Path To Pregnancy Webinar Series


Purchase all FOUR Path To Pregnancy Webinars & learn all the ways to optimize your health & fertility!

  • Webinar #1—Aimee Raupp: What I’m doing at the age of 42 to optimize my fertility for pregnancy.
  • Webinar #2—Aimee Raupp & Claudia Chan: Achieving TWO healthy pregnancy’s over the age of 40 after a miscarriage.
  • Webinar #3—Aimee Raupp & Reshma Saujani: Overcoming habitual miscarriage and carrying a healthy pregnancy to term—what you need to know about habitual miscarriages!
  • Webinar #4—Aimee Raupp & Arielle Haspel: Managing PCOS & Thyroid issues, upgrading your health & conceiving naturally.