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How to Maintain Natural Beauty: It’s More Than Just Great Products!

How to Maintain Natural Beauty: It’s More Than Just Great Products!

By Aimee Raupp, MS LAc

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Maintaining natural beauty is SO much more than a good serum, masks, and the right facial tools… It starts on the inside!

Most of your inbox lately has been HEAVY so today we’re gonna keep it light and talk about all things beauty- from the inside out!

In this video, I talk about maintaining your natural beauty every step of the way AND I have an exciting announcement for you.

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Here is the Full Transcription of this Video:

All right, I’m live, but my Instagram is doing that thing it did last week. Dang it. Let me just see, guys. I’m sorry. Facebook, I’m going to make you wait, but please hang on because we’re doing a really fun session today where we’re going to do some facial tools, talk about inner and outer beauty, and I have a really amazing promotion for you guys, talking like a big sale on Aimee Raupp Beauty. So I want you guys to hang tight while … Let me make sure. I don’t see anyone. Okay, there’s people coming on. Hi, Lori Beach.

I am not sure why on earth my thing would say poor connection. Let’s go back and try again. I’m now live on Instagram. There we go. No, now it says pause due to poor connection. What in that eff? What is going on? I want to be live on Instagram, too, right now.

I’m going to try one last time. Sorry, guys. I know you’re annoyed with the delay, but just sit tight. Give me a second. I’m going to turn off my cellular data, and I’m just going to be on wifi and I’m going to see if that works. Excellent. Let’s see. It says I am now live, and now it says paused again due to poor connection. Oh, guys, this is frustrating. I’m frustrated. And how do I turn off my cellular data? Okay, guys, I’m sorry. One last try.

I want to just be on wifi. Can I put on … Nope. I can’t do that. Let me just try it again one last time. One last time. I really think it’s going to work. Nope. It just keeps saying pause due to poor connection. Let me see. If I get closer to the window. Oh, for crying out loud.

Beth, what do you want me to do? Just go on and you can upload this? How are we going to do it? This is going to be such a good live. So Facebook, you guys have been patient. My Instagram is just not doing it. I’m just going to let it keep trying to connect. I don’t know how to turn off my cellular data because it’s not even turning it off. This is so annoying.

Instagram. Cellular data is off. Off. Well, let’s see. No, it was working just now. All right, forget it. Just keep going. I’ll upload this. We’ll have to edit out the beginning. Yeah. Okay guys, so I’m going to leave Instagram on. Hopefully maybe it’ll catch. Anyway, guys, I have a really good session for you, which is why I’ve been so fixated on trying to get Instagram up. Just not sure what’s going on. It is raining here. Maybe it’s that.

Anyway, hi. How are you guys? Welcome. As always, I get to come to you live every week and talk about all sorts of fun things, beauty, and fertility, and immunity, and sanity, and staying healthy, and all the things. So today, I’m talking about inner and outer beauty and how your beauty, your natural beauty, has a lot more to do with than just products, has a lot more to do with some of the inner workings, the inner thoughts, how much we sleep, all these things. And we’re also going to highlight and practice some beauty tools.

So if you guys have my beauty tools, I strongly recommend that you run and grab them right now along with some product because we’re going to do a nice demo. What I’m going to do is I’m going to gua sha one side of my face and I’m going to cup the other side so you can see the difference between the two, and how they work, and all of this stuff. And you’re going to continue to see my bra strap because my … This is one of those flouncy tops. Let’s just be flouncy. Let’s just own it, huh? I’m just going to own it.

So yes, let’s do it. Inner and outer beauty. The first things I want to talk to you about before I get to the awesome promotion that we have, meaning a really big freaking sale on Aimee Raupp Beauty. And if you purchase today, 40% of the proceeds are going to go to the Kianga House, which is a shelter in Brooklyn for women who are pregnant or who have young children who have no place to go. And during this time, that’s a very scary time. So if you want to support that, I’m giving 40% of everything that comes in today to the Kianga House, plus what I … For the whole month of April, I think we’re up to almost donating like over a thousand dollars, which is so an honor. And if you want to be a part of that awesomeness, you let me know or you just go ahead and use the promo code that I’m going to give you a little bit for the sale on Aimee Raupp Beauty, which is for our Mother’s Day sale.

