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Ask Me Anything: Miscarriages! {Expert Fertility Advice}

Are you ready for another Q&A?!

One of the most heartbreaking things my team and I see on a regular basis is miscarriage. Whether you've experienced one personally or not, the fertility journey is so difficult and getting pregnant is only half of it- then comes so much anxiety as you wait to see if this one will come home.

In this video, I answer all of your burning questions about miscarriage (preventing them, healing from them, what to do with recurrent miscarriages, or anything else on your heart about this subject). Make sure you tune in live so you can ask YOUR questions. Set an alarm now so you don't miss it.

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Hi. Hello. How are you? How is everyone? I am excited to be here with you. As always, I get to come to you live and share with you, I don't know, inspiration and be supportive and encourage you to advocate for yourself and to be in your power. Those of you, there are so many new followers everywhere. I'm live right now on Instagram and on TikTok. Hi, TikTok. Hi, Instagram. There's so many new followers. Those of you that are new to me, I'm Aimee of aimeeraupp.com. I am a fertility detective. I help women get and stay pregnant, and I've been doing that for almost 20 years. It'll actually be 18 years this year. I've been in clinical practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist for 18 years. Prior to that, I was a biologist and chemist for a short period of time, and research scientist for a short period of time, and worked on a neuroscience master's level degree, and then I went into acupuncture school.

I've written four books over the last decade, two of which are in the space of fertility. My most recent book is called The Egg Quality Diet, that many of you love and have followed. If you love it, love it, love it, please go leave a review for it on Amazon, if you haven't already. My other fertility book is called Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. That came out in 2015, and that's another one. If you love it and you've read it and it's moved you, please leave a review on Amazon. That helps me reach more women, helps me support and be of service to all of you. “Just bought it.” Well, thank you Melissa. Woohoo. Who else has just bought my books, huh? Huh? Tell me more. Who's followed The Egg Quality Diet and loves it and it's changed their life? I hear that all the time, how much The Egg Quality Diet has impacted positively.

“I just bought my copy. It should be here today.” Yay, Rachel. Oh, Rachel, I answered your question on TikTok the other day. Yay. Thank you for following me here on Instagram as well. Yeah. TikTok, I'm growing this audience over here and have been really enjoying the questions people are asking in the comments and then doing TikTok videos in response to those questions. Shaylin says, “Can't wait to get started. I'm following with The Egg Quality Diet currently. Have never felt better.” Amanda, thank you. This is so good. This is so good. Well, I love you guys.Today I'm here, specifically, it's a Q&A, and it's about miscarriage. Any other questions I'm not going to answer. It has to pertain to miscarriage.

“Your team is amazing. I emailed them and they got back to me so quickly on information. I'm not even a client yet.” Well, thank you. My team is amazing, and I think they always love to hear how amazing they are, so thank you so much for saying that. Sometimes in the world of customer service, we don't always get, “Your team is amazing,” and we really do do our best to show up for you guys. I think my team is amazing, and I couldn't do it without them, so thank you for noticing that too, Priya. “I bought it too. I'm overseas. Not sure how I would do it.” We have women all over the world doing it, and we have great resources for you on The Egg Quality Diet resources page that gives you information on how to do it wherever you are. So, check out that page. Then, yeah, we have women all over the world that do it, so you can too.

Today is a live Q&A specifically about miscarriage. Who wants to start? Anybody have any questions about miscarriage? I'm just going to start with a conversation that just came up. Every week as well I go live in my private community, which are all members of my Yes, You Can Get Pregnant e-course. There's a few hundred women in that private community, and every week I host what are called office hours, where I go live for 45 minutes to an hour with them, depending on how many questions they have, and answer their questions every single week.

You guys, by the way, there is a wait list banner on my website. We are going to be launching the e-course again. If you go to aimeeraupp.com and you see that top banner, you can get on the wait list to be the first to know when we're opening the card again to join that e-course, because we technically only open it to the public once a year in September, and it is my deep dive. I basically call it my college course on teaching you everything that you can do to optimize your fertility now. So, go check that out.

But I was just live in my e-course community doing my weekly office hours for all of my students in there, and one of the women had a miscarriage, unfortunately, probably, I can't remember, but six, eight months ago. Since, her periods have come back, but they've been extremely light. I kept saying to her, “We need to check you for scar tissue. We need to check you for scar tissue.” Her doctor kept dismissing her. “You do not have scar tissue. It's just a hormonal imbalance. You're hormonally imbalanced.” And she's like, “But I don't feel that way.” When we did a sonogram recently, her lining actually looked very thick, and healthy thick, like a good trilamilar, healthy-looking lining.For some reason, though, she's not shedding. Her period has been really light. I said, “It's got to be scar tissue. It's either an endometrial lining infection or it's scar tissue.”

