every Monday. Every other Monday, I'm going live now to do my fertility hot seat, which is where one of you can just request to join me live and I'll bring you on and you ask me your questions and I'm going to answer them. I'm going to give you some advice, 15 minutes, I set the timer. You ask your questions, you tell me about your case and then I give you advice. It's called the fertility hot seat. It's pretty awesome. It's happening every other Monday. We just did one on Monday. You can go back through, scroll through my Instagram and you'll see the live we did on Monday.

What do you mean by build fluids? How do you do it? So, it's like hydration. So, fats and oils are the best at it. So, lots of good quality fats and you have to also avoid more dry and astringent foods. So, things that are too spicy. Sometimes I can see the nightshades and inflammatory foods. So, in my Body Belief diet, it's very geared towards these building of the fluids and building the yin because you're just really focused on lots of good quality fats and you remove all the potential foods that could be drying out or aggravating your system. Then also the thoughts we think can be very consumptive to our yin and to our blood. So, if we're constantly worrying or constantly working or moving or doing, doing, doing like not giving ourself the space to rest, to slow down, to turn off, to detach, to trust, to be present, to laugh more, that will also consume our yin we say.

So, it's really about cultivating that feminine energy. If you go back and watch any of my conversations on divine feminine, you could just Google it or go on my YouTube channel, but it's about cultivating that yin and that's that feminine essence. So the feminine, she trusts, she's intuitive. She listens to her body. So, as she pays less attention to the numbers on her lab work and more attention to how she feels. So, she's living in her body and then she's nourishing from that space. Then, yeah, if I'm trying to build yin, I'm doing Chinese herbs and I'm doing lots of fat. I might get your macros up to like 50%, 60% fat. Lots of good quality fats, lots of bone broth, lots of eggs, lots of fatty meats, lots of ghee, coconut oil, seeds, that kind of thing.

The outer shell of the egg is fat. So as we age, we tend to get more estrogen deficient and we get drier. So, we need to be plumper. I think women, especially women in their 40s, who are trying to conceive, you need a couple extra pounds on you. You need the extra estrogen. You need a little more plumpness in you. So, that's one thing to think about, but you want that egg to be really soft and ripe for fertilization. When it's too hard and the sperm goes in the wrong direction and it divides improperly.

So, think about that. Healthy fats too, they just help your skin glow from the outside. So, I want you to think about that. How does my outer reflect my inner? Oh, the baby dance. I love that. How do I not know the baby dance? I don't know BD. I just say, “Yeah, go do it.” Everybody else knows it. How do I not know that? I'm sorry guys. The baby dance. Yes, do the baby dance, but maybe don't call it baby dance. That might be too much pressure. I want to rename that. I want to make that like the sexy dance. I want to do the sexy dance. I want to fuck my partner. That's what I want you to be doing.

I don't want you to be doing it with your partner to make a baby. I want you to be doing it with your partner because you want to do it with your partner and a baby is a side effect, okay? I want you to want to F your partner. Yes, with passion and lust. We also got to do it to make a baby, but wouldn't it be fun if this made a baby, but in the meantime, I still want to do it with my husband. Right? Wouldn't it be fun if we made a baby, but I want to do it with my husband. Okay?

FME. Yes, sexy time. We're calling it the sexy dance. We're changing BD to SD, the sexy dance. That's what I want to do. I want to go do the sexy dance. Okay? All right, guys. I love you. Yeah, baby dance. Everybody knows it means baby dance. How do I not know that? Okay. Have a great day. I'll see you very soon. Ciao for now.

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