And for all of you who are not yet mothers, we have something special for you guys, too. That’s coming up. We’re going to talk about it next week. So hang tight for that, too, because I know this is also a very triggering time for women who want nothing more than to be a mother. So I’ve got your back before Mother’s Day weekend, okay. Spa day style, right? Aimee Raupp Beauty.

So let’s talk about what are the keys to natural beauty. And it’s not just products, right? It’s not just products, and it’s not just facial tools. So to me, the keys I’ve listed out six things, six, six, six, that we’ll go over. Number one, sleep. You need good, healthy, quality sleep, upwards of eight hours a night, seven to eight hours a night. It just makes everything in the body function better and it helps with cellular renewal, which is key to natural beauty, to your skin shining and glowing from the inside out. That’s what you need is enough sleep.

One of my favorite tools to help me get enough sleep is my magnesium oil. It’s called my Mag-Ease Oil. It’s on aimeerauppbeauty.com. And I might as well just say right now. Our Mother’s Day sale is kicking off right now. If you use the promo code Momma Love, M-O-M-M-A L-O-V-E, you’re going to get 25% off Aimee Raupp Beauty, and you also will get a deluxe cupping set, which is these guys, plus a full sized cleanser for $100s. If you spend a $100 after your discount, you’re going to get a free $55 value set. So it’s pretty awesome and you could give that to a mother that you love, maybe even to yourself, which is a really nice gift.

So what sleep. One of the things that helps me the most with sleep is my magnesium oil before bed. Also, we do really try to practice, too, where devices go off. We don’t have anything in our bedroom besides a alarm clock that’s battery operated. We don’t bring our phones into the bedroom. There’s no TV in our bedroom. Bedrooms are for sleep and for sex. And believe me, you have a lot more sex if you don’t have a TV in your bedroom. There’s actually research that shows that, but you do. You have a lot more sex if there’s no TV in your bedroom.

And sex makes our skin glow as well because orgasms really help with glowing skin from the inside out. And that’s actually wasn’t something I planned to talk about, but we might as well. So a healthy sex life makes for glowing skin. You want to glow from the inside out? Have a fun, healthy sex life. Get enough sleep.

Diet and supplements, which I talk about ad nauseum. If you guys want the DL on what I talk about for diet and supplements, it is in my books. Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, Body Belief covers everything you need to know.

General basics. Guess what? You need to eat protein. You need to eat vegetables. You need to eat fat. Good quality animal protein, good quality fats, and upwards of six to eight servings of vegetables a day. And you need to be drinking … How many ounces is in here? I think this is 14, 16 ounces, so half body weight in ounces a day. Filtered water, super important. We use the Berkey filter at home. We also use the Berkey shower filter at home. Keeps our water clean. Also, put magnesium salts in baths for myself and for James, which also is a natural detoxifier for any pollutants or harmful agents in your water. Sorry, I wanted to do this. Water is so important. half your body weight in ounces of water.

Another thing supplement-wise that I want to highlight that has been amazing for my skin. I was an acne sufferer, a long-time eczema sufferer. I had eczema all over my face, my eyes, my forehead at one point, all my fingers, my hands. It was horrible. The one thing that changed my life besides changing my diet was increasing my fish oil intake. I take about one to two teaspoons a day of fermented cod liver oil and it completely changed my game for my skin. Make sure your vitamin D levels are ample. You want your levels at a 50 to a 70. 70 is best. Above a 50 is ideal.

I also take several thousand international units a day of vitamin D to keep my levels healthy. Vitamin D levels keep your hormones healthy. Healthy hormones keep your skin glowing. A lot of sleep and a good sex life also keep healthy hormones glowing. So think about all this fits together.

Another really important piece to natural beauty … Are you ready? Are the thoughts that you think. What goes on between these two ears really makes a difference in how your skin, how you show up in the world. We have a saying in Chinese medicine. By the age of 40, by the age of 40, the mind is a visible on the face, so wrinkles, and furrows, and clenching of the jaw, sadness, and too much kissing maybe. By the age of 40, the mind is visible on the face. So what are you holding onto? How are you still beating yourself up? How abusive, or loving, or kind are your thoughts?