So, the biggest part of my job, I was talking about this this morning with another professional, is advocating, teaching you how to advocate for yourself. So, I pushed her. “No, you have to ask.” I pushed her. I pushed her. “You have to ask. You've got to ask if they're going to go in and look for scar tissue.” And sure enough, guess what? She got a sonographer, and she got another ultrasound with someone who this is what they do, and she said, “Your uterus is too tense, and that shows me there scar tissue in there.” So, guess what the next step is? She's going to do a hysteroscopy. I then presume that she will go on to have another pregnancy. Right?

So, of course, we're working on egg quality, we're working on balancing hormones, we're working on reducing inflammation so that the next time she gets pregnant, she brings this baby home. But miscarriages often result… then another woman in the group, same thing, had a miscarriage, asking for what she could do next to prepare. She's going to do another IVF and wants to be prepared for transfer. I was like, “You need an endometrial biopsy. We need to make sure there's no uterine lining infection,” because it's very common, especially if you have a miscarriage and need a D&C after, to get what's called endometritis, which is an infection of the uterine lining that is treated with a course of antibiotics. It's pretty straightforward. Some women need several courses, which stinks.

Tells me, though, that the gut microbiome is off, and so that's where the egg quality diet comes back in to really help heal that lining and regulate, heal, improve the microbiome, which will of course then heal any infections in the uterus lining. But sure enough, she gets tested. Guess what comes back? Chronic endometritis. So, we need to treat that now, she's going to head into her next IVF, and then we should be ready for transfer. Those are two really common things that I see that are often overlooked after miscarriages in my clients. Now I want to open it up to you guys. Do we have questions as it pertains to you or your case around miscarriage, or does anyone want to just share about… oh, here we go. My God, I didn't see all these questions. Okay.

Love. Okay. All of a sudden there's 100 questions somehow. Okay. “I bought it.” Okay. “Your team is amazing.” I love that question. I'm just going to say it again. “Will this be recorded?” Yes, it will. It always is recorded. All of my videos are always recorded. They always live on Instagram. We're putting them up on TikTok now, and they're always on my YouTube channel and my blog. “I bought your book and loved it.” Thank you. “I've just had my fifth miscarriage in a row. Help.” Okay, Jenny, that sucks. You guys have all heard me say this, when there is more than one loss in a row without a live birth in between, we need to do more digging. Something else is going on. Typically, it's an inflammatory and/or autoimmune issue.

So, Jenny, the first things I would think about for you is following the egg quality diet, which is meant to regulate that immune system, reduce inflammation. I would consider getting additional testing if you haven't already. First and foremost is a miscarriage or a clotting factor panel. You can quickly Google what that is. I do also have a Google Doc with that information on there that I can figure out how to share with you guys if my team can comment. I think if you DM me, I can send you the link to the doc. Pregmune is additional testing that I would look into. Pregmune.com is where we go for all the autoimmune testing. This was something put together by Dr. Andrea Vidali of the Braverman Reproductive Immunology. They are the thought leaders and the leaders in their field in recurrent pregnancy loss.

There's also a book called… sorry, my contacts feel so dry, Is My Body Baby Friendly? That's another thing that I would look into. So, if someone is telling you it's your age or it's your egg quality, it's bullshit. The body would never get pregnant that many times in a row with bad quality or poor quality embryos. It's just too smart for that. Nature doesn't work like that. There's something else going on, and it's either an inflammatory process that's causing embryos to degrade and to not be healthy, or it's an autoimmune response where your body's rejecting the embryos. Could be a clotting factor issue as well.

What test should be done after a miscarriage? If there was no tissue provided for testing, is it better to work with your gyno fertility doc to get all the proper tests? Yeah, I would look at your fertility doctor for the proper testing. The first thing I do, like I said, is a miscarriage panel slash complete clotting factor panel. Another thing that I want to dig into in patients like this is their vitamin D levels and their thyroid. I want to complete thyroid panel as well, because the thyroid could be out of whack and that could have caused the miscarriage. I don't know if you guys saw my posts, I did it on TikTok and on Instagram, but recently a client that's seen one of my coaches, right? I work hand in hand with all of my coaches when they're seeing clients, because you have to apply to work with me, and my coaches, though, are readily available to work with all of you, and I oversee those cases.

