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The WHY Behind Aimee Raupp Beauty

Have you ever wondered WHY I created my own skincare line?

With SO many “clean” beauty options out there maybe you want to know what sets us apart.

In this video, I talk about the WHY behind Aimee Raupp Beauty from ingredients, to packaging, to how we choose new products to add to the line. PLUS, I'll have a VERY exciting announcement for you. 

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Right. I think I'm live. Let's see. Facebook was giving me a headache. We go live on the Gram. Hi, we are here, we are doing it, welcome. Hello, hello, hello, I am Aimee of aimeeraupp.com and as always it is an honor and a pleasure to be able to come to you live every single week, let's just see, and talk to you all things health, wellbeing, happiness, joy, getting pregnant, feeling our best, living our best lives. And for those of you that are brand new to me, welcome, welcome, welcome. I have been in the field of helping women and men optimize their health and their vitality, and even their fertility for almost two decades. I am the author of four books, two of them are bestsellers in the space of women's health and fertility, they're right behind me, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant and The Egg Quality Diet. And I am by trade a clinical acupuncturist and herbalist, I also have a degree in biology and in chemistry and a partial master's degree in neuroscience, I was a medical school dropout who then became an acupuncturist and herbalist.

And again, I've been in clinical practice for almost 20 years and have over the years and through my online business, helped thousands of babies come into this world and I'm very honored to do so. And today I want to talk to you about something that might seem a little unrelated to health and fertility but it's not, it's why I created my organic skin care line called Aimee Raupp Beauty. And, let's see, here's one of my products sitting right here on my desk because I use it all the time, my Organic Lip Butter. And also please stay tuned because I'm going to announce a big discount for all of you to try or to order Aimee Raupp Beauty at some point during this conversation today so listen up, okay? Don't go away, listen, listen, listen. So why did I create Aimee Raupp Beauty? So my mission with Aimee Raupp Beauty is to provide non toxic skincare to women and men because the toxins in our skincare can directly impact our health, our vitality, and our fertility.

And so back in 2010 when I was writing this book, my very first book, called Chill Out and Get Healthy. So mind you, I got the book deal probably in 2009, yeah, I actually got this copy of this book in 2009 because I wrote an inscription to myself. And so it means I was writing this in 2008 or so which is, what is that? A lot of years ago, 13 years ago. And I have a chapter in this book, I think it's chapter eight, let's see, or chapter nine, that's called Beauty You Can't Buy at Sephora, chapter eight, Beauty You Can't Buy at Sephora, Sephora was such a popular store back then and that's where everybody went. And I talk about the importance of inner beauty, confidence, from a Chinese medicine perspective I talk about aesthetic beauty, foods you can eat to support your skin, spices, lifestyle choices. And then what was brand new, pretty much, information for back then I actually added in a section on everlasting beauty. Where is it? Oh, the low down on makeup and beauty companies, on page 201.

And I list a lot of companies that make your beauty products including, Estee Lauder, Avon, OPI, L'Oreal, Revlon, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, use toxic chemicals like lead, formaldehyde and lanolin that are bad for your skin. Even though you are not ingesting these products you are still absorbing this chemically toxic nonsense through the largest organ in your body, your skin. There are a lot of evil beauty products out there be an educated consumer, use the list on the next page, check out your products and your vanity. I know that going green with your makeup and skincare may seem like a bit much but if you're going green on the inside then you should really go green with your outsides too. And then back then I listed companies that were clean at the time and then unfortunately became toxic so companies are constantly changing their formulations, you have to stay on top of it. I have Aimee approved lists of different products beyond my own products on my website under my recommendations.

But back then I listed the most common toxic chemicals in your skin care, 1,4-dioxin, isopropyl, let's see, ammonium, laureth sulfate, let's see, DEA, MEA, disodium, blah, blah, blah, elastin, FD&C color, formaldehyde, fragrance, hydrolyzed animal protein, lanolin, lauryl, cocoa, parabens, blah, blah, blah petroleum, so all the sodium laureth sulfates, talc, toluene, I have an extensive list here. And then over the years in all my more current books the list really hasn't changed that much but I've kind of updated it over the years. And so when I wrote Chill Out and Get Healthy I was currently just using whatever I bought at Sephora for my skincare. I wasn't actually using that much skincare but what I was using was likely toxic and I've always had really sensitive skin. So when the book came out I said to myself, I have to really practice what I preach.

That's just always been my rule of thumb, if I'm telling you guys to do something I better know the ins and outs of what it is I'm doing and why and so I decided to go non-toxic with my bath and beauty household, all of my products. And it was hard, I couldn't find products that were in alignment with what I was recommending others to do. And so I started playing around with using olive oil and ghee on my skin probably a couple years prior because it was just a friend's grandmother had beautiful skin and she told me that all she was using was olive oil in her skin as a hydrator or as a moisturizer and I was like, what? So I want to try that, so that's kind of where it started for me. And then I just started playing around with other ingredients because as I mentioned, I have a chemistry background and I am a bit sciencey and nerdy and I do love to create things, I love it.