You want to take a deep dive into your beliefs and how they impact not just your health but your physiology, this is the book for you guys. I wrote this book with this intention. It’s called Body Belief for a reason. How are you supporting yourself? What are the thoughts you are thinking? How are they impacting your health, your longevity, your vitality, and most importantly, your skin? Your skin is an external manifestation of your internal health. Your skin is an external manifestation of your internal health. So what does that mean? That means that you need to be properly nourished and hydrated from the inside out. And then guess what? Your skin will glow. Your skin will glow.

I’m going to try and go live again. I got to fix this before I have my lives tomorrow. Let’s see. I’m trying again. Nope, not working again. Maybe I’ll just delete the Instagram app and then re-up it. And I know I’m boring you guys with this obsession I have of being on Instagram, but I love being able to go live to all my people. And now they’re missing out.

But anyway, so glowing skin. You got to get enough sleep. Have a fun sex life. Bedrooms are for sleeping and for sex. Use my magnesium oil if you need better sleep. Use my Sweet Love Butter if you want to make a baby and have hot, fun sex. Sweet Love Butter is our lubricant on Aimee Raupp Beauty. Like I said, everything is on sale as of right now, 25% off. Use the promo code Momma Love. And if you spend $100 or more, you’re going to get a deluxe cupping set for free, which is a $55 value. Huge, huge gift that we’re giving you guys.

So sleep, fun sex, a lot of water, half your body weight in ounces in water, a healthy diet. You got to remove all the crap, guys. Processed packaged foods that are laden with chemicals, pesticides do a number on your skin, and you are not going to age well. Your skin is not going to look good. And if your external skin doesn’t look good, guess what? Your insides are starving for nutrients. They’re starving for nutrition. They’re starving for hydration. Remember, your skin is an external manifestation of your internal health. So products are not the only thing that’s going to help skin. And if someone promises you that their product alone is going to change your skin, they are blatant liars. You need to take care of your insides in order for your skin to glow.

One of the things that has helped my skin the most is taking my daily dose of fish oils. I take one to two teaspoons a day. I keep my vitamin D levels in check. I get some unprotected sunlight, right? Mm-hmm (affirmative). I get some unprotected sunlight every single day for my vitamin D levels.

And your thoughts. So by the age of 40, the mind is visible on the face. How kind and compassionate are you being towards yourself or how abusive and mean are you being to yourself? What are you holding onto? What are you worrying about constantly? What else is going on in the privacy of your own mind? And know that that shows up on your face, on your skin, in these wrinkles, in the lack of rosiness.

We need joy coming up. We need joy in our heart. We need joy in our lives. We need to enjoy the life that we are in right now. Practice gratitude, practice appreciation, and check yourself. Check that conversation. Is it nice? Is it kind? Is it a bully? Is it loving? How can you say that better to yourself? Are you on your own team or are you beating yourself up?

And then second to last, products. I firmly believe that you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat. So that is why I created Aimee Raupp Beauty. It is six cod liver oils a day. Six cod liver pills a day, correct? You could go up to eight even, Melissa. Eight a day is about a teaspoon, I think. Six to eight. It kind of just varies, but I’d say eight to be on the safe side. Or six and eight, and six and eight. And if you guys want to know the cod liver I recommend, go to my website. I have all my recommended vitamins on there.

So products, if you can’t eat it, you really shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. We’ve introduced over a hundred thousand chemicals into our environment in the last 20 to 30 years, and those chemicals are getting into your bloodstream. They’re wreaking havoc on your hormones. They’re wreaking havoc on your immune system. They will influence your ability to get and stay pregnant, to stay healthy, to stay vital, and they will absolutely impact the health of your skin from the inside out. So the products that you put on your skin must be free of toxic chemicals. You don’t have to always buy my products. My products are all fertility safe, they’re hormone friendly, they are about balancing hormones, and they are edible. But you could also use websites like Skin Deep, which is Environmental Working Group. They have an app called Healthy Living. You can also use the app Think Dirty. You want to avoid toxins in your bath and beauty products. I recommend not using a product that scores over a two on either of those websites.

In both of my books, I have the ingredients you need to avoid in your bath and beauty products so you can go there as well. If you are in one of my programs, just message us and we’ll give you my Aimee-approved bath and beauty lists. Again, if you’re not in one of my programs and you’re new to me, just check out my books. All the information is in there.