One of the women was getting ready to do a transfer, we asked for her TSH to be rechecked, her thyroid numbers, and her TSH was a four. It should not be above a 2.5. We should also look at 3T3 and 3T4 and thyroid antibodies. Her doctor literally said to her, “We're not going to treat it. There's no thyroid antibodies, so we're not going to treat this,” which I don't even know where she got that information from, because it's actually not medically plausible for the response that she gave this patient. If the TSH is over a 2.5, a clinic should be treating it before they transfer. So, in some cases, women are going through transfers or getting pregnant, and their thyroid hormone is not where it's supposed to be in functional range, and they will miscarriage due to that.

We want to look at thyroid. Vitamin D is not a vitamin, it's a hormone, and it's a master to all the other hormones, so if your vitamin D is very low, that could be a reason for a miscarriage, or that could be a reason for low AMH, that could be a reason for diminished ovarian reserve, and some doctors will then tell you have poor egg quality, even though there's no way to test egg quality unless we're actually genetically testing the embryos, and even that is questionable that that's accurate. So many layers. Then I would look at a complete clotting factor panel.

If you also do have an autoimmune condition, or say you get my book, The Egg Quality Diet, and you take the quiz in the book and you see that you have like 20, 30 kinks in your system, I would look into Pregmune. I would look into autoimmune testing or find a doctor that has experience with recurrent pregnancy loss and talk to them how to deal with three miscarriages. “There is something I can do, also pain before menstruation.” In this case too, pain before menstruation, a couple with the miscarriages, from a Chinese medicine perspective, I think blood stagnation, I think poor uterine blood flow, which could compromise egg quality, could compromise implantation. It could compromise blood flow to the embryo once it does implant.

So, I think of things immediately of make sure you're doing acupuncture, doing castor oil packs in the follicular phase if you're actively trying. Just Google Aimee Raupp and the words castor oil, and you will come upon my blog post that breaks down exactly when and exactly how to do castor oil packs. I would consider that. I said acupuncture, I would see an acupuncturist who's also a Chinese herbalist, and get on some Chinese herbs, because we're really good at improving uterine blood flow, ovarian blood flow, and the herbs are also really good at helping resolve any stagnation that could be there.

This case as well, I would look at a complete clouding factor panel. I would consider or talk to your doctor about doing a baby aspirin after in the luteal phase only, after you try to conceive or after a transfer. Yeah, let's see. “I love The Egg Quality Diet. I'm laying with my baby now after following it.” Lilian, I love you, and we need to message, because you're going to do a story of hope with us. “How many women go through miscarriages in their first trimester?” The general estimation is 18 to 20% of all women will have at least one miscarriage in their life. That falls into the normal category. What I flag as abnormal is multiple losses without a live birth in between.

I myself had a miscarriage. I don't fall into an autoimmune category. I had a miscarriage due to Turner syndrome. So, it wasn't a trisomy, it was just missing an X or a Y chromosome and stopped growing around 10 weeks. Devastating. I mean, it absolutely sucked, and I still grieve it, as we all do, right? But I'm in that one in four kind of category. What I tend to see though clinically is women who are not. They're miscarrying more than that, and they're not having live births in between. So, there is guesstimates that as we get older, above the age of 40, that miscarriage rate may go up to 25, 30%. They say a woman, I think around 45 and older, that it's a 50% chance. So, if she gets pregnant, 50% chance she takes home a live birth. I think it's 44 and up.

So, it does go up a bit higher as you get into your mid forties, but still not nearly as high. I think some docs tell women they have a 5% chance of having a live birth. I don't know where they're getting those statistics from. If you do, please [inaudible 00:15:38]. A call came through. Hopefully… Instagram, am I still here? A call came through. Hoping… let's see. Yeah. Okay. I see the hearts. Okay. “When taking the Wobenzym, can you start before you get pregnant?” Yes. That's a great question too, The Boss Lady. I love your name, your handle. It's a great question. Wobenzym, these are proteolytic enzymes, some would call them digestive enzymes, and there's one small study on women with recurrent pregnancy loss.