And so I just started looking at other products, finding product lines that I did approve of or ones that were partially approved and I just started kind of playing in my kitchen with ingredients. And started researching what were the best ingredients for balancing hormones, what were the ingredients that were natural, that weren't good for hormones, what essential oils, all things like that. My research went deep as it always does and I started crafting my own skincare and just using it on myself and giving it to friends and people really liked it. The first product I ever made was this one, my body butter, which I have on my desk at all times because I love the way it smells, I love the way it makes my skin feel. It's a great lotion for cuticles, hands, legs, I use it everywhere on my body. And that's the first product I ever made and then I made my rejuvenating facial oil and then I made a nourishing facial oil, then I made a balancing facial oil depending on the skin types of friends.

I don't add any water to any of my products so that nothing can mold, nothing can go bad, and so that I don't have to add any preservatives, the second you add water you have to add toxic chemical preservatives. So that's really how it all started, it was just kind of a mission to support myself and to actually do what I'm telling others to do and then eventually it became a skincare line that I now sell really only online. There's one or two boutiques that actually carry some stuff of mine but otherwise I sell it online and we reach women all over the world right now and it's become a very popular skincare line. And so other things that are super duper important to me with my skincare line is I don't use anything that's soy based because soy can be disruptive to hormones, I don't use oils like evening-primrose or borage because they can also be harmful to hormones.

I will only use ingredients that I know are actually going to produce or support hormonal harmony in your body, I also only use ingredients that are not only fertility safe but pregnancy safe. And again, a lot of research has gone into this and on top of that, I only use packaging that is glass, the only thing I use that is not glass is because you can't really find lip balm containers that are not glass but these are BPA free containers for the lip butters and everything else is glass. Everything is made in stainless steel containers and there's not a lot of heat involved in making my products so it's beautiful in the sense that I get to avoid adding any toxic stabilizers to my product line. And I have body butter that's 10 years old and it's never, ever, ever molded, technically my products will never go bad. The potency can degrade over time which is why… Hold on one second, I want to show you something.

So sorry. So potency can degrade over time with exposure to light so essential oils and even some of the oils themselves, even olive oil, even rose hip seed oil which I do use in my products can degrade over time with exposure to light. So more recently we've upgraded to completely white bottles, again, non-toxic, glass on the inside, this is a matte coating on the outside. Oh my gosh, I just threw it. So we're preserving our products even more with limiting light exposure so what you get is going to last a long time too and the potency will stay there. And then you can feel really confident in the fact too that not only is it nontoxic, it's literally you can eat it, it's skincare you can eat. And that became my rule of thumb, if you can't eat it you shouldn't put it on your skin because what we put on our skin gets into our bloodstream in a matter of seconds if not minutes.

And so if we are going kind of clean on the inside with all of our food choices and meditating and trying to reduce our toxic thoughts and have healthy boundaries and relationships and work on ourselves then we better think about what it is we put on our outer skin and it's the consistency and frequency. So the stuff you use every day like your moisturizers, your lotions, your cleanser, your toner, scrubs, anything like that, that you're using on a daily basis, you want to make sure the ingredients are clean because they're getting right into your bloodstream and directly impacting. There is a lot of science behind it, I talk about it in Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, but there is a lot of science behind the chemicals in your products and their impact on hormones, fertility, cancer, scary things, and so being super conscious of all that is really important.

And with my skincare line, first of all, I still make all that, I was making my nourishing oil earlier today. Now I have a whole, where I ran just before, I have a whole area in my home dedicated that it's its own room with its own kitchen and it is dedicated to Aimee Raupp Beauty. And I still handcraft everything because I'm particularly able, I do have helpers now who help package and label the products. But everything you get from Aimee Raupp Beauty is handcrafted, organic, wildcrafted where it applies, packaged in non-toxic packaging for you, and then also formulated for hormone harmony, and by that I mean, things that are going to support hormonal health in your body not negate it. And the toxins in your general bath and beauty products are negating your hormones, they're negatively impacting your hormones, they're negatively impacting inflammation in your body, immunity in your body and can potentially be cancer causing.

So it's a very serious endeavor I think to go non-toxic with your bath and beauty products but something that we have to also take seriously and not be lighthearted about it. Because if there is something you use every single day and it contains toxins, you better absolutely bet on the fact that it is impacting your health, your fertility, your vitality, even organic clean products but they come in a plastic container, not so good, no boy no. So what I want to tell you guys about is, I mean, you can go check out my skincare line, Aimee Raupp Beauty, I have a video there as to why I created it, I have my mission statement which is of course, women who heal themselves heal their children's children.

There's a lot of research that shows that these toxins in our environment are in of our bloodstream, we pass them onto our children when we carry them, they get sick from them, this is a serious problem. There is so much research in this field on BPAs and other toxins that we really need to avoid them, they are terrible for the environment, they're terrible for us, they're terrible for our children, they're lending themselves to all sorts of inflammatory processes in the body and disease states in the body. And so cleaning up bath and beauty is again, like I said, a very serious endeavor and something you should not take lightly. And another thing to keep in mind too is there's a lot of clean lines out there that aren't always balancing to your hormones. So if something has vitamin E in it you want to make sure that that label says it's non GMO because otherwise it's coming from genetically modified soy and soy oil is terrible for our hormones, it's terrible for our estrogen levels. I talk all about that in most of my books so you can go read it.

