Acupuncture for Endometriosis

Acupuncture for Endometriosis

According to estimates, up to one in ten women may have endometriosis. Despite being almost as prevalent as diabetes, it receives far less attention from the media and is often misdiagnosed by medical professionals. As a result, many women suffer silently.

Endometriosis is also a leading cause of high infertility, and the medicinal drug which is used to manage endometriosis symptoms has significant contraceptive properties.

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practiced to treat a variety of ailments that Western medicine views as incurable. Eastern medicine gives emphasis to a woman’s total health and searches for the root cause of her ailment, in contrast to most modern treatments that concentrate on treating specific symptoms. Aimee Raupp covers endometriosis and natural remedies for it in her books, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant and The Egg Quality Diet 

Acupuncture has been found to treat not only endometriosis symptoms but also its root cause.

Stay on the page to learn more about how TCM and acupuncture treat endometriosis.

Causes of Endometriosis 

Before we head on to the treatments, let’s look at the possible explanations of what causes endometriosis. While the exact etiology is uncertain, the most plausible reason is that it is an inflammatory disease which can cause immune system dysregulation.  Aimee Raupp specializes in endometriosis treatment and has been treating it for two decades with great success.

The reasons why endometriosis occurs, however, are still largely unknown. But what is clear is that the possibility of developing endometriosis genetically is higher.

Now let’s move on to the treatments of endometriosis and how conventional medicines are used in contrast to traditional Chinese medicine.

Conventional Treatments for Endometriosis 

The western medication targets the symptoms of endometriosis rather than the root cause of the illness. The treatments vary depending on the severity of the symptoms, whether you’re attempting to conceive, and the location of the endometriosis.

Surgery, hormone therapies to prevent the endometriosis from growing severe, painkillers to reduce pain and inflammation, and as a final choice, hysterectomy are all possible treatments.

Acupuncture for Endometriosis 

In TCM, endometriosis is viewed as a blood flow obstruction, but a skilled practitioner will also identify and address the underlying reason for the blood congestion in order to correctly treat the endometriosis. The following are the most typical patterns:

  • Blood and Qi stagnation
  • Insufficient Yang along with blood congestion
  • Standing blood and falling Qi

Current studies suggest that acupuncture appears to enhance blood flow and control hormones. Due to its impact on blood chemistry, namely endorphin levels, it also appears to possess an anti-inflammatory impact and is useful for relieving pain. In order to improve blood flow, reduce swelling, relieve pain, and cure the patient’s underlying ailment, systemic and ear points are combined in acupuncture procedures.

Electro acupuncture is also seen as an effective remedy for endometriosis and the symptoms associated with it.

According to research, Chinese herbs have been seen to effectively treat endometriosis; however, a complete diagnosis is required for successful treatment as it will help assess the individual’s unique pattern, and a customized treatment will then be designed for them.

One or two visits per week are typical during the 6 to 8 weeks that acupuncture for endometriosis takes place. However, a variety of things will affect the therapy’s progress.

For far better and more enduring outcomes, acupuncture is commonly used in combination with other TCM treatments, such as herbal mixtures, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle modifications.

Aimee Raupp for Endometriosis Treatment 

Aimee Raupp is a renowned herbalist and acupuncturist who has assisted several women in their battle against infertility with the help of TCM and acupuncture.

Inspired by her personal journey, Aimee Raupp has dedicated her life to helping women suffering from conditions like endometriosis and infertility and has several success stories under her belt.

If you would like a solution to your discomfort, feel free to visit her website or contact the team by clicking here. You can also sign up for Aimee Raupp’s signature fertility e-course and get on the waiting list now!

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