I think there was like 100 women in the study showing that these women having previously recurrent pregnancy loss, which means multiple miscarriages without a live birth in between, when put on Wobenzym, which are these proteolytic enzymes, I think it was something like 60% of them actually carried to term. So, it really cut down on this miscarriage rate, and it's because these proteolytic enzymes, Wobenzym, which you guys can find the link where to buy that and all my recommended supplements on my website under recommended supplements, I do ask for your email because I'm giving you a lot of information on that page, so don't be afraid to give me your email. We're really cool about our emails, we don't abuse you, and you can access all that information. But the Wobenzym is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

You'll even see on the bottle it says for joint pain, and that's really because it's an anti-inflammatory and it really helps with joint pain. But what it does is it really breaks down inflammation in the body. I'll use it in cases where there's fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, habitual miscarriages or recurrent pregnancy loss, and a lot of times I start at a half dose and see how you feel, and you could go up to the full dose. Yes, you can take it before you get pregnant, and the research, this study that I talked about, actually, these women took it through their first trimester, and that's what I typically recommend.

“Going through my first miscarriage.” Now, Melissa, I am so sorry. “Tips on how to heal after it. Waiting for your books to arrive.” Well, we're all sending you love. Miscarriages suck. I have been there. Castor oil packs are your best friend right now, castor oil packs and moxa patches, these babies. I have links to these on my website, but both of those things will really help you pass. Also, if you have an acupuncturist, ask them to prescribe you some herbs to help make sure you pass everything. That's something I do automatically with my patients, and give yourself a lot of love and grace and as much rest as you possibly can, and you did nothing wrong. You did nothing wrong. You did nothing wrong. You did not cause this. You did nothing wrong. What we're going to do now is use this as a jumping off point to better support and nourish ourselves. But nothing was your fault. Nothing caused this that was your fault.

“I've had one miscarriage in 2018 at 38. First trimester. I was six weeks, one day pregnant. Started bleeding, no heartbeat. I'm currently trying to get pregnant again. I'm 40, will be 41 on Sunday.” Well, you keep at it, girl. I have a lot of women in your age group that do it naturally, and being pregnant once does tell me that there is potential. If you've been actively trying and have not gotten pregnant in those three years and you're ovulating and menstruating regularly, that's where I would think about getting checked for endometritis, so that's the endometrial biopsy to check for the endometrial lining infection. I would also consider checking for scar tissue, especially if your period is different since the miscarriage, meaning it's coming, but it's lighter, it's weird, it's scant, it's dark, it's either really pale or just different, I would consider getting a hysteroscopy, making sure there's no scar tissue. I would also do castor oil packs regularly. Yeah.

“42. I have diminished ovarian reserve, but I seem to have no difficulty getting pregnant, just staying pregnant. Two miscarriages and one chemical in the past eight months.” So, again, this is where, my love, you are very fertile, and I would go and get these complete clotting factor panel tests done. I would also look into the Pregmune test. I would look into hysteroscopy, an endometrial biopsy to rule out endometritis. You are getting pregnant and there's something else in the way. I would also take the Wobenzym, I would take the baby aspirin in the luteal phase. I would get acupuncture, follow my diet, all the things. Of course, clear all this with your doctor.

“What percent of your clients do you see have a healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage?” Oh, gosh. I mean, if they continue to try, all of them, honestly. If they continue to try and are doing all the things and diet lifestyle wise, and even if they continue to pursue fertility treatments, it's very rare that they don't go on to have a child. “I'm scared and hopeful to get pregnant again. I also have DOR.” Yeah. This isn't the conversation for that today because we're talking about miscarriage, but be careful with these diagnoses, ladies. Don't let them define you too much. I just had a girl who first she was told she was POF, premature ovarian failure, right? Then she worked with me, we restored her period, and she's in her late thirties, now she's 40, and then she was diagnosed with DOR.

Okay, so you're no longer POF, we were wrong about that because you were able to restore your period, but now you still have diminished ovarian reserve. Guess what? She's starting an IVF cycle, she went in for her intra follicle count, 10 follicles. That is not fucking DOR at the age of 40. Sorry. She doesn't have that diagnosis. She just had to nourish herself and get her body back in gear. She has beautiful cycles, she now has 10 follicles in there. That is not a DOR diagnosis. Just say, okay, someone told me that, maybe there's some numbers that line up with that, but there's so much I can do to optimize my health and my fertility. “I would like to know what to do about recurrent miscarriage. Should I have testing done? Is there anything I can lessen my chances?”

