Book Testimonials



I just so happened to pick your book up yesterday at the Whole Foods and I just finished it…it was AMAZING! I am 30 (will be 31 this month) and I know I am a fabulous woman…and I want my body to look and feel the same way. With the new year starting, my wedding in March, a recent weight gain, my on-again, off-again diabetes control, and my desire to have more children (I have a 6 yr old son) I’d say I found this book just in time.

I had already decided that NOW is the time to get my health and body back but your book help me to put it all into perspective and gave me a way to figure out how to start. I love your “real” talk and constant encouragement in the book. You made the information plain as day and understandable….it just makes sense!

I can’t wait to get started…going back to Whole Foods tomorrow to get the things I will need to BEGIN MY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. You have definitely lit a fire in me that was so needed. I’ve bookmarked all the pages I need to refer to and I’m keeping the book in my purse!

Thanks so much for this book, it’s such an inspiration…I’m ready to chill out and get healthy!!!!!!

With warmest regards,
Danica Wallace
West Orange, NJ


Dear Aimee,

This is to say thank you for your great book Chill Out and Get Healthy.

I came across it by mere accident in a bookshop last year during my summer vacation. When I saw the cover I thought ‘Yeah, sure, another set of clever ideas noone will ever apply…’. But I picked it up and browsed though the contents. The word ‘fertility’ caught my eye and I immediately bought it.

At that time, I was 30 and for two years and a half I had been unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, my cycles were long and irregular and I was not even sure I was ovulating. In addition, my husband had been told his sperm count was lower than normal. We had been just coming to terms with the idea that it was time to seek some more serious advice and had been getting ready for a struggle.

I read your book and immediately started applying your recommendations. Already before, my diet was pretty OK although not entirely organic. I had practiced yoga but did not get enough ‘cardio’ exercises. I was not getting enough sleep, was stressed and somehow believed my body is just incapable of conceiving.

After returning from my summer vacation, right away I made an appointment with an acupuncturist. In fact, a couple of months before, I had seen a different acupuncturist for a series of three very costly sessions (she said that would be enough). Unfortunately, to no effect: my cycles were as random as ever and I still was not pregnant. Your book convinced me there must have been something wrong with the treatment and I decided to consult someone else. Indeed, the other doctor’s method was entirely different. During the first month, he scheduled two consultations a week. He also wanted to see my husband, who eventually got about 5 sessions. My treatment took four months. Already after the first month my cycle became shorter (32 days down from 42–45 days). He gave me some simple (trivial really, when you think of it) advice: exercise (I started walking pretty much anywhere), eat normally and do not waste your energy on useless thoughts. Thanks to the sessions themselves I became more serene and started believing in myself and my body. I also felt great. After three months of treatment I had my hormones and ovaries tested no trace of cysts or other irregularities!

And guess what? Around New Year’s Eve I got pregnant! We are expecting a little girl and everything seems to be just fine. So far I have not had the slightest problem. Well… not a serious one—just little joys most pregnant women are blessed with.

I know we have been immensely lucky so far. Sadly not every couple can say so. However, I also feel we did a lot to get to this point and I am so happy our fertility worked without us having to use ‘heavy artillery’.

And this is also thanks to you and your book which made me believe it was possible.

Thank you!


I’ve just devoured your book and absolutely LOVE it. It contains everything I’ve always believed to be true and I LOVE how you’ve combined everything in this book (sleeping, eating, emotional well being, etc) and that you explain how they all go hand in hand. I have recommended this book to every one of my friends.

I am a huge sugar addict (even though I know it’s just terrible), but after reading your book, it just re-inspired me to give it all up. All food in my house is now organic and I’ll never touch sugar or soy or white bread/flour ever again.

I currently use your recipes and meal plan and I also use the Eat Clean Cookbook from Tosca Reno for cooking my meals. Do you have any other cookbook recommendations? I love to vary my menus and am always open to suggestion.

Thank you again for writing such an AMAZING book!
Rebecca, California


I am a nutrition major with a minor in Public Communications and was interested in going into Osteopathic Medicine until I read YOUR book.