And then lastly, so products. And I can go over with you everything I use. For makeup, I tend to use Beauty Counter right now. I like their products. I have a good friend who sells them. I really trust her, and I love those products. Then for moisturizer, cleanser, eye cream, sugar scrub, body oil, all the things, I use myself. I use all Aimee Raupp Beauty, and I have been for probably seven years at this point.

Do I have to worry about overtaxing my gallbladder with fish oils? No, not if you’re not overtaxing your gallbladder with other unhealthy things in your diet. So the good fats should not tax your gallbladder whatsoever. The bad ones, like vegetable oils, processed vegetable oils, processed unsaturated PUFAs, fatty acids will absolutely tax your gallbladder, and so will things like gluten, dairy, and soy, processed chemicals. So it just causes to be really sludgy. So no, fish oil will not tax your bowl butter. At least that’s been my clinical experience. I’ve been in practice for 20 years. Well, 16. But if you count my training, 20. So no, I wouldn’t worry about that.

And then lastly, what I want to do is show you guys … So this is my gua sha tool. I have facial tools on my site. I have a gua sha tool and I have my jade roller, and then I also have my cupping. So these are both ancient Chinese practices, and both at helping amplify beauty. Again, you should be, as we say, living in accordance with the Tao, which means the sleeping enough, enjoying your life, eating a balanced diet, drinking enough water, working on your thoughts, living in harmony with your life and with nature. And then you use these tools with good quality products to accentuate and amplify your beauty. They are not the only game changer, but so I chose …

So you see gua sha tools a lot that are out there that are crystal. I don’t use the crystal ones because they tend to break and they tend to be poor quality. I like this. It’s a copper tool, so really amazing for nourishing and hydrating the skin. You get the properties of the metal. Also, it’s firm, It’s never going to break. It’s easy to wash. It’s really pretty. There’s instructional videos on how to do gua sha and cupping on my website. Again, starting right now, everything is on sale on Aimee Raupp Beauty, 25% off with the promo code Momma Love. I am applying my rejuvenating facial oil right now, which is like my hands-down favorite facial oil. It’s got ghee. It’s got coconut oil. It’s got olive oil. It’s what I use on my skin every single day. This is my actual bottle from my bathroom. These are all my stuff from my bathroom.

So there’s instructional videos on how to use gua sha and how to do cupping on my website on aimeerauppbeauty.com. And again, everything’s on sale. Use promo code Momma Love. 25% off.

So let’s demonstrate. I’m going to do gua sha on one side and I’m going to do cupping on the other side and you’re going to see the difference. So with both gua sha and cupping, you always start with your neck and you always hold. For gua sha, you always hold the tool straight. And it feels so good. You go down to open up the lymphs so that when you gua sha the upper part of your face any of the toxins have a place to drain to. You can repeat this five times each strand. I’m just going to do two or three for the sake of time today. Moderate pressure. You might see a little bit of redness coming up. That is what we sha, which are the toxins releasing.

This is amazing if you have sinus issues, or any neck tension, or you grind your teeth at night. One thing to be really conscious of, too, is you’re not pulling the skin, right? And then again flat to the face. You can start really at the midline. And then you go back and you kind of gently massage it in there. Again, amazing for jaw tension. We all hold so much emotion in our face, and these tools really help us release that emotion. So going back to that by the age of 40 the mind is visible on the face.

Now I’m going to use this guy and go. Again, we’re not pulling our skin too much. We’re just gently encouraging healthy blood flow. But look at the sha that’s coming up. Again, we hold a lot of emotion and tension in our face. And same thing. We’re just going to curve it along. It also just feels so damn good. You could do this every day. Then you use under here just gently under the eyes. Again, we’re not pulling the skin. Gently under the eyes. My tool is flat.

This one I love, I think, because I do hold a lot of tension in my forehead. Right across. Again, I always forget to kind of hold the tool flat, but right across, gentle. Then this is nice, too. You can up here. And it really helps release tension in that forehead. So anybody who is as headache suffer or sinus congestion, so nice.

So that’s my gua sha side. I think already you can see a slight difference. See this nasal labial line? It’s less prominent right now than it is on the side.