I feel like my answers start to be the same after a while. If you haven't already, commit in earnest to the egg quality diet for those 100 days, get the complete clotting factor panel, rule out that you don't have endometritis, I would take the Wobenzym, I would do the baby aspirin in the luteal phase. If you do have autoimmune like symptoms or you'll see in the egg quality diet the checklist that I have, if you have multiple symptoms in that checklist, I would also look into pregmune.com, and/or read the book Is My Body Baby Friendly? And find a doctor that is willing to work with you and think outside the box when treating recurrent pregnancy loss. Many doctors just decide based on your age that it's your egg quality.

Even if you're 35, even if you're 45, many doctors will just say it's poor egg quality, and that's bullshit. You do not have multiple losses in a row due to only poor egg quality, and poor egg quality in cases that is often due to too much inflammation in the body and/or autoimmunity, not due to your age and all your eggs being bad. All your eggs are actually good. It's once they start developing and maturing in a highly inflamed body that things start to go awry. “Should I have testing done? I can lessen my chance of another molar pregnancy miscarriage.” The molars, I automatically think of it's some type of autoimmune response. There's a cellular confusion there and an inflammatory response.

I would really consider the hysteroscopy, if they haven't already done it. They typically do it in the molars, but again, like I said, I would dive into the egg quality diet. The whole thing, okay, so miscarriages are about… spiritually sometimes they say it's a misalignment, which I think some of that was. When I dive into my miscarriage and why it happened, sure, I was in my mid forties, that could be part of it, right? Things could go wrong, but there was also this misalignment of me not being fully in my truth in my marriage and in my desires, and so really lining back up with that.

It was a wake up for me to come back home to Aimee and to really honor all of Aimee's needs, and how can I best nourish and support Aimee, and then get really clear with my husband on the goals for our family and growing our family or not. So, I think about it from that perspective, but that does sometimes sound blameful, and I'm not saying it's blameful. It's just more like, “Okay, what is this allowing me to look at in my life?” And then ultimately I also think about improving the quality of our body on a cellular level, improving our cellular health. So, reducing inflammation so we can increase absorption, getting the right nutrition into our body, regulating our immune system, being more receptive, so receptive on a physical level, but also on an emotional level.

When I work with my clients or my team works with our clients, we go deep on not just physical and diet and nutrition, but really on mindset, and really on the relationship piece, if you're in a relationship, and where you're at and how much you're in your truth and your power, and then also healing the grief from this process alone, whether you've ever had a miscarriage or not, is tremendous. The trauma is real. I just took a trauma therapist into my practice now because that's just what I see we need. We need a professional, someone with a psychotherapy degree who is a trauma therapist who can really come in and support from a trauma perspective.

From the spiritual world, they really do see that these traumas or trans generational traumas can play a role in this misalignment that's just not allowing the spirit to fully come into fruition, whether that aligns with you or not. I think it's multifaceted and I try to look at all the layers, because I really want to support my girls on all of the layers, but to think about coming back home, how am I best nourishing and supporting me? Am I giving myself the time and the space to allow this child to come through? Am I giving myself the best chance possible to carry this pregnancy to term? Have I looked under every rock? Right?

I was talking in the beginning of this, I really was encouraging my patient to advocate for herself. I really sensed there was scar tissue there. It was a physical block. She pushed and she pushed and she pushed and she finally got the right support. I see some questions coming through on the TikTok. I'm excited. “Must I do laparoscopic after failed IVF and three failed IUIs?” No, you don't have to do a laparoscopic after failed IVF and three failed IUIs. There's a lot you could do. “I just ordered your book.” Well, thank you very much. “I have my last go of PGD in October. 38 with low AMH.” Okay. So, yeah, dive into the book. Thank you so much.

“Thoughts on methylene blue for improving egg equality.” This conversation's about miscarriage and I've never heard of this before. “I've had five miscarriages due to age related poor egg quality, so they say. Six healthy babies before I turned 44.” So, I'm confused, that you have had five miscarriages since turning 44, and you have six healthy children that are here on this planet with us, or did you lose six genetically tested, healthy embryos before you turned 44? I'm going to just answer both. If you lost six genetically tested embryos, that is not an egg quality issue. That is an autoimmune rejection, and you need to do the pre-immune testing and get on a protocol.