Interestingly, I was in Barnes and Noble buying GRE practice books when I saw your book on the “New Non-Fiction” table so I picked it up and read a page or two and decided, “Why not? Sounds interesting.” At first I thought it was going to be another, “Skinny Bitch” book or something along those lines (which was so painful I couldn’t finish) but I actually started reading your book for a break from GRE studying and I couldn’t put it down. I kept reading and reading but knew that I needed my 7-8 hours of sleep (haha) and had an early morning meeting today so I finally put it down.

Anyways, what I wanted to say was that you have really encouraged me to look deeper into Chinese Medicine not only for my own personal health but professionally as well.

One question I do have is that you didn’t mention birth control pills in your book. What are you thoughts on taking the birth control pill?

Thanks again for your help and inspiration. I am really excited to continue learning more about Chinese Medicine and potentially practicing professionally in the future.

Kaitlin, New York


Thank you, AIMEE!!!!
Your book is just what I needed!

I am a genetically tiny, 100-pound, 36-year-old, happily-married,
stay-at-home mom of 4 kids, ages 12 to 5. My whole life I’ve eaten whatever I wanted to and never exercised. So, basically, my life was golden and I had no worries.

Once I hit about 30, that all changed. My body just started feeling “less.” I jumped on the organic train for quite a few years, but always felt a little blinded about why and not quite sure what to trust. Then, I stayed organic, but switched to being a vegetarian. After awhile my body felt depleted, my hormones were wackier than ever and my beauteous maximusness was fading fast, as acne and wrinkles were creeping through.

So… of course, I jumped on prozac, started getting botox and literally lived on Red Vines licorice and beans.

You can imagine where this is going.

SO… I slowly started to realize (duh!) that I was ruining myself. I started up Pilates, got good sleep, said “no” to many volunteer positions and tried to get a handle on my eating habits. Things have been going well, but I’m still on prozac & botox and my hormones/PMS & I are in a big fight….

Four days ago, I was at the grocery store and accidentally stumbled upon your book. I opened it to a random page, read a couple paragraphs, and thought, “hmm.”

I devoured the book, every word, every morsel in 2 days and am adopting all your expertise and I’m already noticing a difference. (I swear my face looks glow-ier than before… more “alive.”) My breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for the past 4 days have all been menus you have suggested. I have had zero sugar and am shocked that I’m not pining for it. My belly and body feel happy, my mind is calm and I’m finding brown bananas in my toilet again as of last night!!! Yeehaw! I had my facial today, but skipped the peel. My facial gal is picking up your book today and we are going to work together to tweak out nasty chemicals in my beauty regimen where needed. I have been drinking tons of water. I’ve located 2 licensed NCCAOM certified acupuncturists where I live and am checking into them this week.

I realize, now, that the missing link was your book… I need to nourish my mind, body and spirit with healthy food (even meat!) to make them all run smoothly.

I feel “whole” again and just wanted to pass on a monstrous “THANK YOU!!!!!!!” Your writing, descriptions, science & explanations, common sense, hints & tips and mostly your wit really struck a chord with me and filled in all the missing pieces.

Keep up your fantastic work & self… and good luck to you in whatever may come!

Karin, Ohio


Your book, “Chill out and get healthy” has changed my life. I’m finally losing weight and I feel the best I have in YEARS! I again, can’t tell you how your book has completely changed the way I eat and think about the products I use on my body. I’m turning my family and friends on to your book. I even suggested that a new organic store in our area carry your book as well.

I really think I have an issue with wheat and by cutting WAY back on that and carbs in general.. and eating more organic protein and fruits and veggies.. SHAZAM.. I’m FREAKIN losing weight!!!

Now, I can’t wait to see you on Oprah.. maybe you can be on Dr. Oz’s new show.. ?? and then have your OWN SHOW! This organic healthy world is still on the bubble out here in mainstream America. We have to spread the word!

Healthy blessings to you!
Pam, New York


I wanted to first tell you that I am currently reading your book and I am enjoying it very much! I am a Store Manager for Barnes & Noble and exposed to many, many books as you know. Because of my personal interest in health & fitness I am always abreast of the new and noteworthy titles. Your book really stood out to me because of the positive vibe and straightforward talk. I liked it and just had to buy it! It is selling very well @ my location by the way and we do have it featured in a great spot.

Kimberly, New Jersey