You want to be really conscious of the ingredients and then where are these people getting the ingredients from. Same thing with your supplements by the way too, a lot of our supplements like vitamin E, vitamin D, they come from soy. You have to read the labels and be super duper conscious of what you are taking. You will see some standard vitamin E and vitamin D and they'll contain, on the other ingredients it'll say soy oil, you want to read all your ingredients of all your bath and beauty products. And like I said, Aimee Raupp Beauty is a basic skincare line, I have moisturizers, I have a cleanser, I have a toner, I have a sugar scrub, I have a face mask, I have a body butter, I have a belly butter for pregnant mamas, I have a happy baby balm for happy babies, I have magnesium oil which is one of the best things to sleep with ever on the planet, my lip butter, I have a body oil, so I have the basics.

For next level like makeup, shampoo, deodorants go to my Aimee approved list on my website under Aimee's recommendations. But what I want to also tell you about is, due to the fact that the post office has announced there's going to be shipping shortages and unprecedented delays as the holiday season approaches and the people are running out of products, there are concerns about food shortages, ingredient shortages, I am going to jump on the bandwagon like a lot of other people, and I'm running my Black Friday sale a whole month early. So the Black Friday sale is kicking off right now in real-time and running through 11:59 PM Eastern Time on October 24th. And it's the biggest sale of the year, we never have a sale this big, it's 27% of your total order, you have to use promo code EARLYBF2021, so it stands for early Black Friday 2021, so EARLYBF2021 is the promo code. Go to aimeeraupp.com, try out things, buy your favorite things.

I know I have die-hard people that have been ordering from me for over a decade and are just obsessed with my skincare, keep coming back. I mean, everyone in my immediate life uses my skincare and is obsessed with it, I love it, and I use it and people compliment me on my skin all the time. I use the rejuvenating facial oil every single day, I use my cleanser every single night, I use the sugar scrub a couple of times a week, I use my magnesium oil every single night, I love my divine feminine body oil, my lip butter, my body butter, my sweet love butter, that's a fertility-friendly lubricant, the happy baby balm has been on my baby since he was a baby, it goes on my eczema, it's amazing for skin issues. So I love, I practice what I preach, I'm obsessed with my skincare line and pretty much everybody in my life is as well.

So I invite you to try it if you've never tried it before and I invite you to take advantage of the sale if you already are in love with my skincare line. So it's 27% off the entire order now through October 24th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. The promo code is EARLYBF2021, so it stands for early Black Friday because we're jumping on the bandwagon because I do not want you guys to miss out on getting your products. Yeah. So let's see if there are any major questions about skincare and toxins in skincare. My Kimmy, that's one of my bestie friends, hi my love. Magnesium spray needs to order, stock up on the magnesium spray, it's everybody's favorite, I made more of it actually today because we run out so often. It works so well, I do about 10 sprays kind of on my abdomen and on my inner thighs every night before bed, I sleep like a baby and I love it, I feel so refreshed in the morning, I spray my husband down.

Will we send to Europe? We do. The shipping is expensive, we ship worldwide. But for the sale I think, absolutely, you can take advantage. Yeah. I use olive oil in a lot of my products, no plastic bottles of water, I don't recommend that at all, no plastic, it's no boy no. Once in a while, I mean, if you're in a predicament. Thank you for the sale. Do you ship out of the US? I sure do. We ship anywhere in the world. Liver pills, I just talked to Dr. Chris and Dr. Ron's and they're still not in stock yet sadly. So we've been recommending Ancestral as the one to replace it with for now. So I know that's not appropriate for this conversation. So anyway, I think you should go stock up, lip butter, body butter, facial oils, sugar scrub, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy stuff. And yeah, aimeerauppbeauty.com, promo code EARLYBF2021, get 27% off your entire order, and we ship anywhere worldwide, okay? Non-toxic, hormone harmony, fertility-friendly skincare line that is also pregnancy safe and breastfeeding safe, it's safe, it's safe, it's safe.

It's basically food for your skin, you could actually eat it. My son still eats the sugar scrub, whenever he sees it in my shower he opens up the cap and he says, “Mom, can I have a little sugar?” And he eats the sugar scrub and I let him because it's freaking delicious and you can, you can eat it. You could actually (silence) to get pregnant, it's called my sweet love butter and it does make loving fun. Okay guys, I love you, have a wonderful day. Shop, shop, shop, get your early Black Friday shopping on so you don't miss out on things arriving on time. EarlyBF2021 and you get 27% off, Aimee Raupp Beauty. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, have a wonderful day everybody. Yeah. I don't know how to stop this one, it's not letting me. Facebook has been really challenging today. Let's see. End live video. Bye guys.


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