If you've had six healthy children and you now are experiencing miscarriages at the age of 44, that's where I would dig deep into the egg quality diet and reducing inflammation in your body, because we know you are very fertile. Also, if you did create six genetically normal embryos and you've miscarried all of them, which absolutely fucking sucks, you also are very fertile and you're creating healthy embryos, which I had a conversation with a client the other day where she was like, “I'm not fertile,” but she has these five PGD embryos on ice. I was like, “How could you not be fertile and making these healthy embryos? You're totally fertile, girl. You just haven't carried a baby to term yet.” Those are two different things. You're getting pregnant and miscarrying? You're fertile. You're fertile. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Now we have to figure out why are we miscarrying. That's a very different question to ask. So, in a case like this, where I see these three, four or five losses, six losses, the first thing I'm going to tell you to do is the complete clotting factor panel, get tested for endometritis, do a hysteroscopy and look into the Pregmune testing, or read the book Is My Body Baby Friendly? And a 100% follow my Egg Quality Diet start to finish. “Can you take well Wobenzym before getting pregnant?” I already answered that. “I have adenomyosis. Can I prevent from miscarriage? I had two miscarriages and D&C in the past.” Yes, I do see that two to three months of Depot Lupron seems to really play a good role here in helping women carry with the diagnosis of I don't know.

“Can miscarriages cause me [inaudible 00:29:28] too many surgeries?” Sure, if there's scar tissue, absolutely. “Six healthy babies, but in younger years. Since turning 44, I've had five early losses.” Okay. “Can low cortisol levels cause a miscarriage?” They can, because low cortisol, cortisol is in the adrenal hormones, and cortisol has an impact on testosterone and DHEA, and if your cortisol is really low or really high, your testosterone and DHEA are off, and that will impact egg quality. Also, does your body have enough reserves? That's how I always look at it. Does the body have enough reserves to carry this pregnancy?

“Do women over 40 have an increased chance of miscarriage?” Yeah, I already talked about it. It does seem to go up by about five percentage points in the early forties, and I'd say it depends. Maybe 30%. The data is not fully there is the honest answer, but I know that many doctors, when we look deeply into the data, we see women in their mid forties, if you are able to get pregnant, there's a 50% chance you're going to take that baby home, which is a high rate, to be honest. There's 50% chance that you're not, so that's a 50% miscarriage rate, I suppose, if you could look at it like that. “Do you have thoughts on miscarriage due to endometriosis?” Yeah. Lupron will shut down the endo and can potentially regulate the system so that it's more acceptive of the pregnancy. But if you have endo, I would definitely do the Pregmune and get the recommendations from that.

It's a lot of blood work, but it's a complete deep dive into all the immunological factors that could be causing a miscarriage and inflammatory factors. When we see endometriosis, we often see recurrent pregnancy loss. The two typically go hand in hand, and also know that I worked closely and have with recurrent pregnancy loss doctors and patients, and that's why the egg quality diet was really formulated. Then I see it working for non endo patients as well, but it really reduces inflammation, really regulates the immune system, two things we need to do to optimize our ability to get and to stay pregnant. There are so many questions and this is amazing. “Should I start aspirin to prevent a potential miscarriage at 40?” I like that idea. In the Luteal phase, clear it with your doctor. Baby aspirin.

What is Wobenzym? It's listed on my website. You can go there under Aimee's recommendations, and you can read about it. “Is Wobenzym also for histamine intolerance?” It can be. I use other things in that case. Okay. I'm going to answer one more question and then I'm going to go, my loves, because I have to. “44 to 45 at three chemicals and two missed miscarriages. Last one tested for trisomy 21, so would it be considered egg quality?” That one, yeah. “Had last baby at 43. I don't have any inflammatory markers.” According to who? Who did the inflammatory marking testing? Is it just basic? Was it just CRP and homocystine? Who did you dig deeper? Did you look at clotting factor issues?

But in a case like this too 45, three chemicals, two missed miscarriages, I think I would just start with the egg quality diet and see what changes that makes for you. Okay, my loves. You guys are all so sweet. Thank you. Okay. I'm going to go, and I'm going to send you all love. Miscarriage is real, miscarriage sucks, and I'm cheering for you all. Sending you love. Have a beautiful, beautiful day. Thank you. Goodbye, loves.


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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor. I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 17 years and I will be speaking from my clinical experience helping thousands of women conceive. The office of Aimee E. Raupp, M.S., L.Ac and Aimee Raupp Wellness & Fertility Centers and all personnel associated with the practice do not use social media to convey medical advice. This video will be posted to Aimee’s channels to educate and inspire others on the fertility journey.

About Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women’s health & wellness expert and the best- selling author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice in New York, she holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. Aimee is also the founder of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products. This article was reviewed AimeeRaupp.com's editorial team and is in compliance with our editorial policy.


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