Now I’ll cup on this side. So same thing. You start with your neck. You open it up. Again, amazing. And if you’re new to facial tools, the cupping set is cheaper than the gua sha tools. Those tools are a little more expensive because of the quality of them. The cups are just less expensive in general. So you could start there. And again, remember, if you spend $100 or more today after your discount on Aimee Raupp Beauty, you’ll get a free deluxe cupping set, which is the small cup and the large cup, plus a full-size argon oil facial cleanser.

So same thing. Oh. And that I just love for … I do this all the time for my husband’s sinuses. I also use these cups on my little guy on his back or on his chest if he has a cold or congestion. You’ll see more redness from the cups only because they just get a really good suction. Sorry. I’m getting turned around because of the …

And then above the eye, again, feels really good. This is the little cup. You can also do the little cup for the lips. Helps relieve any tension you have in there. And then right above here. I like to do this, too, because it just feels so good on the tension. And there we have it. Now, both sides look pretty even. It’s funny, I did this the other day and I felt like the gua sha face side looked better, but they both look equally lifted.

So there you have it, my facial tools. Again, all of this is available right now on Aimee Raupp Beauty. Our Mother’s Day sale is kicking off right now. 25% off. Use the promo code Momma Love. If you spend $100 or more, you are going to get a free deluxe cupping set, $55 value. And if you shop today, 40% of the proceeds from today will go to the Kianga House, which is the woman’s shelter in Brooklyn. I feel really good about supporting them, especially during this. The sale will go on through most of next week so we can get Mother’s Day items to all of you guys. We’ll follow up with an email to everybody on my email list. But the sale is going to end on May 6th at 11:59 PM. So it’s starting today, ending on May 6th at 11:59 PM.

How often do you recommend doing it, every day? You can do it every day. I tend to do gua sha less frequently because I don’t know why. Maybe I’m doing it every other day. I’m doing it a lot more on my neck these days because I feel like I’m starting to get that, and I don’t like it. But it’s probably all this, looking down at my device, so I’m trying to not look down at my device. But you can. I do cupping almost every day. I actually just bring these in my makeup bag and I’ll do it in the middle of a workday if I feel like I’m looking tired or just need a little rejuvenation. Because I mean, look at how quickly it just rosies up the face. Look at that. You don’t even need bush. And all I have on right now is oil.

So I did this with my facial oil, but you can do it with my cleanser as well. You can do it with any oil that you have or cream. You just need a good gliding tool. And again, now this guy’s all greasy and all I’m going to do is go and wash it with some soap and water. And you can wash the cups with soap and water as well.

All right, let’s see. Any other questions, my loves? So again, inner, outer beauty. Your skin is an external manifestation of your internal health. By the age of 40, the mind is visible on the face. So you must sleep. You must enjoy your life as much as you can. Practice gratitude. Practice appreciation. Have fun sex. Enjoy yourself. Eat a balanced diet. Take some good supplements. Drink half your body weight in ounces in water. And then use good quality products, ideally that are pure enough to eat that are free of hormonally-disruptive chemicals. They’re not just disruptive to your hormones, they’re disruptive to your immune system. Right now everybody’s worried about their immune system so think about that. How are the products you’re using impacting your immune system?

That goes all the way down to what are you washing your clothes in? What are you washing your dishes with? What kind of soap are you washing your body with? What’s your toothpaste, your deodorant? And anything you use on a regular basis, those chemicals are getting into your bloodstream and they are causing damage on a cellular level and they will age you before your time and it will show in your skin. Then, what are the thoughts you are thinking? How kind, and loving, and understanding are you being to yourself or what are you holding on to that you should let go of? And then of course the beauty tools. Those are super fun.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I will see you all next week. Remember Aimee Raupp Beauty sale kicks off right now. Promo code Momma Love for 25% off, which is our biggest sale of the year. We do not discount this big except for our Mother’s Day sale. That is it. And that is to really support all of our mommas to be and all of our women who we are holding space for you to become the mamas you dream to be. And we love you guys. So go ahead. Get your shopping on Aimee Raupp Beauty. Get your free facial deluxe cupping set and work on that inner and outer beauty. All right. I love you guys.

End of Transcription

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